Lutism is a form of the word “lừa tình” 😀

This word has spread widely between the teenagers recently. There are 2 kind of lutism. The former is in the internet and the latter is in reality.

In the internet, there are many cases under the form of lutism. Notice it or not, it might happen around us everyday. Even one of your friends can be a victim of this phenomenon or be the one who cause it. Why is that? For instance, you were a boy. For 2 years, you had been chatting with a girl that you might fell in love with her, and she also said so. However one day, you woke up with a message that she had a boyfriend and all the chatting stuff was just a game. That message broke your heart terribly. Well then, WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF LUTISM!

This case is very popular among the teenagers. Thats why i said you could be the victim or the one who caused it.

See these two girls? What do you think about them? Lovely? Beautiful eyes? Their names are Bubbi and Magibon. In reality, their faces are very normal. But Magibon even create the 40 emotions of “saying nothing” that the girls all over the world and even the girls in Vietnam catched up with them very fast. The girls start to take pictures with round eyes and the slight lips. And here in Vietnam we even have the Vietnam’s Magibon, Nga Lappy.

However, there is also a wave of taking pictures with their face and showing up with their body dressing up with bikini, to increase their “lutism” and their fans in the internet. That’s also a new kind of internet lutism.

Those two kinds I mentioned above don’t harm anybody. But the reality’s lutism does. Some lovely girls, especially country side’s girls go out and make friends with many boys. The rich naive boy think that it is a good oppotunity so he give her many things. Finally the girl is the only one who makes profit. That’s one of the effective ways to raise the property, isn’t it?  😀

That’s the overview of the lutism. So do you want to follow the lutism, or not? 😀


Phạm Trần Yến Phương



4 responses to “Lutism

  1. Well, this is my honor to be the first person reading your entry!
    When i first read this writing, i personally think it’s good like some others, except some minor mistakes such as “in the internet” or “…he give…” etc.
    I was strongly impressed, not because of the topic, but the term you used to talk about it, LUTISM !!!
    In your paper, “lultism” is becoming more common, nowadays, and interestingly, you considered the countryside girls as the culprit. I curious, because in most cases, many girls from remote areas, usually who are poor, want to change their life in a better way.
    Therefore, they find chances to get marriage with foreign or the overseas national rich men (some of them event pretend to be so!!!). So what can these girls receive, instead of a happy life, is the exploitation of sex or working, discrimination, and event thrashing from their “honey” !!!
    By the way, your concluding sentence is very creative and for me and everyone, i believe, this funny entry is useful and informative.

  2. Lê Nguyễn Quỳnh Tiên

    Never knew a meaning of this word before reading your entry.
    I think girls in the country side do not know much about “luti”, they are innocent girls. But modern girls from big city, they are not innocent, they try to act, try to be innocent, so we call lutism. By lutism, a girl can catch a bunch of boys but she cannot lutism forever. Someday, she has to show her real person. SO, the best way is be yourself, no acting, no pretending, no lutism. ^^

  3. Trương Thùy Linh

    LUTISM!!!!!! XD Wow, I was shocked seeing the title of your entry! :)) Interesting!!!!
    The way you wrote this entry is really creative! New concept and new way to lead the reader ! (The example about the guy who has loved a girl on the internet for 2 years and then… BAM! WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF LUTISM! XD)

    However, I think that you should expand your point more. Explain more so that the reader can understand more clearly about what you want to say.
    And you should lengthen your entry, too. I felt quite abrupt after reading your entry. You opened it too attractively for it to be ended so soon! Why don’t you try to write some more?

    About the content, I agree with Tiên and An that usually, the ones who luti are the girls from cities. And hey, boys DO luti too, don’t you think? Why don’t you write about the Casanovas who luti innocence girls? ;D

    That’s all I want to say :P. Hope that you will have an even greater entry next time! Have a nice day, then! 😀

  4. Interesting entry!…i even laughed to death you know:))..I think you entry is related to some of the hottest phenomena in VN nowadays.However,as you said in your entry,some rich naive boys were the victims of these “lustism” girls,but i have known that there are not so many boys who are that rich and naive in our socitety.In contrast,boys are those who most intend to cheat girls.what do you think about this? ^^

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