In Vietnam, sleepover party is not popular like Amrica. Maybe someone who is your best friend can stay a night to share secret things with you or just simply watch yours’ favourite films.But it can’t be called “Sleepover party”. America is the original country where “sleepover party” is held for only girls.In fact, small girls who are from 6 to 11 can have “pajama party” before they have “sleepover party”. Girls will wear the similar  pajamas to sleep together after brushing their teeths, but their mothers wil sleep next to them, too.I remembered in my kindergarten, I also wore the similar pajama like other girls in class and after lunch, we were forced to sleep without talking any words by our tearchers.i wonder if it could be called”Pajama party”  ^^

Sleepover is the second important party for every girls in America because there aren’t parents. However,  girls are ready to make meals by themselves, plan which house to organise their party, decorate bedroom, etc,…It’s usually held on Saturday and Sunday from 8-9pm to 10am. In some especially cases, such as summer holiday or breaks after having an exam, it can be lasted up to 2 nights ( added Sunday’s night) . If the host’s house is quite big, girls can set up a temporary bar to have cocktails, play their favourite music and dance together. If the space is small, popcorn and films are ok. Most suitable films are Twilight, The Pricess Diaries 2, High school musical (1-3), Mean Girls…Besides eating and drinking, at midnight, girls enthusiastically wait for “spa night”. They can share mascara, lip-gloss, body lotion to their friends or even they can make up for each other. They can choose the topic to make up such as Christmas, Halloween or Natuaral beauty for sleepover. They’re friends so they can share everything which make them comfortable. But there are still some threats to their friend-relationship because girls chat in the most friendly way and their own secret things can be come out to anyplace next week.Girls are Girls.

Host is the most important person. It’s often good to have about from 6 to 8 close friends because they can talk comfortably and tell almost things without hesitance. For girls who never meet others before or still used to have debate, host should consider which one is invited and which one is rejected. It helps girls to avoid scandal which may happen after”sleepover party”. Host must inform to girls’parents about the address, her mobilephone or her family’s phone number so that parents aren’t worry  to let their daughters over night at her party. She also has to inform her parents ,of course, about what time the party begins and finishes, has to try not to disturb personal activities of her family’s members. Lastly, she should call her friends or have an appointment to make sure that friends already remember the date and time of the party.

The invited are also important. They must inform a particular and honest content of the paty to their parents so that parents will allow them to join it.Girls have to bring brushes, combs, or something they’d like to share with their friends. The important is to reject their individualism.

But why “sleepover party” is so famous to girls? Like American parents, they encourage their daughters to have sleepover with their friends.In simply way, modern society causes people to feel lonely. Children can’t tell their parents about sadness, happiness, beacause parents ase so busy that they can’t have a talk with children. On Contrast, even they are free, they can’t understand thoroughly their daughters because of Age.Parties as mentioned above can erase girls’ worriness, disappointed in love, etc, …This is one of a useful medicine to their health so that they  overcome stress, obstruction… In addition, parents want them to learn good things from each other.

Finally, everyone must have both knowledge and communications. Sleepover is a wonderful activity which lead girls into good relationships at school. In fact, in my opinion, a happy and fantastic sleep over party is good not only for Amrican girls but also for any girls all over the world.

Phạm Nguyễn Lê An

Student’s ID:BAUN09385

P/S:This is the first time I post an entry in English so I know that there will have many mistakes. Friends please let me know and leave comments so that I can improve my writing skill.

Thanks alot for reading.


6 responses to “SLEEPOVER PARTY

  1. look like you’ve already watch gossip girl huh? i like this entry and also like the picture. hehe

  2. Nguyễn Hà Thanh Trúc

    “Sleepover party”. It sounds strange but very interesting.
    I think when we join “sleepover party”, it’s one of the best ways to help us make more friends, share interests, hobbies and education, reduce stress.
    It should be encouraged that in Vietnam, we’d better have “sleepover party”. However, i think it must be organized very carefully to avoid some bad things such as argument, fighting….
    Your entry really attracts me. Keep working, An. Haha.
    Don’t worry much about English mistakes. I think you write pretty well.
    Good luck !!!

  3. Phạm Nguyễn Lê An

    “sleepover party” is quite strange in our country, it also has another name, which is”slumber party” ^^
    I agree with you that when we join it, it still brings us some advadtages and disadvantages.But it’s interesting for girls.
    Thanks alot for reading this post,haha

  4. Phạm Nguyễn Lê An

    Oh, I guess Mai Phương has already watched “gosship girl”? ^_^
    It’s an interesting film.

  5. interesting that I had a “sleepover party” at school for all girls and boys ^^, we prepared food and game to play through the whole night, none of us sleep but it was a very nice memomries 😀

  6. @Lê an: yep… i’ve just watched season 1 on the internet. Blair’s sleepover party was so exciting and i like her ” Dare or True” game… hè hè

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