Emo. Let the emotion control your life !

* Have you ever been hurted ?

* Have you ever felt so depressed that you want to leave this life immediately ?

The truth is : a lot of people have !

Disappointed , heart-broken…. are terrible feelings that you never want to but you always have to face in your life. Talking about solution , some people run. Some people fight with them and overcome. Some young people- teenagers live with them like serious wounds that can never heal. They make their world become dark and desperate. They change their style, their way of thinking and acting. They let emotion control their life . They are self proclaimed : ” Emo kids”

What is emo ?

Emo which is short for ” emotional ” is a type of music and is connected with fashion and hairstyle. Nowadays, being ” Emo” is a style, a trend ,an out of the ordinary way to look. Emo boys and girls are not afraid to reveal their emotions strongly and unexpectedly. It’s not difficult to recognize an emo . Emo kids wear tight jeans , darker in color.  Their hair was longer in lenght with bangs covering their eyes and piercings are integral on their face including on the eyebrow , below the lower lip… .Their fingernails are painted black . Emo kids look cold but actually they’re sensitive and vulnerable inside.

Why are emo kids emo ?

# to look for true self…

In today’s society teens are trying to figure out who they are and where they fit in. They’re influenced by television, movies, billboards, and magazine covers while trying to figure out their identity. While most teens are going through adolescence they try different looks to see which one suits them. Different clothes, hairstyles, music, and groups have a major influence on who they hang out with and even the choices that they make.

# To be attacked , especially psychologically

Domestic abuse , stressful life usually lead to adolescent depression.  In adolescents, depressed mood is common because of the normal maturation process, the stress associated with it, the influence of sex hormones, and independence conflicts with parents.

It may also be a reaction to a disturbing event, such as the death of a friend or relative, a breakup with a boyfriend or girlfriend, or failure at school. Adolescents, who have low self-esteem, are highly self-critical, and who feel little sense of control over negative events are particularly at risk to become depressed when they experience stressful events.

Emo culture : Is it somethings to worry about ?

# Negative effects

Emo hate themselves and want to hurt or even kill themselves

act violently  and lose control

think in a negative way and venerate tear

Some emo kids mislead about emo culture. They think to be an emo is synonymous with drunks, pains and sorrows. They express their feeling by hurting themselves and brake everything around. They believe that pain can drive away sadness and death is the release. Some of them are obsessed with blood and dark .

# Everybody has a little “emo” in them

All of us have more than one time wanting to be a rebel because of  this complicated life . “Emo” is just short for emotional and if you don’t have emotions, chances are you aren’t human. So the question is ” Can we make emo disappear ? ”

NO , emotion is a part of life  and we have to learn to live with it. It is better to look at this non-issue from an open mindset.

Look at the lack of opportunity that exists for so many when they leave school, in a country failing its people. Is it any wonder that so many are seeking answers that cannot be found in the mainstream culture? Is it any wonder that they suffer depression when they see no positive outlook across the media and feel helpless as a result? Is it really such a surprise that they remain loyal to those who possess a similar viewpoint and show an understanding rather than alienation?

I would not persecute these people for their beliefs, but would be more open to conversing with them to try to learn something about what it is like to be categorized in the way they are. I would hope that more could be done to give these young adults a chance to aim for something and the chance to succeed when leaving school, rather than failing them and then complaining when they feel the way they do.

And finally , somehow emo is a new way to live a real life by real heart and real feelings. This culture bring us fresh taste by it’s unique way of dressing.    I think emo fashion is quite beautiful ! Like this :

Some time , let the emotion control will make your life more colorful.





3 responses to “Emo. Let the emotion control your life !

    I read ’emo’ and at first i thought you gonna talk about those emo icons XP But gosh you’re a genius!! Thank x 1000000000000 times XD~~!!!

    (sorry, so hyper)

    When people talk about emo, they look at it like its something sick or psycho, but the way you describe it was so great (make me tears up TT___TT)

    now i know there’s someone on this world think exactly like i do ~^^~

    OMG still hyper… I’m gonna print and read it Again and again and again~~!! XD

    %!$*(&^)$%^@ Thanks!!!!!!

  2. Lê Nguyễn Quỳnh Tiên

    EMO. This is not a bad word. But the way teens act make this word turns bad. Living with emotions is necessary. But don’t let emotions control every parts of your life (I think) because it can lead us to do many things we cannot anticipate.
    Your entry make me know more about emo world, it is not just about cutting your self ==”. And I like the way you separate your entry into many parts. Easier to read. ^^
    @Micky: kakaka, emoticons right? ^^

  3. @Tiên: Yup~! ^^

    About your com: agree agree agree! totally agree~! Too many new thing to learn from this entry…

    Again: thanks~~~~~


    And sorry teacher.. next time i’ll leave my info

    name: Chế Như Ngọc
    email: mychunie@yahoo.com

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