Vietnamese’s Perception

Why did I said “perception”? It’s maybe a serious problem which we are facing day by day. When traffic is jammed, when somebody is involved in accident or something like that, nobody will help and you’d better get out of their ways. Just imagine your bike hit another, then its owner should teach you a lesson instead you pay for that. This is a real story that i saw a girl fell down in the rain and her vehicle was too heavy to lift up, two, three and many young men went through and no one stop to help her, but i was sure that no one didn’t see her.

For a clearer view, many people wouldn’t die if anyone get them to the nearest hospital rather than surrounding watching.

It is ashamed to say but in my case, 80 percent that I would do like that. I don’t know why, I feel responsible and I’m afraid of getting involved, too. Everyone does not want to waste their time. Nonetheless, not all are same. Some kind people will be either reluctant or eager to help. Less is better than none!

Here is a Youtube link of a half-body officer :

Vietnamese clearly needs a medicine for their illness. They say they are friendly with international people, but the way they treat each other needs consideration. No one knows why that’s happened, but maybe it’s not super hard to find the answer.

Take a look back into the history, the moment Vietnamese most united might be in war time. It’s ridiculous but it’s true. Vietnamese exposes their family strength not in routine but in incident. Concludingly, when something that are serious enough happens and they must do together for not to be eliminated, they do. It’s call ” You jump when the water is under your feet”. It’s a selfish way of think, actually.

Being a Vietnamese, I am not happy nor sad. Because in the Vietnamese mind, family is heavier than society, I think.

Note: This is my first blog writing so it’s probably not perfect. Enjoy and give your feedback.
Name: Le Kinh Luan
ID: BAUN09254


2 responses to “Vietnamese’s Perception

  1. I think your post needs more statistics and information. It seems to me that you didn’t research well before writing this

  2. Oh, the picture…I’m scared :((
    I like your writing, short but full of meaning.

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