Just step out and discover!

When I was small, I used to study in a Cultural House near my house in the summer. The Cultural House had been there for quite a long time before I knew it and was surrounded by wild grass fields. For me, at that time, it was an old building which was full of mysteries so whenever I finished my class, I always ran everywhere to explore.

Later on, I discovered the three rusty giant swings, silently and secretly laid among the grass, waiting for someone to find out. Because the Culture House was so old that people rarely came there, even the children, it had become a secret hiding place and a very close childhood friend of mine. Those swings shared with me every memory of the days there: the hot summer afternoons, the cool rainy evenings, the lonely times when my mom came to pick me late and my friends had all gone home. I have never ever been able to find such a peaceful place like that since. A place where I could just lie down singing or even sleeping without being disturbed. A friend who always sheltered me from rain and sun, always listened to each of every silly story that a young and curious little girl could ever imagine ,without any comments. And may be, a second mother who comforted me whenever I felt lonely and abandoned.

However, as no one can stop the flow of time, summer wouldn’t last long. I left the Cultural House, was so eager to start a new school year with laughs and smiles that I forgot about a place, a thing that used to be very important. And I hadn’t once come back to that place until years later, when I had a chance to go back and recognized a familiar space in the old grass field, bringing back the memories about a thing that for long, has been holding a secret place in my heart. A piece of my childhood has stayed there, under the ground and among the green grass field. Even though the old Cultural House was bulldozed and rebuilt; the wild grass fields were  rooted out and replanted; it will always lie here, in my heart. A beloved childhood friend of mine…

As you can see, that is the story about a very important thing for me in the past. Although it no longer exists, it’s still something dear and unforgettable to me. As in the poem Tiếng hát con tàu of the Vietnamese famous poet Chế Lan Viên said:

Khi ta ở chỉ là nơi đất ở

Khi ta đi đất bỗng hóa tâm hồn”

(I hope that you still remember the poem. It has been only about 4-5 months, right? )

But my assignment isn’t just about a childhood story. We all know that if I hadn’t gone out and discovered the building, I wouldn’t have met my beloved childhood friend, so what I want to say is: Even though there are things that may be insignificant around us and usually we don’t pay them much attention, they can hold some secrets that one day become an irreplaceable part of our life. The matter is that you must have the courage to step out and find it! Just a small adventure around the place you normally come and you can discover unexpected things that can be surprisingly interesting! So what are you waiting for?

Obviously, it’s easier said than done so as an example, I have already discovered your beloved International School – the place where we (or at least some of us) are going to spend our four most memorable years of life. And here is the result. These pictures were taken in some particular places around our school. Your mission is to find out what is in the picture and where exactly I found it. You can leave your comments here to answer my questions. I will give the answer and some interesting facts about the places that I have thought of soon (or I won’t, if you don’t want me to!). So, have fun discovering and don’t cheat! 😀

P/S: I do think that we really should use only English in our assignment but if I use the English version for the quotation up there, I will have to translate it. But I don’t think that will be a great idea and as a result, I just keep it Vietnamese. So just in case we might come up with the same problem later on, what is your opinion?

Author: Trương Thùy Linh

ID: BAAU09328

I’m the first one to post an entry so please comment as you will, I’ll try to revise my entry as soon as possible! And sorry if it’s too long for you, I tried to paragraph it so that you can read more easily!
About the pictures, I took them by my mobile phone and I’m just an amateur so please forgive me if those pictures are too bad. 😛 And don’t forget to click on the pictures for more information!
I just want to make things less serious. Hope it will help!

So, have fun reading and a nice day! 😀


16 responses to “Just step out and discover!

  1. no idea where it is ^^
    seems like a fairy tale 😀

  2. a little lonely but your childhood memory is very cute and fantastic 😀
    this remind me of my old memories
    I am not lucky like you
    When I was a child, I spent all my time at home
    no friend, no discovery
    Until I came to Junior High
    I began to have friends
    We played together and had some secret base ^^
    and now when I visit my old school on Teacher Day
    I revisit these places and it still full of memories through I think I may forget these a long time age
    as you said, there is some place in your life, you spend your past time in this and unnoticeable it held your memories, your joy, your sadness,…
    Every things have its value and maybe one day you will regconize it
    Finally, I really thank you for this interesting topic

  3. Trương Thùy Linh

    Well, it is not, obviously! 😀 But as I said, you can find them somewhere around our school! 😉 Try your best, then!
    Anyway, don’t you have any comment about my essay? 😦

  4. well, I want to say this is a good essay 😀
    good examples too
    It supports your idea well ^^
    Everyday I walk pass these screen without recognizing them
    maybe next time I will pay attention more 😀
    and for the contents
    In my opinion, this is very practical for our life
    I ‘ve experienced it myself in the past 😀

  5. I never have any memorable memories ~~> No idea.
    I think it’s nice memory.
    Sometime i comeback to my homtown and trying to remember what memorable, but i don’t know why i can’t remember for a long time. So I always take pictures to store and sometimes take out review.

  6. Beautiful~~!!

    Really love your assignment, feel like reading a story more than a homework (wish all the homework can be pretty like this TT_________TT)

    Know what? Reading your assignment while listening to MYMP songs really work!!! Both are heavenly sweet~ ^^

    Love it! Keep it up okay~?

    Anyway, [When I was small], never see anyone use it. Isnt it possible?

  7. keke~~ All the pics you post, i know it all ^^

    But let everyone try to guess~~!

  8. !^.^GraCe_CaFe' ^O^!

    About those pics, I love them ^O^, so don’t worry about their qualities:D, especially the last 1, it’s really nice. Your memory is so adorable, about sweet childhood with ur beloved friend. The spirit of this is cool. I’ll try to get 1 assignment as well as u ^.^!

  9. Le Phuoc Trung

    However, it may be wrong when you choose this topic.I think Prof Hong tend to prefer social phenomena in which we could have opportunities to develop our sociological imaginations and research skills rather than our emotions or feeling. As your can see, Prof Hong require each writing contain at least 3 proved evidences. So WHY?

  10. Le Phuoc Trung

    (sorry, this comment must be put above my previous comment. I have some problems with adsl connection)
    Wonderfully!I love your writing style.Personally, through your writing I imagine you as a lovely and joyful but a thoughtful girl too.Your topic is natural and touching.

  11. Woah, a story about your childhood is very lovely and peaceful! I love it!
    I didn’t have mine in such a nice and fresh place like that but it was fantastic too ^^!
    After reading your entry, I suddenly wanna come to visit my hometown in Ca Mau which is quite pure.
    This entry, I think, bring to the reader a light feeling.That is what we need at least in these chaotic days! TT~TT

    p/s: I don’t know if it true or not but your habit is to leava a comment about other ppl’s skill, right? ^^

  12. Lê Nguyễn Quỳnh Tiên

    Uhmm…I read this entry after reading entry about suicide. =.=” the feeling is so weird. ^^
    I agree with your opinion. This is not just about the places, it is right for people, too. You will not know how someone is so important to you until you lost him/her.
    “Just step out and discover” <– I think the topic name is not suitable. It makes me thinking about travelling ^^ not about memories.

  13. Trương Thùy Linh

    Come on! We are studying English, improving our skills is the thing that we usually think of first whenever we read an essay, right? I don’t mean to criticize others on their grammar or spelling. I’m just trying to help them according to my knowledge. All the topics here are interesting in their own ways so it would be pity if what they want to say was spoiled by some minor mistakes, do you agree?

    That’s the reason why I try my best to help the others, so they will do so to my essay. Whenever I comment on someone’s entry, I divide my comment into two parts: one part about their writing skill (which is usually comes first) and another about the topic they were writing about. Clearly, so they won’t mislead.

    Next, Ngoc, I really glad that my entry has brought up such good feelings to you! And wow, now I meet another friend comes from Ca Mau! It’s wonderful, isn’t it? Thanks for your comment! 😀
    By the way, I wonder why you guys don’t seem to care about the small quiz at the end of my entry. I thought that it would be interesting for us as a freshman to discover some interesting corners of our school… Or I should wait more?

  14. @T.Linh: I’m not come from Ca Mau actually I’m original here, that’s just my grandma’s hometown.

    About your little quiz, I think that because we don’t have time.For example, me! Come to school and come back home immediately after class. Too tired to do anything else! So don’t be impatient, who knows someone else is doing this and gonna post their answer here soon!

  15. almost forget!

    Now come back to my entry and leave a comment!


  16. Trương Thùy Linh

    @Trung: I know that and I can see that you guys follow that very well. I think that Miss Hồng will be very proud of us.
    But I was the first one to post an entry. At that time, we hadn’t learned much, remember?
    Besides, during the week of preparation, I thought of many topics but still couldn’t find out a topic that I really wanted to write about. So I chose to write about something that I had already written about once (in Vietnamese, of course!) so that I could open our class’s blog with the best entry I can have. As a saying goes:”Vạn sự khởi đầu nan” Ha ha ha! Kidding! Who would be that punctilious, right? 😀
    @Tiên: I have a habit of naming my writing only after I have finished it. In this situation, after I had finished my entry, I just didn’t know how to name it! So that’s how that title was born! Forgive me, that’s the best one I could think of at that time! 😛
    And if you couldn’t say anything because of some distractions, why don’t you come back later and re-read it? Anyway, thanks for having read my entry! 😀
    @Cafe: Oh, thanks for your compliments! I tried a lot to take those picture, especially the last one so I really glad that you like it!
    To tell the truth, the last one is the most memorable one for me! If you realize where I took it, you will understand how tricky to get that one. I had to climb out of our university’s window to take it and the hook on the window ripped out my jeans!!!! If you like, I can show you the picture of my ripped-off jeans! 😀 What an experience!
    @Micky: Hey, did you cheat? ;D It’s very hard to find out where all my pictures was taken!
    And about that “when I was small” phrase, I think it’s OK. I checked on my dictionary!

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