These are all anouncements of our class:

Nov 14th, 2009


  • If you have not sign up for blog entry assignment, please sign your name, email address, and possible date to post your entry on our blog to the sign up list!
  • Those who already signed up for next week, Yen Phuong (our class president) will send blog password to you at the end of today! Please indicate which dates you intent to post your entry.

Optional readings:

Office hours:

Thursday: from 2p.m to 5p.m at Room B109, Anthropology Department, University of Social Sciences and Humanities

Address: 10-12 Dinh Tien Hoang, District 1

and By appointment (email me at


1. Our next class will be on Friday, Dec 4th, 2009, NOT Saturday! Please inform those who might not know.  Thank you!

Time: 13h

Location: Room A201

  1. Regular office hours is still on (and by appointment – send me email if you wish)

Time: 2p.m to 5p.m

Location: Room B109

University of Social Sciences and Humanities of HCMC

10-12 Dinh Tien Hoang Street, District 1.

3.  If your name is not on the attendant list, please go to BA office, room 709 and see Mr. Khánh. Failure to do so would affect your mid-term and final exam arrangement.

  1. Ms Nga is our new TA, her email is Nga will help me to monitor the course and correspond about announcement.
  1. Those who had these below email addresses, please see class president, Yen Phuong, to update your email address!  Announcement messages sent to y’all keep bounced back:

Nov 28th, we cover two topics:

1. Research method (chapter 2)
2. Social interaction and social network (chapter 5). Please read about these subjects in our text book and show up to class prepared.
3.Another important news:
Dec 5th, I won’t be in the country. I propose to the make up study will be on Friday afternoon, Dec 4th (a day earlier). I will confirm the room once i heard from the administration office.
4. For those who have not sign up to write home assignment as blog entry :
Please kindly send me an email indicate your name, and the proposed dates that you would post the entry. Failure to do so, will affect  your final grade, obviously.

5. We have new TA, Ms Nga, her email is Nga will help me to monitor the course and correspond about announcement. Please welcome her! Again, for future reference, when you write us email, please put BA116IU in your subject tittle, so that your email won’t sent to our spam mail boxes.

6. Last but not least: on practicing etiquette about our course blog:

6.1 Commentators should leave their name and email address, once they comments on an entry. Why: i need to know how involve you are in our blog. For whatever reason, you would like to comment and remain anonymous, please do as you wish. But remember, i won’t be able to keep track of how involve you are in our class participation, and therefore won’t be able to give you extra grade.

6.2 Bloggers: I already informed you indicators that make an good entry (my last announcement). If in your entry you quote from other source (wiki, internet source, text book, newspaper, etc) you have to cite the sources: in (), or as reference at the end of the entry, or italic script……even it is just a paragraph or a few sentences.

example: According to “insert source”, there are X% of different Y.

I consider plagiarism is a lethal practice (not only you get 0 points for the course, you can also get a chance to talk to school principal and convince her/him to not dismiss you out of school!), and I won’t tolerate such a practice neither.

Thank you and see you all Saturday,


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