Course Syllabus


Date: November 7, 2009-2010

Credits: 3

Class Hours: Saturday, 1-4 pm.

Class Location: A309, IU Building

Instructor: PhD Candidate. Bui Thi Thuy Hong

Phone: (08) 22161323


Office hours: TBA

Thursday: from 2p.m to 5p.m

Location: at Room B109, Anthropology Department, University of Social Sciences and Humanities

Address: 10-12 Dinh Tien Hoang, District 1. HCMC

and by appointment.


This course aims at providing a basic understanding of the nature of social sciences. It introduces an overview of the fields of studies within social sciences. The course will focus on the field of sociology and its key themes as they relate to the study of management and business as well as modern society. This facilitates the development of awareness of the language and methodology associated with the study of the social sciences.


You should be able to do the following upon completion of this class:

  • Explain several reasons for studying the social sciences.
  • Describe the methods used by social scientists to conduct research.
  • Identify and discuss key issues involved in debates about social change in areas such as: group and organization, gender, social interaction and network (structure), population and the environment, etc.
  • Develop critical thinking skills as course topics are discussed and debated.
  • Improve writing skills through essays and in-class writing assignments.

After finishing this course, students will be able to

  • Know and understand the underlying concepts and principles of social science as they relate to the study of business management.
  • Organize ideas gained from theoretical understanding of social science principles and apply them to business and management situations.


The course format consists of sessions as follows.

  • Lecture
  • In-class (group) discussions
  • Readings


Everyone will be required to read the course textbook:

  • Schaefer, R. T. (2006), Sociology: A Brief Introduction, 6th ed., McGraw Hill.
  • Perry, J. and Perry, E. (2005), Contemporary Society: An Introduction to Social Science, 11th edition, London, Allyn and Bacon.

Other recommended material(s):

You will also be asked to read several articles which will be provided in class.

COURSE GRADING                                   100.0 points

Participation and in-class quizzes:         15.0

Home assignments:                                       15.0

Mid term exam:                                              30.0

Final exam:                                                       40.0

Students are encouraged to give their presentations throughout the semester (if any).


Below is a tentative schedule of the topics we will address in class. The relevant due class dates, hours and location will be posted at the beginning of each semester.

Week/Dates Topics Readings
1 – Nov 7th Overview of the Social Sciences and Sociology Schaefer, Ch.1, pp.1-26Perry, Ch. 1
2 – Nov 14th Understanding Sociology Schaefer, Ch.1, pp.1-26
3 – Nov 21st Research methods in the Social Sciences and Sociology Schaefer, Ch.2, pp. 26-52
4 – Nov 28th Social Interaction and Social Network Schaefer, Ch.5, pp. 102-127Perry, Ch.10.
5 – Dec 5th (?) Groups and Organizations Schaefer, Ch.6, pp. 128-49Perry, Ch.4,
6 – Dec 12th Groups and Organizations (cont’d)
7 – Dec 19thMidterm exam
8 – Dec 26th Stratification by Gender and Age Schaefer, Ch.11, pp. 270-298Perry, Ch.7, 8 and 9
9 – Jan 2nd (?) Stratification by Gender and Age (cont’d)
10 – Jan 9th Population, Health, and Communities. Schaefer, Ch.15, pp. 388-422Perry, Ch.11,
11 – Jan 16th (?) Population, Health and Communities (cont’d)
12 – Jan 23rd Government, the Economy and the Environment Schaefer, Ch.14, pp. 359-387Perry, Ch.14 and 17
13 – Jan 30thFinal exam

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