9X generation today is more and more modern than their senior 8X in lots of ways: fashion, style and even in the way they GHEN!!!  9X has many way of GHEN, be jealous in studying, in the level of “hot”, money and so forth. However, the most common kind of GHEN is jealous in love.

While 8X usually only write a threatening letter or forewarn and slap their rival’s face, 9X tend to be more violent. They have their own band of boys and girls who protect their lover with the sense that “not dialogue, just confrontation”. And so poor for the guy receiving such love! They’re isolated but don’t know why. Because if anyone of the opposite sex who chats or merely looks at them, gently is being asked “What’s your name? How can you be acquainted with my lover? Don’t come near to my girl/boy!” or more seriously is appointed a day to meat for chastisement. They call this “đánh lầm hơn bỏ sót”. They don’t need to say about reason, however, willing to rush forward their rival clawing and tearing without pityingly or slipping stink-bomb into their rival. And result is that there’re girls, whose clothes is torn to pieces, filled with terror, being ashamed and don’t dare to meet anyone, evenly, some of them have to move to another school. Answer for these behaviors is that: They’re jealous because they love. (http://baiviet.phanvien.com/2008/6/19/9x-danh-ghen.html)

However, in some case, 9X don’t love but still GHEN. “There isn’t any love-affair between I and him. He’s so handsome and so many girls sponge on him. At the mere thought of it, I feel annoyed” or “There isn’t any love between I and him. His face’s as cold as a marble-I merely like this and can’t stand seeing other girls surround him”. Obviously, they’re ready to punish anyone who commits this mistake by the way I mention above. Can’t believe it!!!

It seems to be funny or ridiculous when we hear about this phenomenon. However there’re cases making people painful when just because of GHEN, 9X became murderer getting a sentence at their young age. (http://baiviet.phanvien.com/2008/6/19/9x-danh-ghen.html)

Though this just happen in a small part, however, if we ignore, it tends to spread out very quickly. The ebullient nature of youth along with GHEN will lead to unexpected consequences. Try to dominate your passion and correctly view love. Let 9X generation be a creative, dynamic and healthy generation!!!




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One response to “9X-GHEN

  1. These picture scared me a lot. I never think that 9x generation become such “dangerous”. Maybe I’m wrong. I think they are influenced by films comics.

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