Game online today is more and more popular in the world , especially for the young people. I’m sure that most of you probably play it once time or even to be crazy fan. Some people will play it all day all night without doing anything. That’s what I want to discuss: the effection of game to our life (especially black game)

According to the latest research from Japan, prolonged periods playing with game consoles can lead to decreased brain activity and cause users to suffer from severe emotional and behavioral problems. The study has revealed that people who spend long periods playing video games demonstrate less activity in the prefrontal region of their brain — which governs emotion and creativity — than their peers. Researchers claim that side effects can include loss of concentration, an inability to control temper and problems socializing or associating with others”.

Some of the physical effects of video games are “Social isolation — Players often play alone and the games have little real-world application. They may spend less time in other activities such as sports, reading, interacting with the family, or doing homework. Increased aggressive behavior — Despite the limitations of the studies, most experts agree on the basic link between games and increased aggression. Desensitization to gender issues — Women are often portrayed as weak, ineffective, or having exaggerated chests. Rewarding violent behavior — In violent video games the winners are usually the ones who have more violent options at their command — and use them. Negotiating and other nonviolent solutions are often not options.

( )

Below, I’ll show you some of extremely serious crimes are caused by game addict:
This guy who killed his dad and cut him into many parts and threw in the river. After that he stole 8 million VNese dong and hid in motel. How is terible! And the reason was that his dad scolded him about playing game all time without focusing on studying.Just only that reason he could kill his dad, I don’t know whether he was human ( for more info here:

May be you know about 2 guys already. The left guy ( Cu) and right guy (Trong) killed a 5 year-old kid who was Cu’s cousin because of addiction of game online “Thap dien mai phuc”. For more detail (

Everybody just has 24 hours a day, and we just use 24 hours to play game which involve in violence, sex, bloody scene,…, which make us break out the link to social life and live in the imaginary world. And when you live in that world, it can be extremely dangerous that you think you can do everything such as kill people, have super power,…, like characters in game. It will make you crazy and you see the crimes above is unbelievable. Game online is like the heroin once you addict it, that’s very hard to escape from it. When you do not have money to play game, the only thing you concentrate is money, money and money. What happen to drug addict lack money to buy heroin? Stealing money, kill people,… everything you can do to have money! U won’t agree with me that play some games which not are related to the bad thing will also kill people or become theives. Of course not, but if you play that game all the time, I mean play game with amount of time, I wonder how you can know everything happening around you , your family, your school,… or you only know the computer and yourselves !!! It not only makes your health become weaker and weaker, but also your temper will be easily irritated and behave others not well

I think that terrible thing happen to people who can not control themselves, not to everyone. Playing game is ok if you can set aside the time between family, school and entertainment. You need to choose the “healthy game” to play and stay away from the disgusting one. And when you play good game with adequate time, it will help you release stresses and tensions or even have more friends. I like playing game a lots, but I do not kill people ^^

This is the first time, I’ve written the entry in english therefore I certainly know that my grammar have many many problems here. I hope you enjoy my topic and forgive me if there wasn’t anything dealing with you. Give me comment about your idea and if you want to correct my grammatical errors PLEASE TAKE TIME TO SHOW ME WHERE AND CORRECT IT FOR ME . THANKS YOU >.<

Nguyen Truong Tuyet Nhung


11th dec 2009


One response to “GAME ONLINE

  1. Hi Nhung. Do you recognize me? I don’t think that this is the first time you have writen an entry in english because it’s good.
    I heard of many negative effects of game online and try to keep off it. Hope that everyone, especially children realize that soon.

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