Today’s Fashion trends and Teenagers: Following or being swept?

First of all, let’s have a definition of “fashion”.

In general, fashion is the style and custom at a given time. So we can consider “fashion trends ” as the waves or winds of clothes, shoes, accesorries…  and anything related to fashion which are so popular. Obviously, these trends can easily effect a lot of people, especially teenagers.

How people have been being affected by fashion:

As we all know that over thousand years, the ways people at each era dress have been changing so many times. And at one particular stage, there was at least one famous and impressive wave. Almost everyone want to be beautiful and more than that, it’s satisfaction of life. However, it also depends on the standard of living and when or where we live.

Nowadays, we are living in a century of peace  and development. From here, when people have lots of conveniences, higher incomes, higher standard of living, and freedom of choices, they concern much more on their exterior. Focusing on teenagers today, those who pay much attention on fashion, to see if they know how to follow it positively or absolutely being swept day by day.

If once upon a time, almost every child just wished  to go to school, with very poor condition. Today, better living environment allow students to have more free time, and shopping is a common hobby in their world.

This time, the densely appearance of singers, actors and models in the movies or on the magazines seems to be a big effect on teenager. Young people start to rummage everywhere to find out everything that have to be alike, even very much alike from the designs to colors in comparison to what they saw. They are just like to be driving crazy about those stuffs, some can spend even hours going shop by shop maybe just to look for… a skirt their idol used to wear.

But a big problem is, if those kinds of fashion are suitable for all of us or not. We have to admit that even one suit looks so great doesn’t mean you will be beautiful in it. And in the other hand, maybe someone think a dress is not modern but will she reconsider if it helps her become fashionable? Haven’t mentioned to the liking of fashion yet, we are talking about conceivation of people outside’s acknowledging and estimating. They, especially adults and elderly, often do not refer some ways of today teenagers’s clothing that a little bit too personality and self-proving, some more dramatically cases called “reckless, unique and rebel” . Of course not any adults, but generality haven’t keep an easy-going sight for this. Being modern is not just wearing the latest collections, it also about choosing what to wear in many different places, and what you will receive from the society’s jugde.

Of course, showing our personality and being a bit unique with our own characteristic is nothing wrong, but it should be in positive ways.

This might be “unique”, but not easy to accept.

In addition apart of teenagers  just run after every modern trends show up day by day with no confusing and no thinking. After being satisfied, they want more, higher level. Recently, we can see some articles on newspapers about some teenagers, with few or maybe no life experience, got into bad people’s traps just for luxury famous brand name that many Hollywood stars prefer such as Louis Vuiton, Gucci, Prada…

Your idols? Learn from them, not copy

However, many other teenagers follow fashion in a positive way. They know how to make use of trends, apply it into individual style. For example, using the mixture of styles and colors, changing a bit, suitable but still fashionable. Choosing right clothes for each situation and place, when should be casual, when need to be formal, is also an intelligent way to be more shining and more glamorous.

Do not make you older. Even superstars want to be younger.

In conclusion, fashion is not a bad word, it can help to develop our society. The thing is just how to make it count by following and using it effectively. In the other words, fashion is created by people, by us, so why do we have to be so dependent on it. Be active and make it your own.


Thanks for reading.

Trần Nguyễn Phương Linh



One response to “Today’s Fashion trends and Teenagers: Following or being swept?

  1. graet!…..these r really words of wisdom…………..
    well….i say it.

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