Profound causes of the HIV/AIDS

HIV/AIDS is an extremely dangerous infectious disease. It has been driving thousands of people to the verge of death. There are many reasons for making AIDS to become SOS.

The first reason is the loose life of the young generation today. The majority of them are teenagers. They follow their friends to illegal places regardless of their family condition because they are curious, they want to try drugs to show themselves. As a result, they are hooked on drugs, they can’t escape from them. And this leads the addicted to social evil to have money to buy drugs. For example, today, there are many robbers, thieves or even murderers who are at the young ages. To have money to buy drugs, they are willing to kill anyone without thinking about the consequences.

Secondly, the irresponsible attitude of parents is one of the main reasons supporting many teenagers to do the wrong things. Many parents don’t care about their children. They just think simply that if they provide everything which their children need, their children will have a good life. They give children a lot of money without thinking about their children’s spending. They always do their business all the time, they have housekeepers take care of their children. For a long time, without looking after their children, which leads to a big distance among members of their family, their children will have a lack of love, share with them. As a consequence, their children will be loose and over control. There are many cases that children become depressed, they only know how to eat, study, and sleep. They don’t want to talk with anybody and live quietly behind their room’s doors. On the other hand, there are many children who behave cruelly, they act without emotion because they don’t how to love and to be loved.

Last but not least, many deaths also caused by the views of the society. People always look down on the HIV/AIDS patients. Very few people open their hearts to welcome the HIV/AIDS even their families. For instance, many families which have the HIV/AIDS consider them to be disgracefulness. They separate the HIV/AIDS patients from the normal people’s world. They build a small house at the corner of their house’s garden for the HIV/AIDS or clock the HIV/AIDS in a small room in their house. This causes many HIV/AIDS patients feel depressed and finally they kill themselves or they will come back their old way because they don’t find out the sympathy of the society.

To overall, the Government has been carrying out many programs to encourage the society to care more about the HIV/AIDS patients. The Government has been holding many training sessions to teach the HIV/AIDS patients useful skills serving their life after they aren’t addicted. They will have a good future. They will set up a new life for themselves and especially, they will become the normal people.


Name: Trần Thị Ngọc Thu

ID: BAAU09315


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