Imitative life

Whenever I walk on the street, I can easily catch many young people with rather similar styles. They wear the same style of short or T-shirt, dye the same color on their hairs, talk softly, smile charmingly, et cetera. What are all that for when you are a duplicate of somebody else?

To be considered as special people, there are many Vietnamese teenagers admitting to live differently from what they really are. They seem to have many faces and they use each of them for a fixed situation or subject. Changing clothes, behaviors and so on are habits just like natural reflexes to them. Why do they have to copy someone’s image? Why do they keep making things difficult for themselves?

There are many trends imported into Vietnam nowadays such as emo, unisex, metrosexual. Teens just follow as usual without getting the precise meanings of those trends. Emo means that you are very emotionally sensitive…but it is used generally to describe any behavior that is above the norm of emotional sensitivity.

The word generally denotes a feeling of sadness, rather than joy: if you are overly happy, you aren’t necessarily “emo”. But if you are very, very sad and often indulge in self-pity, hating yourself, depressive behavior, then you are “emo”.

Teens think differently: they use a knife to slit their hands, then take some pictures and post them on their blogs or facebooks to show off.

Unisex implies that there is no division between the sexes. The term “unisex” is popularized in clothing and hairstyles and offers a style suitable for either male or female.

Teens nowadays wear showy terrible clothes and they call that unisex…There has been a common trend recently that is self taken pictures. Teens take their pictures everyday, everywhere with pursed lips, wide-opened eyes or even half-length and nude photographs… It just makes them be hard criticized by other people.

The reason for imitation is that Vietnamese teenagers lack self-confidence. Teenagers have their own idol which is a target to achieve. When they can not get to that image, they try to imitate it. They want to affirm themselves, to take advantage of other’s sentiments then finally turn into a real actor playing in the real life. Teens push themselves into many unwilling situations which seem to be harmless without thinking that they will pay the dear cost! They have to say lie, hide their nature and try to catch other’s feelings. It is sad that teens are at once integrating and “dissolving” every passing day.

“Metrosexual” trend from Korea with young men who enjoy beautifying is also developed now. Although they are 100% men, they like going to spa, beauty salon. They apply lipstick on their lips and powder on their face, nourish their hairs just like young ladies.

Young men are dressed up to the nines with only one thought: “Because ladies like Korean men, we will dress just like them so that ladies will fall into us absolutely!”. There are many trends young fellows follow, that makes young ladies can not tell the difference of gender whenever they see them. What I want to emphasize is that men, who are considered as strong individuals, are also affected deeply by those temporary movements! They live an imitative life – an unreal world that ruins every single person.

Using language of teenager, showing like a gentle young lady, a cool man or a rich person and so on to show off or to be admired are all symptoms of Imitative Disease.

Vietnamese teenagers nowadays attach much importance to advice of their friends. Teens will get worry, sad or even angry if their friends speak scornfully of them. This explains why teens want to prove themselves, to be admired by others. Teens imitate their idol’s image then eventually do not realize who they really are. By some means or other, their nature will be revealed and teens will be remoted from society.

If you are just a copy or, even be worse, a draft, you will finally be thrown into a wastebasket of contemptuousness, lonesome and so on terrible things.

Be strong and self-confident; never be seduced to a sumptuous and imitative life. That is all I want to share with you, guys, who used to be, tend to be or now is an imitative one.


Name: Huỳnh Kim Bảo Chi

Student ID: BAWE09276


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