Gender Stigma !!!

Nowadays, gender stigma has been decreasing but only theoretical. In reality, gender stigma is still a very sensitive problem in a lot of country. People used to think that gender stigma is the kind of problem that only Asia area has; but in reality, we should think again! Yes, I agree that in Asia area, sex stigmatizing is quite common, especially in rural areas or countryside. However, in Western countries-where they claim that they have achieved gender equivalent-still have this sex stigma problem somehow. So what we have to ask first is not how to fix the problem but why we have this problem and what consequences it leads to. Because to know the cause of a problem is to know the cure of it and since we understand how bad it is, we will act against it.
First of all, the gender stigma was born just because of people’s wrong belief. From a long time ago (who know when) people always think that man is superior in most field in compare to woman. That’s why people always prefer male as the advance gender so the man keeps all the important works in society when woman only stay home to do housework and raise the children. In some ancient country, society treats woman like slaves, woman were sold and bought as goods. In present, society still has some unfairness in treating woman but in the same time, woman has stood up for their right. So then, the man look down on woman and the woman too, look down on man. It made it so difficult for both gender to understand the good of each other. Man complained that woman is too selfish, mean and only good with housework. On the other hand, woman said that man is so unreliable, boring and sometimes too stupid to understand woman’s feeling. Woman claims that they too can do as good as man and even better. To confirm what they said are true, woman show their capability in a lot of research. The research also demonstrated that woman’s toughness, patience, strength are beyond man. But is that true? The research may not show the reality; in some situation, woman show their weakness as always. Their mental durability which is better than man in the research is easy to break down in real life. The man is nothing superior to woman either, man usually give up on difficult task given for them, they easily lost control of their actions. What I want to emphasize here is that there are no superior gender between male and female. Each gender has its advantages and disadvantages so whether you are man or woman, you always have good points and bad points; No one can be perfect and imperfect will let you involve. That’s why gender stigma very illogic thinking and its bad effects will lead to terrible consequences.
In some family, the parents only want their children to be boys but not girls and in some family the parents only want their children to be girls but not boys. That’s so ridiculous since there are lots of family don’t have any children while the other don’t appreciate their children. And the children too will get a lot of pressure, they feel that they are not needed in the family and that feeling will haunt them for a very long time or maybe for their whole life. When under their parent’s pressure, the children can’t develop their character normally and become fragile, shy and afraid to communicate with other. When they grow up, they can’t fit in the society like the other children. That’s just one of the bad consequences that gender stigma leads to. There are a lot more tragedy that gender stigma has cause.
What I want to conclude from this essay are two things: First, gender stigma is wrong, it can destroy even someone’s life so don’t judge a person just by their gender like we used to say “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Second, don’t be shy about your gender; male or female, you are what you are and be proud of yourself because you are who you are. Don’t be someone that people expect but not you. Last but not least, no matter who you are, be yourself!

Afterword: If there is any fault I made in the essay, please accept my apology. Thanks for patiently read my essay.

Võ Quang Anh
ID :BAAU09560


One response to “Gender Stigma !!!

  1. Ikpi Samuel Ubangha

    First of all i would like to commend you for your immense explanation on gender stigmatization issues. The essay has really educated me on the problems faced by genders, especially the female gender, and how it can be eradicated. I pray may God continue to equipt you with more knowledge. Samuel from Nigeria.

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