Sexual Assault, be careful!

Generally, in recent years, the rate of criminals in Viet Nam is tending to decrease but in some fields, the rates are still high. Especially, the most considerable is Sexual Assault phenomenon, one of the hottest phenomena in Viet Nam’s society. There are many causes that lead to this situation, can be divided into 2 main groups: subjective cause and objective cause.

Firstly, we talk about the objective cause: Internet. Nowadays, Internet which spread everywhere has became familiar with many people, especially the young people. Obviously, many advantages of Internet can’t be refused but deeply inside, there are also a lot of horrible disasters. A number of black webs and depraved cultures on the internet dissolve rain-storm in their mind; beside that, youths are affected the most. That is the consequences of not having enough sex education which make these male adolescences feel curious about libido. The process to find out the definition of sex make they want to try. They can’t depress their needs about the sex that lead to losing control, so girls who walking alone at night are the common victims of their works. Once time, I read an article on electronic page with remarkable title “Net rescue and sex” that made me really shock and angry. The article was talking about the young girls who didn’t have enough money to pay for chatting. In a moment, a new ideal came up in her mind, she decided to write on her status that “Rescue me and    a sweet night will come to you.” Few minutes later, a taxi suddenly stopped at owner’s gate with 2 handsome boys. After deal with her problem, they invited her to go for a drink and she accepted with pleasure doubtlessly. No longer until she saw a guest house, she realized that she was cheated but too late. They bitted and threatened to kill her if she refused doing that with them. Consequently, her virginity is stolen by 2 bad guys.

In reality, there are many similar situations. One more the story is about the girl who loved to make friends through Internet. She made friend with a man and agreed his invitation to go camping with some friends. But suddenly, at the camp place, she was forced to have sex with ten guides if she didn’t want to die. After satisfying the sexual desire, these bad guides went away and left the poor girl behind without any cloth on her.

The phenomenon of finding friends through Internet is much more popular with active girls. Taking unfair advantage of their hobbies, evildoers will cheat and conduct their immoral behavior with victims.

The second thing that I want to mansion is the girl’s trustfulness which is usually put entirely in men whom they don’t really know. For instance, according to, attractive title is lured readers to a sad story about one trustful girl: while she was going home by her motorcycle, she saw a man waving his hand for a lift. Impressed by his gentle appearance, she believed that he was the good man; therefore she accepted his requirement. On the way, this guy threatened her with a knife, asking her to ride to a place that he wants. And then, she is deflowered …

Because active girls are too trusting of people, evildoers always take easily that unfair advantage. In these cases, the guys just think about themselves, they don’t have any responsibility to their immoral behaviors, the action which they always do after satisfying is runaway. According to the law in force, immoral guides will be put in jail about 7-15 years, but it is not penetrate anymore with the pain of spirit and physical that victims will have to suffer during their rest life. There are many painful and piteous cases. Always being obsessed about a terrible past, some cases are mentally ill: autism or crazy, their parents hurt deeply inside when they have to take their child to mental hospital. Others are killed by themselves, so on. All things seem to happen too fast that no one else can’t recognize; just in a few minutes didn’t think careful, girls put their futures in dark hole, no way  to escape. To be disdained by their friends, society looks down on them, their pains become more and more serious, they can’t feel to be themselves anymore, and they lose their pride, their confidences. Their life now full of hurt and pain .Not only they are affected, but their family also. As much as they love their member, as soon as they want the culprits to be catch. If they denounced that problem to the police they wouldn’t handle quickly, unless the victim’s family support them ten or hundred thousand VND to help them do their best. How unfair to these families, they not only the people who gain the pain but also who pay the cost for solving it???

Consequently, the most blamable person is the one who is attacked. Because they were so reckless, daredevil and narrow mind, they become the victim of sexual assault. If they had been thinking deeply, carefully and made definitive refusal, they wouldn’t had given any chances for these evildoers.

Eventually, let‘s consider again about many attractive news’s articles which appear more frequent these days, aren’t they the warning, the admonition for our weak gender? It announces that there are many threatening risks outside which are daring to ruin their life, their future; so always be clever to choose and control your life, to keep it go on in the right way and to never be regret.

Student ID: BAAU09330

Name: Tran Anh Khoa



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