Vietnamese teenagers and their own written language

As we know, blogging has become more and more popular among Vietnamese teenagers, especially 9x teenagers. However, recently many bloggers (most of all teenagers) start to change their written language, no longer Vietnamese which is their mother tongue or any other languages. What they write can only be called code which makes it impossible to some people to read and there gone the point of blog, people can read your writing. Not only that, it causes annoyance, misunderstanding between people and many bad effects on our life.

First of all, what is blogging? Accodring to Cambridge Dictionary it is a word to describe the action of writing or adding material to a blog (a blog is a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video – wikipedia). In short, blogging is a another way to write your own diary and make it possible for your friends to read it and share your feelings which is a good thing and also a good way to practice your writing skill. However, as I mentioned before, some teenagers start to change their written language. To start with, they make some small changes like changing the word “không” to “ko” or”hok”. Such small changes but since it is shorter and still understandable, it can be acceptable though it is not encouraging to write so. We can call it the first stage of teenagers changing their written language. The second stage, however, is not that encouraging. It is worse. Let’s look at this picture, an example of the second stage of teenagers creating their own written language.

As you can see, it is very difficult to read that entry. Only by misusing the punctuation, you can create a whole new way of writing which is very messy and confusing. Still the second stage is not the worst, the third is. Look at this picture below, a perfect example of the third stage

And this is that paragraph after decoded

Vietnamese may not be widely used like English or Chinese but it is still our own country language. A country cannot be called a country if its people do not have their own language. It is something we are proud of and by coding it like that, we are looking down on our own language, in my opinion. Some may say it is teenagers’ way to prevent their parents from reading what they write, from finding out their secrets. Frankly, I have nothing against it if they really use it for that purpose. But as far as I can see, most of teenagers who use such code in their blog do not use it with that intention in their mind. We use code only when want it to be kept in secret. Teenagers use code in their blog because that makes them look cool, stylish and more special.

Geerally speaking, blog can be seen as a small community and a community is where people interact with each other. But if you do not understand what that person write about, there is no way you can interact with him/her. In the end, no one will want to read your blog anymore due to the fact that none will read what they do not understand. Moreover, by misusing them in the long term, people will start to forget what real written language is, how to write it and start to make misakes, first minor and then major which affects your life like in writing an essay for the university entrance exam or worse like if you go to a foreign country and someone asks you to write something in your own language and all you can write is those gibberish words which are no Vietnamese at all, then you will make both yourself and your country look bad in their eyes.

In conclusion, I think that teenagers should stop writing their blog in code, not only for the beauty of it but for sake of other people who want to read your blog and your respect to them. And by doing that, you will have your blog back to its own purpose, to share your feelings and experiences with people and to practice your writing skill.


Name: Lê Nguyễn Quỳnh Trang

Student ID: BAWE09289


2 responses to “Vietnamese teenagers and their own written language

  1. yeah i agree with you that teenager nowaday use wierd languages, sometime i can not understand what my friend chat to me and when i ask them u know what they say … “oh guy! u are so nuts”. and i need to change, it’s when i was secondary school . now i can know that it’s not worth!
    And i think that teens use more and more wierd words. doesn’t it prove that teen in VN is so creative and even more than others country hah? it’s just my ideas.^^
    finally your topic is very good ..

  2. Lê Nguyễn Quỳnh Trang

    First, I would like to thank for your comment. Second, I would like to say that those weird languages are in other countries too (teens around the world are very creative in their way using their languages). Personally, I don’t mind teens using those in another way, like in text messaging or in writing short notes to each other during class because you don’t want others to know what you write or you want to keep it short but informative. However, in blog, that’s a big no. One or two entries written in code may be no problem because you want certain people to read them. But to the best of my knowledge, teens using them a lot and without meaning for things to be kept it secret but for the cool of it. When you do blogging, you take time to do them , so do them seriously. But if you write everything even small ones in code, it means you only want to play around, to act cool, so it’s a waste of time.

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