Studying abroad !!!

Nowadays, studying abroad is becoming popular in Vietnam. There are two main kinds of students study abroad. The first one is that they receive scholarships from Vietnamese government or from the foreign country. The second one is those people who pay money individually.

Take a look at some figures and numbers about the trend of Vietnamese studying abroad.

1/ Although US, the UK and Australia are countries which have expensive life; most of Vietnamese choose these as their destination to study abroad. Other markets, though having lower fees, are not as attractive.

Lots of overseas study consultancy centers are doing well.

According to ISC, the number of students who have completed formalities to study in the UK and New Zealand has increased sharply, nearly double since the beginning of 2009.

Meanwhile, Dr. Mark Ashwill, who is the director of the Institute for International Education (IIE) in Vietnam, said that between January and March, the number of students went to IIE were 24% higher than last year. Recently, US proves to be the second most attractive destination for Vietnamese students, after Australia. Especially, students choose to study in community college because it takes low fee and after two years studying, students have many chances to enrol universities. Surprisingly, Vietnam ranks third among countries with the largest number of students studying at community college in the US and the thirteenth country that has most students studying abroad.

In addition, the duty head of the external relations department under the Ministry of Education and Training, Nguyen Ngoc Hung, said that among 6000 students studying overseas, two third of them received the Government’s 322 Scholarship Programme.

(Source: Vietnamnews)

2/ Especially, economic crisis seems not dissuade students from studying abroad.

Ha Viet Hang, Head of the Overseas Study Consultancy division under ISC, an academic counseling centre, said that economic crisis really doesn’t affect the rich to send their children abroad.

Tran Thi Dan, Director of Sunrise Overseas Consultancy Centre believes the main reason for this problem is that parents have saved a large amount of money for their children’s future so clearly they don’t suffer much from the crisis.


Are you dreaming to be a student of this University?Havard University in the USA. Do you want to be a student here???

Look at the information above, there is a question I want to open for debate. “Is it good or bad to study abroad?”

Really beautiful !!!Cambridge University in England. What a beautiful sight it is !!!

In my opinion, studying abroad has advantages and disadvantages.

Studying abroad brings many benefits to the students and even our country. First, we can have lots of opportunities to improve our knowledge and gain more experiences for future jobs. We can choose to work overseas for two to three years in order to stay in an international environment with brand new approaches, information and technology. With the best knowledge learn from the other countries, we can help Vietnam develop our economy in better and positive ways.

Nottingham University in England

Second, studying abroad helps us know more about the tradition and custom of many countries in the world. We learn good things from new society and pride to introduce Vietnam to another. As I know, most of Vietnamese students are really proud of “Ao dai” and “pho”. On some special occasions such as Tet holiday, everyone usually gather together, play cards, cook traditional dishes such as sticky rice cake, “pho”, rice pancake and so on. Girls wear Ao dai which makes them feel closer and charm. Those activities help Vietnamese students who live far apart from country and family come over homesickness and express their love to the country.

NUS university in Singapore

Especially, having plenty of friends all over the world are the best things for Vietnamese students to widen knowledge in every field, know more about different societies in the world and have chances to show our kindness and friendliness to the others. Therefore, we can see that today, Vietnam gradually becomes familiar with the foreigners.

However, some students don’t know clearly about the main role of studying abroad. They just go overseas to study because they are wealthy and studying abroad makes them feel proud of their friends. Therefore, they don’t have strong and right motive and ambition to follow and pursue their dreams. According to those ones, getting a certificate in a foreign country will easily to get job in Vietnam though the results are bad. I think this is a considerably serious problem. Moreover, some students get shock when they enter a new environment and custom. They feel depressed and just want to give up everything because before going to another country, they didn’t prepare and think hard about those complicated issues. In addition, unfortunately, some students try to get used to new custom, they imitate the lifestyle which is not suitable with Vietnamese tradition.

One of the most serious problems today is brain drain. More graduate students don’t come back to Vietnam to work. Lots of people accuse them. However, in my view, they have many reasons to do that. With the knowledge they observe, they can’t have good and suitable places to work after returning. It wastes their time and money. The salary is too low in comparison with the foreign countries. It makes them feel bored and depressed. I think the government should have more good policies to encourage students to contribute for Vietnam economics’ development.

Determining to study abroad is not easy as some people thought. We had better prepare finance, knowledge and ability to cope with problems. With good arrangement, I think there will be no limitation and barriers for Vietnamese students to study abroad and it will be a bright future for the development of the country.

Nguyễn Hà Thanh Trúc



5 responses to “Studying abroad !!!

  1. I agree with you about the brain drain. Vietnamese government should have better policy to attract the best and brightest people.
    I know some people, they study abroad without having clear and specific purpose => waste money + time.
    I want study abroad because i need to improve my knowledge in an international environment. In addition, I love traveling => best way to know about other tradition.
    Your writing is quite good. Keep going.

  2. i wont all about cambridge university

  3. Khanh Nguyen

    As I’ve read, the number of Vietnamese students overseas are around 60,000, not 6,000 and only around 4000 received scholarship in Project 322. 🙂 uhm, do you have any academic research on the lifestyle or problems of Vietnamese Overseas studnets?

  4. bienvenu bogabo

    I am very happy to read that the govnement of some countries give bursary for their student to study abroad why can.t they take care of them when they finish their studies by creating good job for them with good salaries?kind regards. I am from kîsangani drcongo need of receiving bursary what can i do? To whom can i apply?thanks a lot

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