Student name : TÔN THẤT BẢO LONG

Student ID     :  BAUN09514

Date Written  :  November 18 2009 11:44pm



According to human’s rights, every children has the right to study including disabled children, poor children and even children contained viruses especially children infected with HIV virus

As we said and we’re saying, children are the tomorrow of a country, they deserve the best education in order to become a good citizen to serve the society. It’s not important that people can only serve society in a short time due to sickness or healthy people dedicate to the country until their last break, it all matter that they care so much and try their best to prove that they’re good citizen and they won’t skip any chances to contribute their country

In Vietnam, there were about 9000 children infected with HIV virus in 2007 and the number keep raising up and up in “Bệnh Viện Nhi Trung Ương” –Hanoi

Looking at the number 9000 in only one city, what will be the total number of HIV children in VN ?, do all of you skip a heartbeat ? With me, I feel like my heart stop beating…Some cruel people without sympathy will say “What do HIV children need education for ?! They will die meaninglessly before doing something good for our country ?”

That’s a wrong, superficial, loveless idea. Children are equal in every way, we don’t distinct them just because they’re abnormal or sick compare to the others

But letting HIV children to learn, play along with normal children, is it a right thing or not ?

First I want to talk about the risk, we all know that HIV is a virus which there’s NO cure until now, which means it’s really really dangerous if someone get infected.Children are all so naive, unawared of their health status.If HIV kids and normal kids play together, they will joke, they run or even scratch each other and get bleeding unintentionally. That will make a great possibility that the normal kids can be infected by the virus due to the lack of their knowledge ! So if we intend to let them be together, we MUST educate them about HIV virus and how to avoid being infected…but unfortunately, before knowing about these knowledge about HIV, HIV and the normal kids can get along easily…but after acquiring more knowledge about that, normal kids start to…distinct or even get away from HIV kids, they don’t even want to talk to HIV children…this is really complicated situation, without the knowledge they can play together happily but they can be infected but with the knowledge, they start to distinct the HIV…so in my opinion, it’s really hard or even impossible to let them be together, more over Vietnamese parents always luv their children sooo much that they won’t even let their normal kids to play with HIV kids even know only by 3 ways that their kids can be infected !

Back to my childhood in Nhatrang, I saw and played with HIV children when I was a kid too, at first I didn’t know about his health status, then my mom awared me about that I shouldn’t play with him, first I felt kind of scary but everytime I though back of his smile when we told joke, that scary feeling overcame quickly, time passed by, I forgot about him quickly but his happy smile was what remained untill today…

Beside the bad things, the advantages about normal kids and HIV kids studying together is really good, necessary and it means a lot to HIV children ! The HIV kids will feel equal to the normal which will make them more active, self-confident and happy.They won’t feel that they’re distincted, somehow that will make them not lonely and always have a happy smile on their faces because they think that if their young friends don’t think about them, then the adults and more over the society will too ! HIV children who are so reserved and closed to the others will be more easily to cause depress, stress and autism, so by joining them in the same invirontment, I believe that the HIV kids will have a better mental health.Their friendship will erase the great distance of being abnormal.Also, by learning together with HIV kids, normal kids will acquire more knowledge of how to protect them-selves from HIV virus. Normal kids after spending a long time around HIV kids will finally find out that…HIV kids are just like them no more, no less, they will learn the way to admire and respect HIV kids more, then they can propagandize about respectful to society in order to help HIV kids re-join the public.That will give them a chance in a lifetime to work  for their country and think that they’re at least still useful and a good citizen before they r.i.p

Somehow, letting them study together will encourage HIV kids to find out the purpose of their short life, that will make their life more meaningful, interesting and full of happiness.Please for God Sake, do not let them think that they wasted their time for learning and then just die meaninglessly in loneliness…just please…

P.S: I just edit this my post with a meaningful song and pictures (I am kind of jealous that all my friends post their post along with pictures and videos !)

This R&B song has the title “GHETTO”…it’s written by an underground Vietnamese rapper named NAH (He was born in 1991 too !). I think Nah did a really good job in singing this song, his singing English skill is kinda perfect…it’s so meaningful and really supportive to my post !!!



  1. No Responses…so far ?! Awww…too sad… (>,<)

  2. Trương Thùy Linh

    Wow, what an interesting entry! You really thought about it very much, didn’t you? Sorry I didn’t comment first time I read this. I was kind of… like… felt so sad about that fact that I could say nothing. There are some things that we just can’t control. It happens just because it has to.

    HIV kids have no fault in this situation but the normal kids are so, too. You are right about the fact that if we know that that kid has infected, no matter how much we want to, we still scare of the possibility to get infected. And even if we don’t scare, we still have to be aware and so we won’t be able to play innocently with that kid anymore. You have a sad childhood friendship, do you? I wonder where that kid is now…

    Your entry makes me suddenly want to do something for those kids. I just don’t know how. 😀

  3. Trương Thùy Linh

    Ah, almost forget! 😀 About the song, it’s wonderful! Nah have a very good pronunciation! I love the song! I downloaded it to my lap-chan! Think I’m gonna hear it often! Thanks for sharing! 😀

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