Plagiarism in Vietnamese music: What a disappointed affair!

Nowadays, music has became an important part in young people’s daily life, especially in teenagers’ one. When you ask them a question “What are your hobbies?” , you surely receive an answer which includes music! And why is that? I believe that all of you already had an answer: music is very useful. Actually, music helps us a lot. Listening to music after a hard long working day is so wonderful or when you are depressed, music also helps your brain to relax. For teenager, in my opinion, music is the way they express their personality and is the way they recognize their own colorful world.

However, this is not what I want to talk about. The main topic is the illegal reproduction in Viet Nam’s music industry. (Note: I just wanna mention teenagers music not the others because traditional music or songs sung by our famous singer such as Mỹ Linh, Hồng Nhung…conversely, is something that we can be proud of)

First of all, I want to remind you a matter which happened in 2008: Huỳnh Phong covered “Rising sun” which was originally sung by DBSK – a very famous boyband from Korea.


Dong Bang Shin Ki

The problem is that Huỳnh Phong wrote new lyric and performed without permission from SM Entertainment – DBSK’s company! He even did the same moves in the Music video. After the video of his performance was released, DBSK’s fan in particular and all Kpop’s fan (short for Korean Pop) in general was very angry. The matter was so serious that Tuổi Trẻ newspaper had to insert one paper about it. I am a fan of DBSK so I was very upset too! This was an offensive not only to me but also to everyone who loves Vietnamese music and Korean music. I have to confess that seeing my idol’s song re-sung like that is the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever got through!!!

“Rsing sun” MV

“Mặt trời mọc” by Huỳnh Phong and 535

What can we see in this situation? Well, if a singer has a true talent, he or she could go on his or her own foot not to shade the name by stealing someone else’s hard work!

Tell me what do you think about that?

Another story I wanna share is my own experience. When I was a 6th grader, I started to love listening to music. I first listened to Mỹ Tâm’s song or Mây Trắng’s song. I was really love those song at that time. I still remember a song called “First love” sung by Mây Trắng, I thought it was a song composed by Vietnamese musician but later on, I found out that it was Utada Hikaru’s – a female singer from Japan.

“First love” by Utada Hikaru Photobucket

Utada Hikaru

“First love” by Mây Trắng

Mây Trắng

I wasn’t good at computer as well as The Internet when I was young so I could not know the truth. I don’t need to say a word you guys still can understand my feeling, right?!

Anyway, thing has changed. Now I can figure everything out myself whether it’s a illegal reproduction or not. But sometimes, I’m still confused. I know all of you guys have at least once listened to “Xe đạp” performed by Thùy Chi, haven’t you? I did love that song a lot because of its melody and lyris and Thùy Chi’s sweet voice. Then, once again I was brought down, I was told that the song was originally sung by a Japanese singer! How hateful!

“Sakara iro mau koro” by Mika Nakashima


Mika Nakashima

“Xe Đạp” by Thùy Chi

Thùy Chi

For that reason, I have a habit now. Whenever I listen to a teenager song I have to check if it’s truly a Vietnamese song or a another illegal reproduction. Some of you may find it funny or ridiculous but that’s exactly what I’m gonna do when the song has a beautiful melody (remember just teenager music ^^)

There are a number of things that I really want to discuss here with you guys. Nevertheless, those things might be a sensitive affair because there are Vpop’s fans who don’t like their idols to be deliberated in that way. Moreover, this singer quite well-known in Viet Nam so I should not write something that may cause trouble. But I still want to clarify something: she is not that well-known, at least that what she thought she is or her fans do. I extremely believe that someone can already determine who she is ^^

Finally, I want to speak out my individual ideas. Reproducing is not an illegal action as long as you ask permission. If you like the song and want to re-sing it, just ask them to do so. I think it would be a pleasure for the owner of the song because his or her song is loved. I hate that when a singer is criticized, they tend to turn back to defend by saying that they love that song, they just wanna sing it along, they admire that artist blah blah blah. Why? Is ask for permission that hard? Don’t tell me that they don’t know about the law which is protected work from copying or imitating. Reproduction without permission can be considered as a crime. If the company finds out their production is being reproduced without asking them, they could take legal proceedings against the person who is doing this. What I’m trying to say here is please stop making the Vietnamese music worse! We don’t lack of talented composer, singer. Why do we have to borrow somebody else’s music whereas we can create our own song?

The truth is I am not interesting in Vietnamese music any more. In my mp3 player, there is hardly a Vietnamese song. Of course I’m not an antifan of it but I just don’t want to listen to it. Sometimes, I deeply want to do so, you know, listen to what we understand is more accommodating than another language!

Nguyễn Huỳnh Bảo Ngọc



15 responses to “Plagiarism in Vietnamese music: What a disappointed affair!

  1. I’m Vietnamese and I don’t listen to VPop, but I think as long as these songs are meant as covers, it’s okay. I love the original Utada Hikaru and Nakashima Mika versions. If they take these songs as their own original songs, then it’s a problem.

  2. i’m so surprised that “xe dap” of TC plagiarized … HOW DISAPPOINTED!! and when you mention about plagiarism music in VN, i always think about BAO THY … i still remember ” the show” song of LENKA was plagiarized … HATE HER
    you r right! gradually i don’t want to listen VNese music anymore it’s always about tragic love, break-up… i can’t stand !!! i still love the song in the past such as ” CO GAI DI TAI DAN” or “HO DO TA”, there are so awesome ^^ that’s ehy my friend told me that i’m so romantic girl (sen^’)….

  3. Lê Nguyễn Quỳnh Tiên

    The 1st person post 2nd entry. ^^ You are really diligent. This entry maybe less formal than the 1st one but it’s close to our life. You have mentioned some cases, but still missing 1 biggest singer who is famous for covering songs without permission. She covered “The Show” from Lenka, “Please tell me why”, “Kiseki” … I think you know who I am talking about (I don’t know who you mentioned, maybe her, right?). I think in the year 2006, VN didn’t sign the Berne Convention, so many singers could sing whatever they like, didn’t care about the copyright protection of the song, not only May Trang.
    About “Xe dap”, I think Thuy Chi used it for online singing, it’s ok. But if she brings it to the show, she breaks the law. Although it’s a covered song, I still think that it is a good song, nice lyric with nice voice. 😀
    Nowadays, many Vietnamese singers still use foreign songs (especially Korean song) and convert it to Vietnamese. (of course they have to sign a contract with the owner of these songs). However, most of these songs are silly (e.g.: Vietnamese version of Because I’m Stupid =.=”, the singer tried to cover the very very famous song at that time, what for???). Heizz, I can talk all day about this topic, but I must stop now. ^^”
    Love this topic, but if you can go further, it will be a wonderful entry. Anyway, thank you for this interesting entry. ^^ Love it!!!

  4. Thank you all of you for spending time on reading my entry!

    @illastrate: They actually didn’t take these song as theirs but when they sang on TV, they didn’t show any statement that clarify the origin of the song, they even put the Vietnamese’s composer under the song’s title . Therefore, they somehow claimed that that song belonged to them?!

    @Nhung “dep” ^^: just like you, I cannot stand the lyric, it’s so boring and uncreative!!!I feel creepy when listening to it! I also love those song u listed above!
    About Bao Thy’s issue, I knew it and I totally agree with what the nitizens have been doing so far.I hope that someday she’ll learn how to do the right things!!!

    @Tien: well, when finishing this essay, I knew it not good enough for the 2nd time.But I had to stay calm, if not I gonna used some informal words which is not allowed!
    Of course I do remember “her” and congratulation, you got “her” right! I know it’s not polite but I’m gonna call her “Nữ hoàng đạo nhạc” (’cause I don’t know exactly how to write it in English ^^) At first, I wanted to focus on “her” but later, I think I cannot express everything.Moreover, I’m sure that all of you guys have already known “her” and her history n_n OMG, I just can talk about this topic more and more and more.We can do this in class, right? So see you there ^^

  5. Ur topic is interesting in spite of the fact that it’s not a hot topic. Anyway, I have some ideas to share with u. In my opinion, not all of the plagiarized songs are bad. Despite theirs illegality, some of them still have so romantic melody n lyrics. For instant, ”xe dap” of Thuy Chi is awesome. I even like it than the original. Secondly, don’t be so serious at vnese songs. Not all of them are ”sen”. Still have some songs are great. Have u ever listened to ‘VTV bai hat viet’. This is a really interesting show that show up lots of vnese talent. Try ‘pho co’ of Thuy Chi or ‘hat cat’ of Microwave. That’s all, girl. Looking forward to seeing ur new entry.

  6. U made me SCREAM because of our boys picture ~>/////<~

    I need to clam down NOW, after that i'll be back to drop com to you.. PROMISE!

    Oh you made me miss them again~!

  7. @green: thank you for your comment! And thanks for your interest in my next entry ^^

    Well, I didn’t say that all the Vietnamese song are “sen” but a number of them are like that. I just don’t wanna tell the exact name because it’s impolite.Some pp like but some do not, so it’s up to you! I did love “Xe dap” because of its melody and lyric just like you.However,I was disappointed due to the fact that it’s a illegal copy T~T. I actually listened to it happily during my high school time but just right after I found out it was re-sung, I felt down T~T

    Anyhow, thank you again green, your comment somehow made me think about Vietnamese song one more time.

  8. Chế Như Ngọc – BAWE09297


    LOL why am i always being ignored? XD

    Gomen~ I told you i will be back and drop com, but now finish reading this, i dont know what to comment on… D: Simply, i hate VNese modern music, never listen, AT ALL! Hate plagiarism, hate “cover”, lipsync obviously… Talking about it just make me hate more.. So, sorry, next time talk about something more positive okay? I’ll promise i will write you a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong comment for that~! ^^~

    Anyway, are you the only one that have 2 entry?? Cool, and awesome~


  9. @Micky: Love your last sentence.Proud to be the only one who have 2 entry here ^^
    But what does ” SUGOIDESU” mean? It’s not Korean so I guess it’s Japanese, right? =.=
    Come back here quickly and tell me what it means >.<

    Okay,I gonna talk about some positive topic when I have the 3rd entry here for sure and you have to leave a loooooooooooooooong comment like you said, promise????

    Anyway, love you! Thank you for being my friend!!!


    p/s: don't be sad,okay?

  10. I am really sure that covering music from other singers without their permition is illegal and lots of people dont like it. i love music and i always listen to nice songs; however in my opinion, covering music is not really matter to me, noboby doesn’t like the beauty. therefore, if it’s beautiful, i listen to it, that’s all.
    Anyway, i like your topic, and your writing is so fantastic. having fun ^^

  11. SUGOIDESU is japanese, which means “Oh! Good!!!” , excellent, … and something like that ^^

  12. @Yến Ngọc: i’m glad you like my entry and topic!!!
    Thanks a lot for your comment!!!
    I wish I knew who you are so that we can chat more and be friend ^^ as I really love the way you talking ^^ . Moreover, you and I have the same name, it’s a very beautiful name, right ^^
    You are right, everyone loves beauty! But I just can’t stand this kind of copy, it’s annoying!!!!
    So I guess everybody has their own opinion about something.Therefore, keep being yourself is the best ^^!

    Hope that I’ll see your cm in my next entry.Okay!

  13. LOL… didn’t know you would reply~! XP

    Yep, sugoidesu is ‘good’, but if you emphasize it like i did ‘SUGOIDESU!!!’, it means AWESOME >/////<

    @Yến Ngọc: You know Japanese????
    Cool~!! Now i just wish you love DBSK like i do, so that we could chatting like there-is-no-tomorrow TT~TT


    hey i’m researching on vietnamese pop music for my critical review on how western media has strong influence and impact upon other countries, with arguments concerning how such influence generates homogenization in culture rather than promoting cultural diversity, your article is interesting, would like to talk to you more about this if possible …

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    Forget about everything and try to have fun. A carefree attitude is important when it comes to sex.

    Viagra is a pharmaceutical drug that is used by a lot of males to trigger and maintain a stiff erection. For some men this works truly nicely but you will find individuals who do not have that much success with it.

    But sometimes the problem of getting a hard hard-on stems from having as well a lot intercourse inside a short period of time. To have the ability to get a quick and difficult erection you ought to have the space of about 3 days until you have sexual intercourse again.

    Impotence is happen when a man can not achieve or maintain an hard-on inside sufficient time to please himself and of course, his partner. Impotence is frequently only though of affecting older men, however it is quite common place in young men too.

    Impotence in young men can be really stressful and it can also become a downward spiral due to the fact that 1 bad experience can lead to a huge amount of self doubt and anxiety.

    Impotence in youthful males can trigger further difficulties with low self esteem and other existence problems in themselves as well as their relationships. But, perhaps simply because impotence is not some thing which is openly discussed.

    Most males will develop impotence at some point within their existence. But within the majority of cases it’s a 1 off occurrence, not a long term 1.

    When impotence occurs over the long term it is deemed a issue and this is when professional advice and testing is required.

    The options for impotence remedy in young males are generally
    not to consider powerful prescription drugs. An alternative
    is herbal remedy as these are gentler and do not trigger
    side effects.

    A young male can also be extremely unlikely to want to
    consider Viagra as they consider becoming an older mans impotence drug.

    The next choice is to have a wholesome way of life. Avoid high consumption
    of alcohol and drugs. Exercise regularly to make your blood
    circulation smooth. Consider a wholesome and balance eating habits.

    Impotence in young males generally disappears as they gain
    experience and confidence in sexual circumstances
    and is very rarely triggered by a serious actual problem.
    At the exact same, practicing a healthy way of life is much better option then to remedy
    the impotence later.

    Physical exercise has literally hundreds of benefits but one specific 1 is that it will increase circulation amounts towards the penile regions.
    It has also been shown to decrease tension.

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