Teens Rebellion in Viet Nam

Nowadays, when every countries in the world are open and develop with an imazing  speed. It has lead to many inevitable things, it may be a good chance for us to study but in some aspects it can also inhibit us a lot. Cutural exchange is one of the most things need to be considered, because lots of desturbances trends have been widely spread from over the world.Especially, in US and many western countries.Besides, Viet Nam is also involve in those kinds of unacceptable trends and many bad consequences .

As we know, teenager is the form of age which can be easily influenced by the effects from the outside world. Thus, their thinking as well as the constitutional conditions are very sensitive and that sensitive can result in 3 main points here:

Sex, Drugs and Sex Gender.


According to a secret survey from the “hoa hoc tro” newspaper, the american cuture and many werstern countries such as UK, Canada,ect… are the main  reasons for the change in the way of thinking of the teens in Viet Nam, more over they want to follow this kind of cultures as a fashion.

First, Sex: Many teens in Viet Nam now accept the slogun: “Love is devoted”, “love is to give”. They try to make themselves more impressive by having sex with each others. They call that just:a piece of cake. “ You are stupid if you love someone but not having sex with them.”Nhật ký Vàng Anh”is another focal evidence for us to consider.”Base on the real statistics in HCM city, about 60% of teens 9X (13-17) in 2008 have know the term: WHAT IS SEX FOR? And they already did it. This number show the state of alarm for anyone who are responsible for it? It is headache thing for both the parents and the society as well. More than that, what are the consequences for having sex before 18? The abortion is increase with a “marvelous” growth.Many teengirls are just about( 14-16) ,but they already have had the backstreet abortionist to kill or destroy the babies for them.That is really unacceptable! Because it not only  make many diseases for the girls but it also make the population imbalance and affect our Vietnamese rules of conduct.

Here are some examples( or pictures) to tell the truth about VietNamese teens:

( They can “love” each other in many cases( anywhere they can))!!!!!!!

These two pictures above will lead tothese below:???????????

( the bad result after that)____ so please be yourself , do not let things worse

Second,Drugs: it is also one of the hard problems in the society.It causes many bad consequences such as: “the white dealth” and sickening life styles. But Teens think in a different way, they rarely consider about the result before doing somethings. They just only care about present, what they can get from that.And that is all ,no more thinking. At the moment, many clubs, bars were built to serve  for the statisfaction of these carzy trends. Once again, the gorvenment , the parents and even the teens must be careful. We need the coordination or connection to stop and prevent them to become poppular.According to Dan Tri’s statistics, Viet Nam has more than 150 clubs or bars (in 2008) for teens to relax and all of them contains drugs and lots of social evils.( for more information you can go to this website to see a video clip):

http://trachanh.com/Music/Play/886.Clip-Vu-Truong-Tai-TP-HCM.html( HOT CLIP)

Besides, I also post some images for all of you to make it more clearly:

This is what really happened in the HCM club in district 1( all the girls with sexy clothes dance crazily in the loud music)

DO YOU THINK THIS IS NORMAl AND EXCITED?( beacuse the answer from them is: yes, fascinated and terrific).

Finally, sex gender: all of us,vietnamese now are familiar with these two terms: Gay and Lesbian.In HCM city or anywhere else in Viet Nam you can see them and they are just the normal person like us. But they have some problems with the physical health and that make the big differences.However, this is for the real patients. In some situations, the Teens have a trend in making that lifestyle become normal and popular due to the cultural exchange from America and werstern countries. They also want to follow their idols. If the Idol is gay or les, they also try be gays or lesbians without hesitation.The problem still persists and increases day by day. To make it more specifically, in the recreation centers such as : Diamonds or parkson, this is the chance for you to see with your own eyes about the things I have said. The girls with short hair, wearing T-shirt, baggy jeans stick with the boys who have long hair, wearing loose trousers and perfumes for woman.CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? The future genaration of viet nam to be like that , they can do whatever they want , what is best for them?( That is a big question for solver).

HOW DO YOU THINK ABOUT THAT? ( is it acceptable or not?)

Here are the REASONS and SOLUTIONS for those trends which was conducted by Mister Nguyễn Văn Chung( the psychologist) in Viet Nam ( this interview was made by Tuoi Tre online):


+Disstatisfactions about life.

+Teens want to discover new things with high feelings( strong emotions).

+Teens with lack of care from family and want to be an adult.

+The infiltration from other western culture.


Dr Chung straight to the points that:

+  First,the government, society and parents need to listen to the teens( what do they need? And use the soft solution instead of the hard one, because if you get close to them they will easily express to you what they need and base on that you can have wise choice to convince them).Besides, anythings bad trends: such as: drugs, bars, clubs need to be widely demonstrated or banned in order to make the Teens to be aware of the things they did.

+Second, the teens themselves must be careful with friends ( if they make relationship with badguys, it is also a bad signal). They also focus on things which are good for education such as: studying, researching or attending the cousre which is used to developing the personality. Teens should stay away from Sex, Drugs, orther bad things.

CONCLUSIONS: That is what Dr Chung have mentioned about in the interview. So now we, teens must responsible for ourselves.We, the next generation of Viet Nam should be useful for country , stay away from bad things.

Source: http://www.suphawut.com/gvb/gayly/gay_history1.htm


Lý Bảo Khôi



2 responses to “Teens Rebellion in Viet Nam

  1. Lê Nguyễn Quỳnh Tiên

    Hot topic with hot pictures. ^^
    First, you made some typing mistakes like “becuse, ect, imazing…”
    Talking about this topic, I think it is necessary for us – Teenager. Maybe we are students, we study in a good environment, and we cannot feel something like sex, drug, and sex gender around us. But if we step outside, step out of the protection of school and family, we will see how dangerous the society is (something like 3 points you mentioned above).
    The government cannot do much to prevent these things. These are not about laws, policies, these are about conscious. If we can make them know what is right, what is wrong, we can make the society cleaner and safer.
    About gays and lesbians (the real one), I don’t think they are patients. They are just normal people like us. I think teens who pretend to be gays/lesbians are patients (ew, they are so sick!!!) And gays, I think they are not looked like girls, many of them are still manly, but they like boys instead of girls (e.g.: Stephen Gately (Boyzone’s member)). The same with girls, many girls do not have tomboy style, but they are lesbians. @__@

  2. Well, about your view on “sex gender”,I have never heard about the term “sex gender”. I think it must be “sexual orientation” and it’s not any kind of physical illness like you’ve said. The unisex trend doesn’t define what homosexuality is. I really think you should study on this subject more carefully before writing about it.

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