The phenomena called “Commite Suicide”! Agree with me or not?

We have discussed  lots of  sides of  Social Science last Saturday. Therefore, I think that each of us can have our own idea about what Social Science is. We all know that there are a lot of things which have to be talked when we mention this subject. However, I don’t have enough time to type everything and also my writing ability has limitation, so today I just wanna be concert with the phenomena called “commit suicide”.

First of all, we have to comprehend clearly the meaning of  “Suicide”. So, what is “Suicide”? Simply speaking, “Suicide” is to kill his/her own or like The Wikipedia Dictionary has defined it in English: Suicide is the intentional killing of one’s self. You can click here for more details. As you can see, no matter how people decribe it, “Suicide” ‘s concept is still about  killing!

The World Health Organization (2002) estimated that a total of 815,000 people committed suicide in 2000. They also said that within 45 years, the number of  suicide worldwide has increased 60% of which 90% related to the inhibition of psychological and bankruptcy. It’s continuosly risen day by day!

Why do people commit suicide? This question must be appear on every books written about this social problem. According to our textbook that I’ve read, the answer is that people inherit the desire to kill themselves. It’s hard to believe, isn’t it? However, the book also said that these explaination may not seem especially convincing to contemporary researchers, but they represent the belieft widely held as recently as 1900 which means that statement was still unclear.

I think that there are many reasons for us to talk about. In present days,almost  everyone has a more convenient life than in the past. Some of them don’t have to face difficulties so when something happens, they tend to collapse and it leads to suicide. But it’s only a small part, I think. Will you be strong and stand still when your own business, which is built by your own hands and brain, suddenly destroyed? Some people will but the others will not. And maybe they will commit suicide, except those who could think optimisticly like starting a new business or find a job in another company if they are really skillful. In addition, the influence of the celebrities is also very deeply. For example, in Korea, a country has a big entertainment’s impact to almost teenager in Asia, in October 2008, an actress named Choi Sin Jil committed suicide at her apartment and left behind 2 kids.For more details, click here. The police claimed that the cause of the death is she was depressed and could not be able to live like this any more, so she ended up killing herself. After this happened, the police’s report showed that the number of minors and teenager followed Choi’s action increased significantly. This is also warn us about how the entertainment world, which is thought to be harmless, can affect our future! Furthermore, violent game and film can also be dangerous because it’s very addictive and sometimes people use it to relax their mind. On the other hand, they watch it just because they are fed up with romantic one or psychosocial social one.

Anyway, there are thousand of reason people can give to justify their wrong action. But whatever it is, suicide will never be a good decision when you have problems in your life. When you do something, you have to think carefully about your future, your friends, your job and espeicially, your family. Who gonna be hurt the most beside them? Don’t you think that your mom will cry every night since you’re gone?! Don’t you think that your dad gonna lost everything just because of you?! I can’y stand it if I gotta see it! It’s hurt me so damn much! (sorry if I am not allowed to write like this in my assignment!).

To solve this problem, it’s not only the government’s responsibility but also ours. Each of us has to pay more attention to this issue and speak out our point so that we can handle it together as soon as possible.

Last but not least, you’re still alive means you still have a chance to rebuild your life, again!

Bảo Ngọc.

ID: BAUN09395

p/s: So cool, I’m the second to post entry! Because this is my first time doing something like this, I mean I’ve post an entry before but not many people concern about it ^^, but this time, my entry will be read by my classmate and they can leave a comment also. So, please tell me what do you think about my work and just do it frankly.Don’t worry ’cause I’m not gonna get mad ^^! It would be grateful if you can point out my mistake and correct it so that next time I can do better.

By the way, I really want to know your opinion about this issue so feel free to do so! You are always be welcome 😉

Thank you very much!

Love you all! LOL xxx


20 responses to “The phenomena called “Commite Suicide”! Agree with me or not?

  1. Pham tra yen phuong

    unglue poststamp ^^!
    well, 1st of all,ive never wanna kill myself 😀
    n speaking about mass suicide (like u mentioned above), i heard about a case,in which more than 100 ppl went suicide after listening 2 a song called “GLUMMY SUNDAY” of Reszo Seress. click here, read about it n listen 2 that song 2 c if u would go suicide or not ^^

  2. Trương Thùy Linh

    You told us to be frank, so I will be. 😀 Allow me to use English and please don’t get mad (well, I do hope that you won’t) because of what I’m going to say! 🙂
    First, I have to say that you should start to think English, not Vietnamese. It can be quite easy to realize the way you think through what you write. It might be hard at the beginning, but you’ll soon get used to it.
    Next, about your grammar and spelling. This is a hard part, I know. But I have an advice for you! You know that whenever you type something wrong in Microsoft Word, there is always a red line under that word for you, right? It’s the same in WordPress, so you can easily recognize your mistakes and fix it immediately. Just have to pay more attention. I can’t help you revise your grammar and spelling here but you can meet me at class and I will try my best to help! And, for your information, that program can even realize some basic grammar mistakes, too! (Don’t mean to be offended!) You should type your essay in Microsoft Word and revise it before posting it here. That should help!
    About the content of your essay, forgive me that I have no comment about it. I’m still so tired after writing my essay that I can’t get the information from yours. I’m sorry! I promise that I will write about it more when I have enough sleep! 😀
    That’s all I want to say! Keep on re-reading your essay and you can realize your mistakes for revision! And don’t forget to comment for my essay! Have a nice day! 😀

  3. Trương Thùy Linh

    Ah, forgot! This is for our Monitor – Phương, I believe that that song was called “Gloomy Sunday” and I did listen to it once. (Only once, cause I was scared! :P) But I’m still alive, amn’t I? 😀 Think I’m lucky!

  4. well Ngoc,i think wat u wrote is ok, keep it on, just have fun 🙂

  5. “Last but not least, you’re still alive means you still have a chance to rebuild your life, again!”
    reading this make me trust in life more 😉
    when you are alive, there still be hope
    keep on dreaming, advance further and you will overcome the failure 😀
    death means game over 😉

  6. Fisrt of all,dear i’m really sorry you have to do this assignment with so much pain because of the sickness TT_____________TT
    Such pain yet still manage to finish and post is up, thump up for you!!

    Please get well soon~!

    Ok I’ll start!

    ALERT: typo >. Do you think we should give credit about the book we’re talking?

    And the next paragraph, I’m sorry TT____TT, its supposed to be the main point rite? But I just cant take it seriously, maybe you need more explain, more theories…? The Entertainment world (I think you can call it showbiz) and violent game and film… I believe it sounds like examples more than the reasons 😛

    (sorry if I am not allowed to write like this in my assignment!).
    ->No you’re not!! XD But I guess it’s okay, really ^^ Since you’re the second first and you’re doing a really good job~~!

    Your voice is really interesting! With sush many numbers and facts yet people still want to read till the end, so admiring!!
    Guess you just need to write more objective, in other words less “I” and “you”. ^^
    I said it long, but know what, it’s not long enough, so sadly I can comment much TT””TT But you’re really successful, I MEAN IT. Having all the opening, explain, facts, reasons and blah blah blah with a more than okay grammar (obviously better grammar than me ^^)

    [Love you all! LOL xxx]
    ->*shouting* I love you too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *giing a big hug*

    [Thank you very much!]
    -> me too~! * give candy to you*

    Now, my opinion:
    Gosh it’s sooo good! I don’t think I could write that long + good ( I means with me its just long or just good XD)
    I love your topic. I can talk about suicide for months and months~! Guess what, my most favorite verb is ‘DIE’ (just type it out make me feel happy~~~), so I’m really glad you chose this topic.
    According to a book I have read (and still read for the 7 time, it’s really good), everyone have their own ‘trọng tâm cuộc sống’ (TT_TT I’m sorry I don’t know what it call in English, maybe I willl call it ‘life’s centre’ ~~~> Vinglish XP). Most common centres to student like us are family, studying, friends, lovers and other centres (for me it’s idol ^^). So when your centre is family and your parents divorce, you may want to commit suicide e.g.
    What I want to say is, its not about being strong or optimistic or not, its about your centre. Your parent might divorce and you’re still alive because your centre is friends, but then you may commit suicide if your BFF (Best Friend Forever) is a bad person who tell your secrets (PLURAL secret!!) to everyone. Of course its not 100% true, its just my opinion acording to what I have read, like I WILL NOT kill myself even if my idol turn out to be a jerk. No, no way. (But I will kill myself if I’m sure that I could become ghost, so that I will fly to Korea and stand FOREVER by him keke~!)


    You know what I hate about my comment?
    It has too much ‘really’, really!! XD

  7. OMG i made typo too!!!!!!!!!! DX

    Its supposed to be like this:

    ALERT: typo is in [ ]
    1. so today I just wanna be [concert] with the phenomena called “commit suicide”.
    2.your job and [espeicially], your family
    3. I [can’y] stand it if I gotta see it!

    About the post:

    [According to our textbook that I’ve read]
    -> Do you think we should give credit about the book we’re talking?

  8. @Trương Thuỳ Linh:
    My grammar is bad, admit ^^~! But just ignored it since i’m sure you get fully what i mean!

    I’m sorry, but i just dont think your comment is a constructive critism. All the things you said, there is nothing to do with the assignment. NOTHING. You’re just talking about her grammar, and pardon me for saying this, isn’t it just too much?
    I believe all we have to comment is about her works. Grammar, mistake… isn’t it personal matter???? And i, too, believe that all the things related to ‘personal’ are better not to mention (unless you’re her professor).
    You may think i have the right to say whatever i want, and its her telling me to speak frankly… But do you think of her feeling when she read your comment? When all you say is her bad grammar and DONT EVEN TELL what or where is wrong? (almost of the case, when you say it bad but doesnt tell what bad, people will never think your comment is worth to consider).
    And please, i mean pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, even when you think its okay to say all of that, then no compliment???? not any ?!? Isnt she that worst? I believe not! No way! But the way youre saying, like there’s no tomorrow for her! Just a simple ‘thank you for your hard work’ is too much????

    Okay, She’s my friend, and knowing she would get hurt make me type all of this, i admit. But you know what, If you can have all the right to say whatever, whenever you want, so my friend and i can also have the right to feel hurt whenever we want too…

    [First, I have to say that you should start to think English, not Vietnamese.]
    -> This line, it hurt ME badly (and i dont even write this, so how do you imagine my friend would feel?). Why you claim it so certain? Your sentence is too heavy to take, and its jusr YOUR opinion remember?? Please add ‘in my opinion’ or ‘i think’, becuz its not facts and it sounds soo much like defence!

    [You should type your essay in Microsoft Word and revise it before posting it here.]
    ->How can you know if she actually do it or not? AGAIN, add “i think” or “in my opinion” please~~ You make yourself sounds so much like a flamer even though i believe youre not.

    And please, again, comment is not about pointing out what a person are still weak on, right? If it is, then sorry but i will never write a comment anymore.

    Sorry, so much heat. If i hurt you then really really sorry, you know i didnt mean any of it, it just my friend and i feeling hurt badly rite now.

  9. I wanna give a thank to all who read my entry and left a comment!

    @T.Linh: well, thank you very much for your longggg comment.Now that I realize I actually have mistake in spelling.But you know what, I think that your comment is kind of making me shock!!! I’m not mad of course because I get used to this situation.I’m still studying now so making a mistake is normal.If I was not, I could be in another place not in auditorium listening to the lecturer! You told me to this :”You should type your essay in Microsoft Word and revise it before posting it here. That should help!”. Excuse me, I’m not a 2nd grader so you don’t have to tell me what to do and how to do it! That is a basic manipulation, everyone using computer must know that.How can you said like I’m a beginner?! Don’t you feel it’s a little bit impolite? You also said that you were too tired to mention about my topic but you still can say a lot about my writing skill! It’s impressed! I hope next time, after offering advise for my skill you should do so for my topic ^^
    However, receiving your advice is a chance for me to do better next time and not to be reared like this again!
    Thank you!

  10. @our monitor: that song is so scary that I cannot listen it till the end, just 5 seconds =.= how can somebody came up with that kind of melody! It’s really really…Oh I don’t know the word any more!!!!

    @T.Linh again: you said you spent 5hrs to do your assignment and it’s the same for me, so I hope you can show some respect because you know how tired and patient we were to complete this essay. All you did is just bring me down! Not a single encouragement! But I still can get over it because I know I am not that bad! And even if I’m lack of skill now, I definitely can improve it!

  11. Lê Nguyễn Quỳnh Tiên

    @ Bảo Ngọc: The song…written about suicide >__< How can a writer write a song like that??? The lyric is so sad; it makes people who are hopeless want to end their life.
    Talking about your topic, it is a hot topic now in many forums. I just want to comment about your entry's layout. Why don't you separate each idea into smaller paragraph? It will help the reader can understanding and get the main point easily. About the ideas, I think it is all correct. Btw, I like your last sentence: "you’re still alive means you still have a chance to rebuild your life, again!" This slogan is not only helpful for hopeless people but also good for us, when we face up to difficulties in our life. :X
    @Monitor: "unglued post stamp" <– cool! ^^
    @Thùy Linh: Why don't you read the topic first, understand it and then you read it again, correct grammar mistakes for her? It is better. I was shocked and little angry when reading your comment, but Bao Ngoc's comment have mentioned my opinion. So, I don't need to say that again. Please think about how the writer feels when reading your comment before you post it.

  12. Trương Thùy Linh

    I’m sorry, I said that I didn’t mean to be offended but it seems that you did get angry.
    First, you told me to show some respect. That’s what I did, but you seems to misunderstand. I know that you tried so hard for your essay (I did, too, so obviously, I understand how you feel!). I admire your effort, that’s the reason why I want to comment for you as detailed as possible, to help you recognize your mistakes and revise your essay, (Isn’t that what you expect from a comment?) so that your effort won’t become useless. And don’t you see? I didn’t just criticize, I did offer some ways that can help you and I tried to make my comment not too critical. I’m sorry that the way I said might be too frank, but you’re the one who told us to be frank, didn’t you?
    Next, about my long comment. As I have said, I want to give you the best comment I can and as soon as possible, so you can have a better essay before others read it, that the reason why I wrote that long. And I did say that I was tired so I couldn’t comment about your essay’s content. But I still wrote like that because whenever I want to comment about a content of a essay, I always have to think about it very hard so that my comment can be the most precise. That’s my way to show respect to the author, who have made great effort to write an interesting essay for me to read. And I can only do that when I have a clear mind. At that state of mind, I could only comment about your grammar and spelling because that is something that I (and we are, too!) have been get used to for quite a long time so it can be much easier to be recognize. Besides, grammar mistake can be quite distractive when you read an essay. It makes you hard to concentrate on what the author wanted to say.
    Last, about that Microsoft Word thing, I ABSOLUTELY didn’t mean the way you thought I did. I just think that is a way to help you. If we made such great effort for our essay, we totally want to make it perfect, don’t we? Anyway, I don’t think that you will want to know my comment about your essay’s content anymore. So I will stop here, sorry that I have broken my promise.
    The school year has just started and I never want to make enemy so I apologize for having made you mad. You are cute and I really want to make friend with you, so can we let it go now? Hope that you will smile back next time we meet in class. Have a nice day! 😀
    P/S: If you think I do, I’m not showing off! It has been my habit to write things long, even in Vietnamese, since I was small. So please forgive me! 🙂

  13. @T.Linh: I admit that I was too angry after reading your comment. And I have to say that I was really upset and don’t know how to express it in English although I’ve tried my best as you can see.However, thanks a lot about your 2nd comment here which make me recognize my silly reaction.Now I understand that you didn’t wanna be that mean.I think that I definitely let it go because no matter what happens, it is you who show me the righter way to go and thanks to it I can do better next time.

    But I do want you to have some words about my topic so I hope when you come back here I read this, you’ll leave your comment abt that, okay?

    Let’s just be friend not enemy! (this word is kind of serious)

  14. Nguyen. T.T.Nhung

    2! my friend, actually i hate reading very much. I can’t stand reading a too-much-words entry so that’s why, my grammar is tooooooooo bad. I’m so surprised at ur guys ‘s E skill. it shames me. lol
    #Bao Ngoc: i c that ur writing’s very nice and have a lot of good things for us. And i think u can put some pictures or colorful words into ur entry, which can be more attractive and helpful for people bored at reading like me. that’s just my idea ^^!
    # i listened to GLUMMY SUNDAY song already but i have no idea. I suppose that it’s just like music for VNese funeral . hehehehee

  15. Trương Thùy Linh

    @Ngọc: I’m glad that you forgave me! However, I think I made a mistake in this situation, too. My fault is that I was too frank and this is the thing that I always want to fix, since I trip in the same spot like every time. I’m trying my best so please be sympathy for me 😀
    About your entry, for me, the most memorable thing for me is “people inherit the desire to kill themselves”. That’s scary! So the problem here is wherever that instinct is waken up or not. And it’s mostly affected by our surroundings!

    However, I don’t agree with you that one of the reasons for committing suicide is because people these days have a too comfortable life. Just rethink about it, you will see that having a comfortable life doesn’t mean having a weak personality.

    You can see that nowadays, our life might be more comfortable than in the past but the demand to have that life is much higher and so on, the pressure to have a job, and then, a high-salary job is becoming quite a great burden! We must study hard to have as many degrees as possible, but even when we already have a bunch of degrees, we still can’t assure for ourselves a proper job! Not to say when you have a job, you can be kicked out just because of a reason comes from nowhere! You can read the story of miss Trần Thị Diệu Hương of Quảng Bình for more information:

    That’s the reason why people these days have to be more tough to face all of those challenges. They try very hard to build a career, and they force themselves to stand strong for their family, to prove that they are someone reliable for the others.But that toughness can be easier to break than anything else and when it does, it leads to a terrible collapse. So, as you see, the reason for suicide doesn’t come from life itself but from us, from what we human made up and then force ourselves to face.And studying about it is what this subject aimed to. (Advertising for our subject! :P)

    And besides, you should give more reasons and more proofs to support your point! You said that there were thousands reasons but you only gave out one, didn’t you? It should make your essay becomes more convincing! However, giving statistics is a good idea of you, cause it can also support perfectly for your writing! You just need to improve the part about reason of committing suicide and that’s all!

    I’ve said everything so I’ll stop here! Keeps on re-reading your entry (as I said) and revise it! You can and should do that because you will see later on the mistakes that you couldn’t see before. It’s still the best to fix our own entry, right?

    Have a nice day, then! Smile!!! 😀

  16. @T.linh: thank you! I know you want to give me the best advice and I highly appreciate that.The problem is the way you said everything seemed to make the author (it’s me in this situation) feel angry.But now I understand clearly so I won’t be like this anymore in the future.

    Why I didn’t point out all the reasons.It’s just because I can’t do so.It’s a thousand not ten, so how can I write all of this.Beside, everyone has their own reason for what they did so I just cannot sit here and talk about the unreal thing.

    Anyway, thanks a lot!
    Hope that we can be good friend!

  17. Lê Nguyễn Quỳnh Tiên

    oh my gosh!! Finally, my comment appears ==” Thank u so much, Yen Phuong!!! :-*
    @Micky: Love your comments!!! But the argument was over, right? After this, all of us should comment in friendly way, REAL constructive comments. ^^

  18. @Tiên: LOL we are totally, absolutely, completely ignored XD
    You love my comment? Yeah i know…*cough* And i love you~~!!

    @Bảo Ngọc: WHERE ARE YOU? you told me i must comment to you and now i commentED and no reply? TT______________TT

    Chế Như Ngọc – BAWE09297

  19. Lê Nguyễn Quỳnh Tiên

    Teehee, love you too. :-*
    I think most of writers do not come back and reply us. So sad [snif] [snif]

  20. No~no~no~
    I’m here!
    I’m really x 10000000 that I can’t get back here and keep discussing with you guys abt my topic. Because I was so lazy (sorry ms.HB and all my friends) and another reason is whenever I’m online, I cannot be focus on studying (why??? I believe some of my friend can understand it ^^)

    But no matter what, I’m here now so let’s move out!!!!!

    Thank all of you guys very much for reading and leaving a comment here, I appreciate it! Now it’s seemed my entry has the most comments among these entry in this blog.Thanks to all!!!!
    About T.Linh’s comment, I think she can already realized that it was too harsh.Hope that she will never do that again.

    @Micky’s wife^^: All I can say is “I love you”!!! Sorry I cannot make it sooner. What you said is very useful and I’m sure that I’ll do better next time (coming so soon T~T)

    @Tien: “I think most of writers do not come back and reply us” I’m definitely not like this. Love yr comment ^^! And I don’t know if that song was written abt suicide or not but it’s just freak me out!!!! I advise you not to listen to it, so horrible!!!

    @Nhung mup iu quy’: Why are you so pessimistic abt your writing skill? Be confident, just like me hehe~ You can do that, I just know it!

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