Sex before marriage – should or should not in “liberal” lifestyle of youth today?

Based on these studies sociology and psychology, divided the dominant factor in the sexual comments to students in two groups below:

_ The first are education and awareness. This includes factors such as the personal opinion about sex before marriage and the family’s attention.
_ The second is personal. Include key points such as economic circumstances, housing conditions, the love relationship, sex, and efforts to study.

For the first group of factors, emerged most obviously aware or the views of students about living and having sex before marriage. In Vietnamese society, where the parents protect their children only on the love relationships, and school teaching on marriage, family, there are somewhat limited, the young people equip themselves for their knowledge of the area through listening to music, read novels, watch movies and magazines on contemporary love and family, and sex sites. The system can be seen by young people curious, or drop your style like “live test”, later to be confused from the living truth. May also stem from the perception is quite mature. Such as some students that “living as a couple of integration tests, the experience and learn how to integrate the relationships of each other, with spending decisions, the concessions approved received and expressed mutual desire, sex, etc., when that process more daughters is not something to keep gold pearl maintenance [by]

Actually, if the meaning is the “live test” is not quite the censurable that there are other good aspects. And sex is just a point here, though is very important, but not all of the live test. It is more meaningful than if we get that look is a conscious action, encompasses both preserve the invaluable work of love – sacrifice, and self-control themselves, not is a satisfaction, taking advantage of each other on the flesh or money

So, look in the airy living relations before marriage are two aspects of opposition, contrasting each other, and can lead to very different consequences. That makes the concept of social living or sex before marriage was agitated by shaking the type of child support and opposition. Therefore, the influence of the family to the sexual behavior of young people is quite complex.

Most  of people said that the deep concern of the family will reduce children’s ability to adulthood to have sex before marriage.

The analysis shows that the concept of sexual and family interests are affected a very significant decision to “live test” of students. However, they discovered that, as family concerns, the ability of students to choose to “live test” higher.

If the interest of the family is a pressing and dogma, can stimulate psychological revolt of students beyond the block of the family, even leading to the disengagement. Conversely, if the interest is the destination, creating confidence, and respects consider children’s choices, then it makes the students look more correctly, and dare to decide, self-experience with the person they really love and want to attach. Both these extremes, in terms of probability, both increases the likelihood that the students choose living before marriage.

The second element group is condition personally. It is well known to anyone in Vietnam, when a pair of love are the things that were happening as unfortunate pregnant than expected, the reaction of family and society for women are often more heavily. And if there is relationship problems happening, the women often have to bear the consequences greater. If sex is a consequence of these considerations the lack mature, selfish, or even lucrative, it is clear that this type of situation is often less considered in the decision of the two participants in the relationship. And so the consequences that often, or happening. Conversely, if the decisions are considered by those who understand their responsibility for the work, the burden of risk of women, if really bad outcome occurs, both must be considered carefully before the decision to “live testing”.

And the choice of living in students may be more likely to take the sense of being positive rather than negative. This does not mean a disengagement. In contrast, research indicates that opportunities for the exchange of open and public about love marriage, and education about safe sex is becoming very urgent at the university.

Only a very small young sex before marriage (7.6%), in which the rate of young men is 11.1%, females only 4%. Sex before marriage, most common in ethnic minority areas with 39.8% in young men and 26.1% with young women… [This information is given in “Workshop Incoming national survey adolescents and young VN” 2nd in Hanoi on 10-12.]

Deputy Minister of Health Nguyen Ba Thuy said the youth from ages 14-25 in our country is the largest group, are up 24.5% of the population. National survey of adolescents and young first VN (SAVY 1) a survey of large and most comprehensive youth deployed large scale, with over 7584 youth in 42 provinces and cities about education, employment, health – reproductive health…

Most young people did not participate in the investigation were accepted sex before marriage; three quarters of respondents said they would wait until marriage relationship. Age of first sexual intercourse of young people is 19.6 years old VN. 25-30% said that sex before marriage is acceptable if both parties agree, or both will get together and learn how to prevent pregnancy. 97% of adolescents have knowledge of HIV/AIDS…

Many young people to day concept that love is not hard, they proved easy in the story “hurdles” that need not consider consequences later. In a recent survey, 35% said young people have sex before marriage and age of first sexual intercourse an average of 20.


_ Unwanted pregnancy.

_ Susceptible to diseases transmitted sexually.

_ Lost sense of respect for your partner her.

_ Affect psychological as well as talk education, work.

_ Even feel guilty for parents and families.

_ Difficult to progress to marriage must be met for the concept of process of virtue in Vietnam.

=> Should only have sex once ready and know how to protect yourself before the unfortunate consequences!!!

Student ID: BAWE09277

Name: Tạ Vũ Tuấn Anh


Thank you for reading ^^. This is the first time I write such a long essay, so I can’t avoid some mistakes :P, hope you guys can corrrect it so that I can do better next time. Once again, thank you so much :*


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