This happened when I was walking along the street with my friends from secondary school. A little dirty boy, with another girl sleeping on his back, was begging for money from people walking or stopping in front off the red light. Both of them have wounds on their skin, scabies and they look just like “moving skeletons” kneeing down as well as praying for some alms given by some kind old men and women. Their eyes become brighter and their smiles just show how happy they were whenever somebody gives them 500 or 1000 VND. This was such a touching scene that I and my friends also gave them some money with hope that they can buy something to eat. However, things sometimes are not look like the way we see them as soon as I realized the truth behind these angel eyes and smiles.

A mid-age man drove a motorbike to the place that the two kids were standing, took all of the money from the boy and started to count. After swearing and slapping the boy because the money “required” is inadequate, that man put the money to his pocket and drove away without forgetting to leave a threat that he would beat the boy to dead if he could not find enough money!!!

My story is just one in numerous of similar cases that daily mentioned on radios, TVs or internet about this phenomena !!!

Nowadays, in stead of being a victim of poverty, the fact that children are being used as a mean of making money has become a social problem and more than that, it is becoming an illegal business with a large extent. In today’s society, the scene that one or two or even a group of children gather at some corners and try to beg for a little money is more and more common.

They are taught variety of ways of begging for money such as kneeing down and praying, or crying and show their wounds (made by the person who “owns” them), or they even haul and scramble for begging some alms so that they can earn enough in order to escape from slapping or thrashings.

However, they still have to suffer from wounds made by burning iron stick or piece of cigarette and left hungry, dirty with ragged clothes and other tortures whether they can earn adequate money or not, everything is just to make sure that they will look so piteous, poor and ill, therefore, touching someone’s commiseration and receive some money from them. Yet, not all the time people will give these children alms, sometimes they glance, scold and swear, or even some ruffians beat and take these children’s money.

One barbarous form of exploiting these children is to use the disable ones. Some already have physical or, sometimes, metal problems, but in some cases, children are made to be invalid by breaking their articulations or even bones intentionally with the same purpose is to make fortunes for the instigators.

These beggar children have to face with many dangers in life. First of all, they may get sick when being outside under sunny or rainy weather without hat or raincoat. Polluted environment such as exhaust or dust when vehicles operate, some insanitary foods, drinks or leftovers given  may cause some respiratory or peptic diseases, which is harmful to their health at that time or later on.

Moreover, they are usually in jeopardy of getting accident since they try to beg from people stopping in front of red lights. Some people may give them money, but unfortunately, some just ignore and rush their transports without care about these children standing very close to them!

One of the most serious problems they may have is being influenced by bad guys to get involve in illegal activities. Drug transferring, pick pocket, stealing and others are easily done by those kids in order to get a little money or even they are forced to do that. Furthermore, they are also victims of sexual abuses, drug addicted, gang fights or for-slave children trafficking. And the consequence is extremely serious, those kids will have to suffer from physical or mental lesion or both, as the result, they will live in fear and difficultly back to the normal life even if they have chance to do so!

The most painful truth is that in many cases, children are compelled to be beggar or their parents accept to “lease” their kids for a monthly fortune without any pities. These adults think that they have given birth and raised the kids so that means they have the right to earn money on their children’s moils.

This sad story will never end unless the community hands together in order to prevent this from continually happening! This is our responsibilities and awareness of realizing how cruel it is to let these kids live their life without a normal and peaceful childhood as it should be, how significant it is to bring them back to school for obtaining necessary knowledge to be a good person and to have the life they should be deserved !!!

This is not a very good writing or it maybe bad, but I hope from this, everybody will have deep view of this situation. And, please, take a while to consider about this sorrow as a big problem that we have not found out the solution yet !!!

There are many children out there waiting for your help, so let start giving and bring them a brighter future !!!

I did try to write this piece of paper and i think there are still inappropriate mistakes, so please help me to improve this one, as well as to send my message to anyone you know!!! Thanks for your reading and understanding!


Name: Vũ Minh An

ID: BAUN09501




  1. pham tran yen phuong

    well, besides all these drawbacks, actually beggar children did annoy me sometimes. You were in hurry and at that time you really got no money in your pocket 😀 but they didnt stop trying to beg you for some, it was irritated. However one another time, a child begged me and my friends for some money, we were penniless, again :D, so we ran, and that child also ran after us smiling aloud and speak out loud ” give me give me”, and we knew that she just wanna play catch-up game with us, so the child and we ran around laughing until we were tired :P. Finally we said ” we really have no money for you, sorry”, ” i know” – smiling child said and then said goodbye to us and walked away. At that time we felt really sorry for her, really, she should have been brought ” back to school for obtaining necessary knowledge to be a good person and to have the life they should be deserved !!!” …. 😐 thanks for your entry 🙂

  2. :-)I think the young beggar pity especially those without parents who care and who coddle them: – / though they know that the waste from the dining they still have to eat it with just the stomach can contain them, why Things that do a man’s life difficult? 😦 the others lay sleeping on the street and cardboard,: – / because they have no home, sometimes there are people upset because they are dirty and smelly, the fortunate children with other because parents did not heed them, if anyone else has edible yun else who finds some other eating ..:-/

  3. They need a better life .. How do they do it at the life they? this is my suggestion, but I really pity those who are hungry, just the streets they live and sleep, no shelter because they have no home and no family accessible and caring for them.and learned to the young people astray because they see others 😉

  4. Hihi. Am from nepal here ,:) alot of kids are begging here as well and yes it’s something like what you have mention over there the money are taken by the other goons in the end. Because i learned about it i have always actually bought them food instead of giving them money. and I really loved that chasing story @Pham tran yen phuong

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