Part time work: Should/Shouldn’t

December 10, 2009

Maybe, you will think that I am really gullible after you read my below story. One time I was reading in a book store. A girl, who I did not know, talked to me. Firstly, I had a little afraid of but was fair lovely and friendly. Both talked fair long about some things as native village, family, school, taste. She questioned my phone number. At that time, I thought that I would have a new friend and it was too bad. I gave my phone number and she was the same. Then, sometime, she communicated with me by phone. I thought that it lucked when I had a new friend. Everything was fair good until she invited a place where she did not reveal before. I was wavering between agree and disagree. I also though that I might be defrauded but I was also curious. Finally, I said yes. When I had come in there, I saw many people and they were holding a presentation about products. I recognized that they invited taking part in their company. In fact, they gave persuasive reasons as learning about soft skills, high salary, a light piece of work, and flexible time. It seemed to be a good work for student, but I did not join in. I felt that it did not actually trust very much. They tried to persuade me very much, but I had a resolute refusal. I feared that I may not come back home until I joined in. Finally, I went home, though I did not. It was terrible. When I stayed at home my friends said that this was a swindle. Oh my god! I was lucky. After that, she often called, and I never picked up. Thus, she never called me.      

I know I need a part time work because it will give me many benefices. Simultaneously, I sure you agree with me about it. However, I am hesitating because some disadvantages. The above story is an experience.

Some elder students advise that I should try a part time work. Therefore it will help me learn a lot of valuable experiences. I will meet people from all walks of life and know how to behave. Then, lots other need to be learned. Moreover, I can precise lessons in theory and develop my abilities. If I luck, I maybe become a full fledged worker. All of them are useful for my job in future. Beside, I also earn some money to pay several fees. That will help my parents fair much.

Although, working part time have some problems. A part time is “a double edged sword”. It assists very much but gives some harm. That is a reason why I am hesitating. Firstly, I am worry about my studying. It maybe falls down if I have another. It is very bad. Though, I do not go to school all day a week, I can easily miss my lessons if I do not dispose time fairly. There is a reason that I am worrying the best. Secondly, there is the health. My heath will be affected because almost of part time works are manual labours. Addition, some people often take advantage of student’s naivety to appropriate money or salary. It is more dangerous if student is deceived to make some illegal works. For example, they can use large money to entice making false stamps, false picture with talented sculpture, and painting of students. Another is that attracting students of schools of song and dance works in disguise ensembles, or bars, or tea shop, etc.

I strongly believe that both you and I are interested a part time work. To find out a work that gives our income and help collecting experience extra accords my free time and health is very difficult. We should consider carefully before we decide. I hope you feel interesting with this topic and share your opinions and experience so that we have more than useful knowledge.


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