Volunteer work

In Oxford dictionary, the word “volunteer” means “ a person who does a job without being paid for it” (noun) / “to offer to do something without being force to do it or without getting paid for it” (verb). Volunteers include everyone from many social classes and their goal is helping community.

In many countries, volunteer work is very important. According to Wikipedia, volunteer work consists of:

  1. Skills-based volunteering.
  2. Virtual-volunteering (eVolunteering).
  3. Environmental-volunteering.
  4. Volunteering in schools.

Volunteer work can cause benefits for your country, your social and even for yourself. Firstly, volunteering can reduce pollution level, remind people’s responsibilities to their community and somehow improve quantity of life of the poor. Furthermore, volunteers (especially students) can get their own experiences.  Many Western countries like the U.S, Canada …;  students can apply for scholarships due to their social activities and volunteer work. On the other hand, there are some difficulties: people’s collaboration, specific goals. Not all people can understand your work, they sometimes yell at you, ignore your goodwill and even make you annoyed.

If you are Vietnamese university students, you must know “Mùa hè xanh” campaign. Who take part in this campaign will have to do many community services. Some will work in cities, some will go to countryside, and it depends on your choice. Your jobs may be cleaning nearby areas, planting trees, building small houses, teaching, etc. Another campaign is “Hoa Phượng Đỏ”; this campaign is for high school students. Unlike “Mùa hè xanh”, students just work inside their cities and what they will do is just planting trees, cleaning, visiting orphanage.

I have had my own experiences. In 2007, my class started a group and its name is Cỏ May. At the beginning, group members are our classmates and then, we invited our friends from other schools and some leaders from Youth Union of Ho Chi Minh city to join Cỏ May. Our first action was holding “a Sunday for kids” from Hướng Dương and Tre Xanh orphanages. We needed more than 3 months to prepare everything such as sponsors, place, gifts, foods – drinks and games. Fortunately, our school allowed us to hold this event at school and we chose August 18th 2008 is “a Sunday for kids”! We played, we sang and we enjoyed that fantastic Sunday together. Not only visiting orphanages, but our group also helping the elderly and the poor, etc. Because all of group members are students, we just join together in every summer.




http://www.tuoitre.com.vn/Tianyon/Index.aspx?ArticleID=217247&ChannelID=7 (Check this link out 😀 )

Name: Nguyễn Châu Phi Yến

ID: BAAU09321


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