Traffic jam – Government’s responsibility or Citizens’ awareness ?

According to statistics of Ministry of Communications and Public works, traffic jam in HCMC will be more serious in the next three year. Due to the increasing number of transportation registration and the behindhand in enforcing Government’s solution, the development of socioeconomic will be also affected. It is not good for Vietnam in general and for HCMC in special. No one wants to live along with the obstructing traffic which is more frequently day after day. But leaving that big issue, now we discuss which reason lead us to this inconvenient situation.

In recent day, public opinion regularly criticizes the tardy progress of the roadwork which is setup more and more on the street. In some cases, the roadwork is almost expanded over the street; traffic is at a standstill, and people hustle in the crowd on the pavement, try to pass through this way to go home every tired evening. Gradually, roadwork becomes a nightmare of the citizen. Some people who want to avoid this state choose to go home sooner or later, but it still cannot solve this problem much.

In addition to the unreasonable restructuring of one-way street causes lots of difficulties for some transportation, especially cars and lorries. There have about 40.000 cars circulating in HCMC today (based on figure of Road Traffic Department) and the number is a little bit higher in the future when urban people’s demand and living standard are upper. However, in this condition, without any realizable solution, we don’t have place to move in near future.

Traffic jam in big cities is always a tough problem that makes Government sometimes get stuck in some traffic solution. The reason of the jam is not only on account of the traffic but also the population growth and the increasing immigrant rate from other country into big cities.

Thus, the question for the Government is how to deal with it?

The fact that the local administration made every effort to reduce this situation, but it still wasn’t resolved completely. Nevertheless, the remarkable achievement could be named is the  traffic light control. The red-light is set at the same time in almost the big crossroads. It helps decreasing the amount of transportation circulating through the crossroads by compelling to stop all of them in about 1 minute. When the vehicle of two lines completely stops, the green-light, which is turned on, will let the circulation easier. Besides that, the Government corrected the policy that can help urban people avoid traffic jam in rush hours, like arranging the school-time of children sooner or later than the working-time of their parents, or changing the checkout time of the different factories, putting tax on cars when entering in city, limiting the transportation administration, encouraging people using public transportation, etc.

But there is no sign that traffic jam is less serious than yesterday. It occurs not only in rush hours but also in several times during the day.

So, what is the problem?

All the reasons above are just external effects, do you think that the main reason lies in every person?

Rule is made to implement, not to break down.

However, many people were against the rule just because of their private profit. Typically, the transgressing roadway for parking and trading are familiar state in HCMC. The disorder of it lowers the civilization of the big country which is attached special importance to tourism, like Vietnam. Although the traffic inspectors came to serve strong warning on this issue, or even imposed heavy fine many times, there is no change in this situation. It can be described by one word: “consciousness”. If people heighten their own awareness of driving on the street, the jam might not be the unsolved matter. The citizens tend to lay the blame on the Government which didn’t propose any feasible solution for the traffic problem, but we don’t notice that the solution is practical or not, all depend on us. If we totally respect the traffic regulations, such as not being on phone while driving, or exceeding the red-light, or encroaching upon the other side of the car-line, etc, will the circulation be smoother and more swiftly?

The answer is contained in everyone.

It has been a long time since our parents leisurely rode together on bicycles throughout the city street. The young generation nowadays never knows the feeling of riding under the shade of the trees after school-time every evening. The traffic jam seems to destroy all inspiration of the living artist that lies in everybody. A coin has two aspects, also like the traffic solution should be enforced from two sides: Government and citizens. The Government has to tighten management task and ensure that all of the officers are the pioneers who firstly apply the new policy. Then the citizens should be respected the regulations which is in the Government’s policy as well as respecting themselves. A firm foundation in management will lead the country to be successful in lines and policies of renovation of Vietnam, especially in traffic.

Source :

Lê Nguyễn Ngọc Trâm



3 responses to “Traffic jam – Government’s responsibility or Citizens’ awareness ?

  1. hello!
    i’m vy, a student. lately, i have a presentation about traffic jam and i eed some information of your posts. would i use it in my presentation?
    hope you agree!

  2. I want to know thaT why traffic police is responsible for jam

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