Keeping a Diary , Should or Not?

Instead of discussing about serious topic , I decided to come back to a simple issue which everybody used to face : Diary and related troublesome problems.

As everyone knew, a diary is considered as a personal space where secrets and innermost feelings are exposed without any mind-barriers.

In the past, a notebook was used to record any activities or events happened chronologically. Later, along with the development of human civilization, diaries took on a new form. The writer could be anyone from any field – a student, a worker, a doctor … Some people treat it like a hobby but others conceive anxieties toward the possibility of leaking their private information. However, no one can deny benefits which should not be passed up from diarizing. These are some suggestions helps.

Firstly, Rethinking of our attitude toward a subject. After that, an adjustment in view will help us in the future.

Secondly, Improving writing skill. This is a good method for practicing ,isn’t it?

Thirdly, Keeping invaluable memories. One day, you might sit back, read again unforgettable lines  and understand that past is an important part of life. In deed, a diary can also become your own personal book which describes experiences in detail.

Finally, Mitigating stress. At a pressure, stressful state will obviously manifest in each person, so why don’t you deliver all mental worries to your diary instead of enduring them? Isn’t it an effective therapeutic to relieve your mind?

Trust and secret always easily triggers controversial problems. Let imagine if someone find out your diaries and read them, you would feel extremely violated and immediately consider him/her as your enemy.

In western countries, rarely had people read other ‘s diary since it would be a matter if you invade someone else privacy. One typical example is the relationship between teenagers and parents, it is very hard to build trust with your children. Despite the fact that you have raised them since they were born, you are only trustworthy as long as you do not intervene deeply into their personal life. The truth hurts. Sometimes, there are thoughts and feelings that simply diary should be the best friend to express. As important as the role of a diary is , so mostly parent will respect children willingness.

On the other hand, oriental culture is a bit different. Majority of parents are not as sensitive, hardly had they put themselves into their children situation and answer questions such as: What would you feel if your children read your diary? Or how will you react in that case? They do not fully understand that their children will absolutely confide in problems to them when something wrong happens. Diary is more like a silent friend that kids will talk to, let out their irritation without bothering family or friends. No sooner had they come across their son/daughter ‘s diary than ninety percents of them read it. Now you know why people say, “What you don’t know cannot hurt you.” In this case, if parent accidentally see some  negative comments , almost  all of them will confront their child right away to explain. Honestly, that would be the most stupid act because it only makes the boy/girl feel betrayed and creates a rift  between you which will be hard to restore. However, in their opinion, they can give themselves rights to know and judge whatever their kids thought or did since they are more mature. Consequently , An argument is unavoidable and the last thing can be realized  is these teenagers will never tell their parent anything about personal life ever again. More exactly, There will be a world hidden behind the front, fake one they built on purpose.

It is said that the more curious you are, the more damages will you take. It is necessary to have a diary to pour out thoughts that cannot share to anyone. That is the time when emotions, weird thoughts or even anger control, so never just look  at one side  and consider it is true. You had better search clearly before go to any conclusion. This does not mean I support snoop or similar acts, the best way is still ignoring or wiping out of your mind  the intend  of reading somebody ‘s diary. Nevertheless, it seems like pages are always irresistibly charmed by theirs own way, so if you had already sneaked , be wise with your attitude toward the “victim” afterward.

In case you found out that the diarist is getting serious troubles or bad mood , you should deliberate carefully before decide to get involved in or not. If you want to help, you have to choose convenient time to talk to him/her without mentioning about things in the diary. Try to open a dialog in a sympathetic way, make that person bring out the story himself/herself.

While somebody gives up diarizing  because afraid of snoopers, others change the performance likes replacing the original diary book by PDA or laptop which have secured with password. Another method is online diary writing , which means you have to sign up an account of a service on the internet. Sharing with friends is a prominent point of this way, you will be able to show other people limited entries.  Therefore, by using  technology , we would effectively prevent breaking in from outside. A discreet place for hiding  is also a good way. But sooner or later, every secret will come out at a time.

Although there are some complicated problems , writing diary is still the best way to keep precious memories since it will tell you a whole story instead of pieces of pictures. Another point is to help you to appreciate time and opportunities. By that way, you can review activities and learn from your own mistakes to accomplish your goal. Let ‘s diarize if you have never tried it  and let ‘s start over if you left for some reasons. I assure you that many years afterward you will not regret doing this.

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