Commonsense about International University

Today,gossips and some personal opinions,which are known as “common sense”, are one of the most social aspect of our life.It can impact us in a good or bad way.One typical example is the common sense about our University-IU.As a result, there are many people underestimate IU and its student.So why and how to fix it?

We know that,common sense originates from disadvantages and some unreliable information

Firstly,IU has some disadvantages such as:

  • High tuition fee than standard institutes(59 usd/credit)
  • Low requirements for entrance exam(13,5/30 for twinning program and 17,5/30 for IU program) =>People usually imply that low-quality-institutes recruit students who had low perfomance in university entrance exam.
  • IU was founded later than the other universities(in National Univesities) =>Some people don’t even know the existence of IU.
  • Studying programs of IU are in English.This is not a disadvantages but the problem is:It is diffent from most of other institutions (especially in National University)

On the other hand,we have to admit that learning in English is a good way to prepare for future.Students will be ready to work in a interracial environment.However,it’s different and differences are not easy to be accepted in society.English is important in interracial environment

English is important in interracial working environment

Secondly,people imply from those disadvantages to assume some negative commonsense knowledge.Most of students from IU are considered to be rich,bad perfromance in studying and party-addicted( from a survey on 20th November,2009)

In fact,paying high tuition fee means that IU students  have investment for future.It is not because IU students are rich and use money inefficient.The reason is:

  • Research shows that 1/3 post-graduated students don’t have their desired job (,88% post-graduated IU students are employed( =>IU students have better job opportunities.(If they study hard)
  • There are no such things like a “free lunch”: The more you pay,the better facilities you have.


    IU facilities

Thirdly,nowadays,we can see many institude named “international” and some of them have low teaching quality.Students pay lots of money for nothing.As a result,IU reputation will be affected negatively.

This incorrect commonsense will be denied in near future because “Educational renovation is nowadays a global trend. Vietnam education, especially college education must put a step forward in the process of renovation and integration“.Human behaviors or personal opinions are not easy to change and we have to prove patiently like the way Gallilei proved his theories.


This report use images,quotes,statistics from,

This is my first time I used WordPress.Therefore,I am not really get used to it.This is a very strange topic..I will very appreciate with your comments and opinions.Thank you very much for reading. 🙂

Name:Trần Quốc Trung

Student ID:BAUN09250


4 responses to “Commonsense about International University

  1. Lê Nguyễn Quỳnh Tiên

    Clap clap clap!!! Thank you so much for this entry. I really hope many people who were misunderstood about IUers can read this. A short but interesting entry. 🙂
    I think some IUers are not friendly and haughty. They show off a lot. They want everybody knows how rich they are. But these guys are just a very small percent ( about 1%, I guess). The real IUers are very active, friendly and smart. They can speak English fluently, very confident and care for everyone else. ^^ Before I went to the Giving Blood day, I never thought that so many IUers took part in this occasion.
    People should look at the way IUers act before giving a bad common sense about us!

  2. Trương Thùy Linh

    A big applause for you!!!!! Very new and amazing topic!
    I have heard a lot about the underestimation of the outsiders about our university and students and did suffer once. I just never think of a reason why they do that. Thanks for your research about it! We should really print this entry out and show them IN THEIR FACE! Eh, on second thought, we don’t need to, right? Time will tell! 😀

    Your writing skill is very good! I have nothing to say! 😀 Well done!
    That’s all I want to say! Have a nice day, then! Keep on working hard! 🙂

  3. i think you have so much deep thinking when i read your topic at first line … i wonder what guys want to talk about ! But after reading it, u make me happy because i also have that question whether i choose this university right . Now i’m confident about our university much and believe that TIME WILL TELL like Linh LOL! thanks to showing us those information

  4. Le Phuoc Trung

    Ok guy! You have taken my proud back. I share you the same experience .When I tell other people I am studying in IU, they even didn’t care and didn’t know what IU is. Which they notice is just one word ” INTERNATIONAL” It is so bad!
    About your essay, although it has a good topic but it quite short . I think you could develop your essay by telling what we ( a freshman of IU) can do to change the image of our beloved university

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