I have a special cousin. He is intelligent, jolly and disabled. It is impossible for him to stand and walk. He can not even sit safely. His back and behind usually become painful because he sits and lies a lot. It is easy for him to get an illness and it takes a lot of time to recover. And the doctors say that he can not live longer than eighteen years. He suffered like this life for sixteen years.

They are just the corporeal lesions. Furthermore, he must get over the prejudices. He told me that no one at school loved him, neither teachers nor students. They even insulted him. It was difficult for him to put up with that. Therefore, he decided to drop his studies after he finished secondary school.

If you were disabled, could you cope with the corporeal lesions and the prejudices? Most of you would say “yes” because we do not  understand what they face. Only a few can do it and they become famous for their strong will. Why can not the rest do that? First, they think that they are a burden on their family and society although we always show that we respect and love them very much. Second, ask ourselves, do we really respect and love them or just take pity on them? If we see a beggar with one leg, we are more likely to give him some money. However, if an acquaintance with one leg is in our house, it is sure that we will talk to him and help him but uncomfortable. There is a distance between him and us because we are quite afraid of  his appearance and think that he is not a “normal  person”. The disabled are so sensitive that they can see our thought. And they are upset by that. However, if we love them, they will be very happy and love we twice as much as we love them.

Furthermore, the disabled are unable to do a lot of  hobbies which we can enjoy. It is a shame. But do they need our pity? No, they do not. My cousin asked me: “Do you love me?”. I said that: “Of course”. He asked: “Why? Because I am a disabled?”. The disabled are vulnerable, so do not say yes. If we care for them, they will realize that we do not take pity on them but love them for who they are. Moreover, we need to show that we admire them because one more day they live is one more battle-ground in the struggle for “normal life”, no corporeal lesion and prejudice.

After waking up in the morning, we usually wonder: “What will I have for breakfast?”. But the disabled always wonder: ” What will I do in the rest of my life?”. That does not mean that they are pessimistic but optimistic. We can give them hope and we do not have to pay to do that. So, try to give them as much as hope so that they can enjoy their lives.

Vu Thi Hong Nhung – BAAUN09239.


3 responses to “IT IS THE TRUTH

  1. Well said. My brother was disabled but he only lived to be 5 years old. So I do not have any experience in what his day to day would of been like. However, I remember when I was a kid I didn’t see him as being disabled. I saw him as my brother who I loved so much.

    My brother wasn’t able to talk, but you could see that he was extremely receptive to the body language of those around him. Although his body was paralyzed you could tell by his eyes that his mind was completely there. It breaks my heart to hear what your cousin is going through.

  2. I’m sorry for your brother, I was moved when I read your comment. You are a good person, ou know? Because you saw him as your brother. My cousin’s younger brother who is 9 sometimes call him “the crippled”.

  3. tell your brother not to worry at all and to take christ seriously because after this life there will be abetter life for him in heaven where he will have both his legs nd body to live happily forever without any intimedations

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