Kids teach me!

Two following stories are my own real experiences.

Sapa is a mountainous region with many beautiful landscapes. With a desire to discover the life of ethnic minority, the culture of the locals and the beauty of nature, I chose this place as a tourist destination in the last summer.I'm in Tả Phìn mountain village, Sapa

The story occured in the “chợ tình” at the weekend, I was very excited by the games, the sound from the pan-pine of the boys, and the dances of the beautiful girls. On keeping exploring, I met a foreigner. I smiled at him and said: “Hello”, just to show him that the Vietnamese are very friendly. At first, I asked him some normal social questions such as “where are you from?”. I’m quite good at English, at least in my class, so I thought that I would talk well. When he asked me: “why do you come here?”, I hesitated that: “Because…because it’s very beautiful.” He asked “Do you know how many famous landscapes and historical relics Vietnam has?”. The question seemed to be so easy to answer, but  I couldn’t say a word. Although I had a lot of places to introduce  in my mind. If I said in Vietnamese, I could explain in the whole day, but I didn’t understand why I couldn’t do that in English. When I was being confused and didn’t know what to do, a little girl stood beside me, about 10 years old, talked to the  foreigner  continuously. I understood what she was  saying, and I was very surprised about her English. She not only spoke fluently, but also has a standard pronunciation. The more I admired the kid, the more I was ashamed about myself. With university level, I  could not speak as well as a 4 or 5 grade student. So strange, but that was true.

Mong children can talk to foreigner

According to “”: “Mong people have learned English from communications with the  foreigners. They meet foreigners everyday, they sell sourvenirs which are handmade goods and local products. There are many children can speak 3 languages which are Kinh (Vietnamese), Mong and English.Amazing!!!”

They are learning English by trading

Another story was my sunday at Ben Thanh Market in the last october. When I and my friend was walking through the Market. We saw a little girl which is about 13 years old was following one foreign man who was walking in the opposite direction. The girl sold souvenirs, but the thing attracts me was that she was crying. When those people went through me, I was shocked when I heard the girl insisted:” You don’t buy!!! why you ask me how much?” They had passed by, but that scene was still in my mind. Her english must be very good to insist like that!!.

I said good bye to Sapa and Ben Thanh, but still thought about it. A 10-year-old kid could speak English influently without any class. Why? The reason was that he or she was using English every time, everywhere. It proved that the environment played an important role in improving our speaking in English.

Vietnamese students had a disadvantage in learning which was very passive. Although they had a solid foundation of knowledge and studied very hard, when they applied that in actual, they looked very confused. In our university, the students talked to each other in English rarely. If they communicated in English, they would receive painful glints. In speaking class, we still kept on using Vietnamese. It took about 7 years to understand every words in Vietnamese, in case we used our mother tongue every time, everywhere. So how could we good at English with some English coures. The limit of using English in high school led us into the difficulty in the universities. We were learning in an English environment, if the foundation was not sound, how could we understand and accept amount of knowledge in English. I had a friend, when he’s in Vietnam, his English was not good, but after a few months went study abroad, his English improved quickly, he’s very sefl-confident and communicate in English very fluent now. Self-confidence was very important when you learned foreign language. That was secret of vitory. Although you didn’t have a lot of words, if you was self-confident, you could speak to  foreigners without fear. If they didn’t understand, no problem, try to explain them with synonym or easier understanding words. Do whatever you want to make them understand. When you was on the internet, you should chat to the foreigners, you could learn their writing style or some interesting slang words. It would make you not to feel strange when you was talking to the  foreigners. Some people told me that “oh, if I’m wrong…”, “ I’m scare of telling something wrong” or “ will make some mistakes, so I won’t talking to them”. Don’t be scare, if you was scare of making mistake, you would learn nothing. I  said NOTHING. The more mistakes you made, the more things you learnt. Be careful, you shouldn’t make the same mistake over and over, try to limit it. Now, let’s make an  environment of learning English.

We successed a haft when we were good at English. Because the globalization was spread the whole world; co-operation and exchange relations were very important for each countries. Good at English was an opportunity for you on the way of building your future. If you was not, you know what was waiting for you!.


p/s: this is the first time i post in English. If there is any mistake. Would you fix it for me please?:D. thanks for reading. Have a nice day!

Name: Trương Thành Luân

ID: BAWE09296


9 responses to “Kids teach me!

  1. First, there is one typo i found ~^^~

    [That was secret of vitory. ] => victory

    The word “scare” you use, i think it should be “scared”, and there are some grammar mistakes here and there, like chat ‘with’, slang ‘expressions’, or [“ will make some mistakes, so I won’t talking to them”. ] , it should be ‘talk’, not ‘talking’ rite ^^?

    There are some more mistakes, anyway, i think only that paragraph is the trouble, you’re doing GREAT~~~~!!!

    I love your topic, and how you speak out your own expiriences, i just dont get why you use “past tense” sooo much?? XDXDXD

    And you say this is the first time you write something in English?? No way~!! Its too good, have 3 parts and one interesting conclusion~!!
    Thumb up for you!!!!

    In the first picture, it is….. not you rite? Look unfamiliar to me ‘_____’

    Lat word, Good job~! ~^^~

    Chế Như Ngọc

  2. Forget to say, thank for your hardwork~! And the entry is LONG.

    I make typo too >////// it must be last word..

    ehehe~~ I’m first to drop comment, lucky me~!

  3. Lê Nguyễn Quỳnh Tiên

    I like the heading “Lessons from kids” (your first heading is “A lesson from a kid”, but I put it in plural form, I think it’s better ^^), why did you change that? >__<
    I totally agree with you. I know self-confident is the key to succeed, but I don't know how to get that. I still fear when talking with foreigners. :(( Maybe I should move to Sapa ^^
    This is your first time writing sth in English, so you use normal words, not technical. But it's still very good and long. ( OMG, my entry is just 500 words @__@) Thank you for this entry. I saw you working very hard on this. [clap] [clap]
    @Micky: that's him ^^

  4. Trương Thành Luân

    sorry for my mistakes!.I ‘ll learn from them. thank you my friends! 🙂

  5. Trương Thành Luân

    @Tiên: I saw that your English is good! why do you fear? .You’d better think that you can talk to foreigner well and you will! Let’s try my friend 🙂

  6. le thu ngoc huyen

    you did a great job,congratulation!

    i think like you too,confidence is really importance.i really like to speak english and i’m glad that i have chance to do it in IU.
    but i think not much students here think like me.
    in the first day in calculus class,i was looking for a seat and there’s a chair of one girl crossing my i called her and said politely : “excuse me,can you move your chair,please?”.can you guess what happened then ? she looked at me,smiled and said : “lam on noi tieng viet ban oi”
    i didn’t know what to say anymore,so i just smiled.
    i think english is very important and not only english,the more languages you know,the more advantages you have.i’m going to learn spanish ang try to improve my korean.
    last words,thanks a lot for ur entry,well done! ^^

  7. Gosh i was totally ignored XDXD

    You really not gonna reply me?? T^T


  8. It is a really really good post, Rim 2.
    Keep practising your English, posting more and more…

    Hope to see you soon to speak English with you ^.^
    Good luck

  9. Luan Khanh Truong

    Great post Rim 2!

    I’m so proud of you! i remember being a terrible writer back in high school. Never quite figured out how to write and articulate myself concisely. There was always a constant struggle to fill in the pages with meaningless words. And i commend you for trying to write within the heart.It’s a good start. My advice to you is write something you care deeply about, write something meaningful to you, and finally write something you would love to read. And everything will fall into place. Good luck and keep up the good work.

    P.S remember to use spell check ^-^

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