Environment pollution and people’s health

Today, environment pollution and people’s health are two of big concerns of Vietnam country in particular and the world in general. By chance, there is a close relationship between the two problems. As we can see, the more polluted the environment is, the worse people’s health is. In fact, the environment state affects on the state of people’s health.

Environment pollution consists of many forms such as air pollution, water and soil pollution as well as noise pollution. The development of economy and no awareness of some people are the main reasons causing pollution.

In the process of manufacturing, we have released a large amount of smoke and toxic chemical. Smoke goes direct into the atmosphere we breathe, which makes the air more and more polluted and the concentration of CO2 in the air increases. People can get diseases related to respiratory and circulatory system such as sore throat or even lung cancer and so forth. In addition, because the area of forests is decreasing annually (we can seek quickly these information in newspaper and magazine of Vietnam or world), the situation is trend to be more serious. But there are still no much strong effort to improve that, people keep on cutting down tree for more wood or land for cultivating and living; factories continue releasing smoke into the air…Following are the pictures that you can refer to:

deforestation_22 deforestation_3 - moca

Author: Rhett A. Butler

dantri.com.vn From:http://dantri.com.vn

avatar.aspx o-nhiem-khong-khi-1

(From: http://laodong.com.vn)

Besides the air pollution, there is another problem: water pollution. The water source from lakes and rivers or ocean can be contaminated by toxicant from factories and industrial zones. This is harmful to not only people’s health but also animals and plants living in it. People can suffer from diseases of digestive system or more serious such as cancer. Some popular diseases are diarrhea, vomiting, food poisoning and ulcerated skin, etc. Some images of pollution:

marunda hana


(From: http://laodong.com.vn)

On seeing these pictures, what do you think about? The air and water are so polluted that we can not breath and take a bath. People are lacking of fresh water whereas rivers and lakes are continuously poisoned. The environment is being destroyed for hours and for days. Perhaps because of impending profits, more and more people are becoming insensitive to environment now!

Finally, the soil pollution is really an urgent problem. It is caused by our daily garbage like plastic bottles and bags, pesticides, herbicides and so on. Whenever you get out of home, you can catch the sign litter thrown unconsciously into environment – although there is a lot of warning: “No refuse”, “no litter”! (Please give me your opinion about this.)

Obviously, environment pollution is the reason causing global warming. We are witnessing a change in the climate. Natural calamities happen frequently and threaten people’s life. In conclusion, polluted environment has plenty of influence on human, especially to people’s health. We have to act together now to protect our environment. In fact, we are doing that to protect our own life!

P/S: Just read and think carefully about what I have written. Please leave your ideal and suggestion if you have time. I want you to say about noise pollution, a phenomenon often happens in Europe. Thank you very much for your reply!

Trần Nguyên Bích Thủy

ID Student: BAIUO9OO9

Contact: sunlight_lnet@yahoo.com


6 responses to “Environment pollution and people’s health

  1. Trương Thùy Linh

    You’ve got a quite good writing skill! There were very few mistakes in your essay and those were just minor one! That’s great!
    About the content of your essay, you chose a very common but topical subject to write about, and you had a lot of proofs to emphasize your points. However, the way you showed your proofs was quite unnatural. The way you led the others was quite fluently, too but I do think that you should try to improve it more!
    One last thing I want to say, although this is for our home assignment, it is still a blog. I think that we shouldn’t use too formal language to write our entries and I did do so. I don’t know what Miss Hồng would say but as for me, I don’t like a pure technical entry here. It’s just unfriendly, don’t you think?

  2. air pollution, cars’ smoke, cigarettes smoke…, watever cause lung cancer,i hate it all
    * about the warning signs, personally,2 ones who make the signs,they r just automatic, n 2 ones who read the signs, they just take it into granted, except 4 the minority :|*

  3. Thank Thùy Linh and Yến Phương for your reply! I hope that you will have more ideal to my essay at another time.

    Firstly, I would like to respond to Thùy Linh’s opinion. You said that: “However, the way you showed your proofs was quite unnatural”, I quite agree with you so thank you again for your straightforwardly remark!
    Next, about your ideal:
    “I think that we shouldn’t use too formal language to write our entries and I did do so. I don’t know what Miss Hồng would say but as for me, I don’t like a pure technical entry here.”. Thanks for speaking out your point of view. As for me, writing essays is an serious work, especially about essays belong to science field. I always invest my time and effort to make them look better (I see it on science aspect, not just an assignment or a blog!) so I feel sorry if you are not comfortable with it. Anyhow, everybody has quite differently individual view and action but I really respect your opinion.

    Ok, it is one and a half AM now, I have to go to bed and have a nice dream (^_^) . See you later!

    Trần Nguyên Bích Thủy

  4. Le Phuoc Trung

    I am really impressed by your attached pictures especially which have the image of some boys standing beside a huge amount of garbage with hopeless eyes. These pictures totally tell what you would like to say. However, I think your research has some defects. The first one is the too broad topic. As a result, it is difficult for you to delve in and make more specifications. The second one is that your topic is so common and therefore not outstanding and amazing. If I were you, I would still chose the topic about environment pollution but would drive it into other way. For example :” Recent Environment Pollution : The Truth or just a Fuss?”. It must be more exciting and amazing if you follow such an topic.

  5. Bravo, it’s brilliant!

    Your entry helps me to widen my knowledge about pollution.I myself kind of hate smoke, especially smoke from cigarettes (of my dad !_!).Because I have to breath in this atmosphere almost every day so I’m being killed =.=

    I’m sorry ’cause I should say more but I’m having a headache now (in fact it has been 4 days) so I cannot think of anything else.Just because I like by your essay so I want to say sth!

    Hope to work with you in the future!

  6. Lê Nguyễn Quỳnh Tiên

    Wow! This is a BIG topic. Everyone know about pollution, but just some people care about this. Some of us always think: “Why do I have to care?” “I have a family, a work…to care about. I am just a normal people like 7 billion people all over the world. How can I change this serious situation?” If we can change the way they think, we can save the world. (I think so)
    Your writing skill is very good. Although your entry like a technical writing, it is not hard to understand. ^^ But I think after talking about the pollution, you should mention some solutions, not just “act together” so that everyone can follow it to make the world better.

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