from your instructor: Happy New Year!

by Hong Bui,

Dearest class,

First of all, Happy New Year to you all! May the refreshing spirit of the New Year bring you all:  joy, peace, energy, and the meanings of college’s studying business. Let me congratulate you all for successfully surviving more than half of your first semester in college. There are more excited things to learn in the next 3.5 years!

College is a wonderful learning environment where we all learn and grow. By “we” I mean both teachers and students, and by “grow” I do know for a fact that “growing up” (truong thanh) is an option but “growing old” (gia di) is not an option!  In multiple choice questions, optional answers are given to us so that we can take the liberty to choose the ONLY RIGHT answer (using our law of reasoning) for the question. We have the freedom to choose, but there is only one right answer. Whatever we choose, we are paying/harvesting the consequences of our own choice.

Enough of metaphorically playing here, my point is that while we can not control the fact that we are ageing through years, we can certainly choose to grow up maturely or foolishly! While there are many ways of becoming your ideal type of individual, a grown up personality proves that you have made the most of your learning process and have not taken things for granted!

There are many characteristics constituting a grown-up personality which I can not elaborate all here. One characteristic I would like to bring to your attention, however, is:  being truthful to yourself and others!

Why being truthful?

In the Christian Bible, the apostle John wrote: “then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (NIV, 1984); in Basic English translation it means “and you will have knowledge of what is true, and that will make you free” (Bible in basic English)

In the same spirit, a Vietnamese idiom says: “even a tiny needle in a big bag eventually will reveal itself,” meaning you can’t hide misconduct or wrong-doing; the truth will emerge eventually.

A grown-up individual would not compromise his/her truthful conduct, because to do so would stall his/her maturity. Kids might do that, to get what they want regardless of the consequences!  Often, some adults do that because, while their bodies are in adulthood, their minds are still childish!

Are you a grown up individual or childish adult? I hope the answer is: Toi khong con la tre con, toi la nguoi truong thanh! (I’m not kid anymore, I’m a mature individual).

For those bloggers who are practicing plagiarism, do me a favor: grow up, please! Only adults will pass my class!

Here are some helpful resources for you:


2 responses to “from your instructor: Happy New Year!

  1. Bảo Ngọc

    unplug post stamp!

    Happy new year!

    I have only one thing to say now.It is I don’t wanna grow up, don’t wanna be a adult because being a mature individual is just so harsh!!!!

  2. your choice Bao Ngoc! and i hope you find happiness with that.

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