Viet Nam’s economics is more and more developed. Up to now, Viet Nam has taken part in many international organizations. The more the economics develop, the more people consider about their fashion because of higher income and higher standard of living. More and more fashions from others country, especially from Korea and some countries in Europe, are welcomed to Viet Nam’s market. Since latest years, a new trend of fashion occur in teenagers called unisex. So where does unisex come from? And how does it affect to teenegers in Viet Nam?

To solve this problem, firstly we need to know what unisex is. Unisex is one of styles of Harajuku – a queer fashion which comes from Japan. It refers to things that are suitable for both sex, the feature of unisex is that there is no differentiaion boys from girls. Besides, it does not follow the basis rules in mixing clothes

Harajuku in Japan

Usually, on the street, you can see many boys with white skin, red lips, earings and others jewelry, they wear colorful clothes with many vignettes which are suitable for girls. In contrast, many girls look very strong in clothes which are suitable for boys. Unisex has appeared in Viet Nam since 2005. Not by chance that it is responded strongly by teenagers, unisex was brought to Viet Nam by idols. Ly Vu Xuan, an actress in China, always turns up with vest, sport shoes, and short hair. Although Ly Vu Xuan is a woman, she looks very manly. According to “Top ten women who are the most attractive in China”, Ly Vu Xuan was ranked 2nd .

Ly Vu Xuan

Today, actors with white skin, red lips and elegant appearance is more and more popular. A symbolic character is “beautiful boy” Lee Jun Ki-an famous actor in Korea.Lee Jun Ki

There are two conflicting ideas about unisex.Some people say that unisex is ugly to look at and spoil the environment and it will make teenagers’sex  deviate. I don’t absolutely agree with this, in my opinion, unisex is not bad because it not only helps people look stylish but also brings strength to girls and charm to boys, besides, people can mix clothes freely and have chance to perform their creativeness. This is also the reason why teenagers are attracted by unisex. The problem here is the way teenagers wear and their behavior.Unisex is not the fact that boys wear girls’clothes and girls wear boys’clothes by nature, not the fact that boys wear pulls with deep collar or shirts with colorful vignettes, or go out with earings, rings and black nails ,in addition to this as timid behavior and girls with short hair or something like that like it is in Viet Nam. Moreover, to respond to this trend, teenagers waste a lot of time and money making themselves become bizarre person.

Style or peculiarity?

Unisex is not homosexual but many teenagers in Viet Nam use this trend of fashion to change their sex. Many teenagers want to stand out from the crowd and they think that unisex can help them do that. The misunderstanding about unisex makes teenagers look peculiar. when going on the street, sometimes, people make mistake in concluding whether they are boys or girls. Are they happy with this?

In conclusion, unisex is good or bad depends on the way you do. Remember that one changes to look kooler and more  beautiful, not to become another person. The distance between style and ludicrous is very short, so people should choose suitable style for themselves. This prove that you are modern people.

Thank you for reading!

Name: Tran Thi Truc Giang

ID: BAUN09240

Email: thienbinhTG@gmail.com


3 responses to “UNISEX IN TEENAGERS

  1. le thu ngoc huyen

    intereting topic ^^

    i like fashion and i think we all like fashion too!
    in the modern day,young people do care about their style because they want to show themselves. i think it’s good because it make you confident and active.but there’s one point you should remember : STYLE IS URSELF! just be urself,don’t be a silly copycat,it will make you look so stupid.why you have to change when are the unique ?

  2. Tran Thi Truc Giang

    I agree with your idea. Teenagers nowadays are very fashionable but many of them are copycats. They don’t concern whether the styles are suitable for them. They should look at themselves and have a change so that they don’t look peculiar in other people’ s eyes.
    Thank you for your comment

  3. trust.myheartandsoul

    Ly Vu Xuan!! WOOHOO, you rock!!

    @Huyen and Giang:
    I agree, everyone is unique, they shouldn’t imitate each other. But I don’t think it’s that serious. After all, we should give youths some time to realise their individuality.
    Soon enough, they’ll realise that following trends blindly is is an immature thing to do…
    Like Ly Vu Xuan, they can be unique AND attractive… =)

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