self-harming and teenager

A kind of suicide I want to talk in here is self-harming, which happen often in most of teenager

“Self-harming is when people cause themselves physical pain that alters their mood state (how they feel inside). Some people harm themselves because they feel disconnected and isolated from everybody, and hurting themselves is the only way they feel real or connected.”

From the webpage “”

There is no statistic about this. according to this blog(, the number of teenagers harm themselves increase a lot, still, there are few of them commit suicide ,just above 1%.

In my view, We can not say that non of us have problem with dealing with this changing attitude, changing society. Most of us harm ourselves in different ways immediately or eventually ( well, if this sentence is wrong, please comment so that I could know about this ^__^)

There are many kinds of selfharming :

* cutting their skin with knives or any sharp object

* burning their skin

* hitting their body with an object or fists (like punching the wall)

* deliberately falling when doing something like extreme sports

* picking at their skin

* swallowing pills or sharp objects

* pulling at their hair.


A popular act of self harm, in Vietnamese teenagers is wrist cutting .According to some Vietnamese newspapers .There was a time wrist cutting become popular in teenagers, especially in Hanoi, this phenomenon often happen in the urban environment such as big city, where the society is more complex

Reasons why they do that? I did a small research and learn that, there are 4 reasons for self-harm:

Personality Disorder: use to describe those who have different attitudes or behaviours that can not meet the society’s expectation. It lasts in a long time and cause stress to themselves or others.Common problem is having difficulty insustaining relationships

(  for more detail, read this web                   

In this kind of personality .I think because the teenager tend to feel lost and depressed when their attention is persistently ignored in the society. Those people are the one who easily commit suicide if they can not get help in a long time. However, I think those people are few in Vietnam

Lacking of communication skill: according to Vietnamese sociologist  this is more common in our country where  students only know how to deal with social problem theoretically, not practically  Some people is aware that they can’t follow the growing demand of the society, result in feeling of failure. In addition to this, these people share the same typical character : timid and quiet….. When the need of a human is : to have people understand them, to get connect to a group is being ignored, they tend to get depressed easily.

In my opinion, the lack of communication make it really difficult to fit in their community, the act of cutting wrist is a way of punishing oneself, also, expressing their extreme feeling that they have to stand. More important, the number of those people seem to increase these day in Vietnam due to lack of pracitcal education .

Follow the trend: teenagers are sensitive to the changing life, changing society. When the world have become ” flatten”, our country input lots of cultures from others, it is understandable that teenagers act and express themselves like others cultures for teenage tend to adapt to new environment faster.

In my view, this is either the act to show the attempt of fitting into the new society, or trying to be a unique individual. HOwever, this is also dangerous not because they do not cut one time for showing off. Once they cut their wrist , they can have but to repeat it another time they get stress. Till then, you know you are really doing that but you can not stop doing that to escape the despair

Reason come from the outside factors ( maybe including following the trend) : the workforce, the background’s problem that affect their emotion , the demand of the society is higher than their abilities, moreover bullying . Parents, teachers, friends,.. those who are close to the victim are the factors that cause the victims to self-harm.

In this case, I think people in big city experience this more as the society has become complexity. They also include some characteristic like quiet and timid.

P/s : Well, I’m not good at academic writing . Those were only my thought of a teenagers’ phenomena. Sorry if this entry may ( which is absolutely ) make you confuse . They may not right to you . If you have any others ideas please help me get this perfect. Beside, we can get to help each other more if you can let me know how you feel about depression, how you deal with it, optimistically or negatively , all are accepted.  😀

Trần Hoàng Mỹ Linh



8 responses to “self-harming and teenager

  1. Maybe i’ll wait till you put your assignment in the prettier format then i could read ^^;

    …. I mean all the links and tab… it’s quite hard to concentrade (maybe bcuz my concentration is too bad >”””'<). But be confident! your topic is really appealing~~ (at least to me XP)

    And this is my first stamp in this blog!! *happy*

  2. Trương Thùy Linh

    Ah.. not much to comment about your writing. It’s perfect (for me 😛 or may be because I had quite a good nap :D) so I’ll just talk about how I feel of this topic.
    There aren’t many articles that go deeply into the cause of this phenomenon that I’ve read so for me, your entry is quite interesting! And I’m surprised that you did a research about this! Wow, what a preparation!
    About the manifestations of self-hurting, I think that there is still one more way to hurt ourselves. This way is not visible but I think it is the worst one. The people who do this won’t hurt their body but their soul, by thinking bad and insulting themselves. Physical wounds can soon be healed, but spiritual one can never do. And you can hardly recognize it cause you can’t see it! Isn’t it fearsome?
    Well, anyway, thanks for the interesting topic. I think you did a great job! 🙂

  3. !^.^GraCe_CaFe' ^O^!

    Wow! This hot topic ^.^, I’m really into it. I still remember how I reacted when I was reading about those people who juz tried to harm themselves, I was totally shocked. And u’ve given me that feeling, again ^O^. I luv it, ur writing is quite well, I hope I could write like this :D. A star for u :D, FIGHTING ^O^!!!

  4. Your topic is quite similar to mine!

    Well it seems to be a very “hot” issue these days!
    And I also think that teenagers act like this because they are influenced by film and mostly by trend! As I remember, some of them said that they felt original or extraordinary when they did so. Sound weird, right??

    I still can’t get it why these young people can so such thing to their body which is given by their parents. They should have esteemed it but in fact, they treat it like it is a toy! How disappointed!

    Anyhow, you did a great job! :))

  5. Hi Mỹ Linh,

    I agree with most of your opinions. However, I don’t really agree with the sentence “A kind of suicide I want to talk in here is self-harming”. In my opinion, suicide is a kind of self-harming, not the other way since suicide means ‘to kill oneself’ while most of those self-harming acts among teenagers (and adults too!) don’t lead the victims to death, right? They don’t attempt to kill themselves; they just want to express their agony through the visible wounds. Nevertheless, self-harming acts can become suicidal risks if the victims don’t know where to stop. (I saw you’ve already stated that too!)

    Here is an article about the self-cutting Japanese girls, . I find the reasons which lead them to self-cut are combined of all the reasons that you’ve already stated (except for that “Follow the trend” one). Look at their arms and you can see that the pain they bear in and outside is really horrible.

    Personally, I despise all of the trendy teenagers who think that self-cutting is a kind of fashion. I once heard a teen girl (I think she’s in 8th or 9th grade, a lot younger than us!) say this to her friends: “Self-cutting means living with scars!”, very proudly. OK, here’s what she said in Vietnamese “Đã self-cut thì phải chấp nhận mang sẹo!”, scary huh?

    I think your writing is quite good. Although there are a few minor mistakes, your ideas are clear and understandable. You must have devoted a lot of time to this post, I can see it is really well-prepared. And you gave your opinions about this topic, not just telling us what it is. Excellent job! 😀

  6. good preparation but isn’t interesting enough, i think

  7. Emo… I am so disappointed about teenagers these days…why lots of people need blood donation, they just waste their blood away for some…unreasonable emotion from nowhere ???

  8. I have some opinion about your report

    1.You should ask some pictures.It makes your report lively 🙂
    2.You should insert link into the website you gave us.
    Btw,good writting and interesting topic 😉
    Please,have a look at my post and comment,thank you very much 😀

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