Saving the whales and dolphins

You maybe shock for all those pictures. But this is just a part of what human have done for animal. Hunting for fur,meat,horn…and for everything that we can take. But today,i will just mention about whales and dolphins,2 kinds of the most hunted animal in the world.

Whales are the biggest animal in the world. Especially,the Blue whale has the same length as 3 busses,the same weight as 25 elephants and its mouth can held about 100 people. They’re even bigger than dinorsaurs. With a impressive dimension like that,the Whales seem not to have any enemies. But time after time,now,the human become the biggest danger for them.

According to the Atlantic Whale Foundation,there are 1,500-2,000 pilot whales are slaughtered in the Faroes every single year. 665 products in Japanese markets were identified to contain at least 15 different species of whale and dolphin.Seven out  of the 13 great whale species are still endangered or vulnerable after decades of protection. Around 300 whales are still taken from the Antarctic waters by the Japanese for ‘research’  they also sell the flesh from these “scientifically gathered” whales to fund their marine research programmes…

And how are Whales killed? Explosive harpoons are used, that puncture the skin and then explode inside the body, blowing the whales insides to pieces seconds after impact. The whales can then take minutes or several hours of suffering before it dies often by bleeding to death. Even then they may have to be shot many times before they finally die.

Killing dolphin is not less crual. In one method, called Drive Hunts, fishermen frighten and corral the dolphins into a bay using loud noise, by banging on long pipes held in the water. The dolphins are then trapped in bays (or coves) using large nets, preventing their escape. They are then killed using spears and knives. Dall’s porpoises are killed using hand-thrown harpoons attached to ropes – this is the biggest cetacean slaughter in the world.

The countries which hunted these animals most are Japan,New Zealand,Iceland…Whales and Dolphine are hunted for meat and grease. Some supermarkets in Japan offer dolphin meat for sale,even though this meat is often heavily contaminated with mercury and other toxins. In order to increase consumption, the Japanese government has even distributed whale and dolphin meat to canteens in schools and hospitals . Fishermen also catch dolphins to sell to aquaria and dolphinaria in Japan and elsewhere for public display and interaction programmes such as swimming with dolphins.

Most of those countries always take the science reason to cover what they’ve done for whale and dolphine.  But what kind of science research that have to hunt for thousands  of whale and dolphin each year ?  There’s country like Norway,the goverment allow hunting whale for comercial purpose. Beside,Japan seem to take a same walk like Norway when they want to push up the quantity of whale hunting.

The whale and dolphin will become extinct soon if the human don’t stop what they’re doing. We will never have a chance to see those animal again. And if we eat all of these animal,what will we eat next ? Maybe whole of the Earth.


Lê Thu Ngọc Huyền


First of all,thanks for reading my entry.Secondly,if i have any mistakes,please let me know it.Last but not least,if you want to give a hand to protect whale and dolphin,you can visit or or more webs. ^^

These pictures and information are taken from :–Mua-san-hai-cau-tan-khoc-bat-dau-_1604.asps?lang=1


42 responses to “Saving the whales and dolphins

  1. This is stupid!! All the poor animals I see here is just horrible! They should make a right that you cannot hunt the animals in danger of extinction!

  2. ur mean go to hell

  3. who ever made this is really mean…. no one wants to see this………sick:(

  4. These people are really sick minded! Sort ur selves out!!!!!!!

  5. Save these creatures !

  6. I hate people like this!

  7. they shouldn’t be able to do this people don’t have a right and it should be against the law and ANIMALS ROCK!!!!

  8. Help the animals

    they shouldn’t be able to do this people don’t have a right and it should be against the law and ANIMALS ROCK!!!!

  9. This is my third look at these photos and i still feel ill. These people never got permission from the poor animals to do this.
    Save the animals!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Help the animals

    Whats wrong with these peeps

  11. Help Save the Whales and dolphins!

  12. who ever does that they are such REDARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Sophia Abruzzese

    I love animals and sea mammals and I cannot bare to see them harmed!!!!!!!!!

  14. Sophia Abruzzese

    Saving them is what they should do because they are endangered, I hope there OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I think it’s down right ignorant for people to hunt these animals. They do no harm to us. It is inhumane the way they kill gods creations, and it needs to be stopped.

  16. I hope they kill all them darn animals.

  17. why would you wount to kill an animal it didnt do anything to you. you should leave the animals alone. you need to save the animals not kill them they are indangerd speacies. DO NOT KILL GODS CREATERS.

  18. this is not right who ever made this is sick and twisted these animals dont deserve this i hope you burn in hell you basterd

  19. thats very sad

  20. ryan

  21. stop killing them ,they didn’t do nothing to you so you shouldn’t do nothing to them.

  22. this site blows

  23. I stumbled across this looking up photos of whales…. to say I am horrified, would be an understatement. Thank you for putting this out there.. The general public has no idea this type of thing is actually happening.


  25. I stumbled across this looking up photos of whales…. to say I am horrified, would be an undersatement. Thanks you for putting this out there.. The general public has no idea this type of thing is actuallly happening.

  26. so animals are on the earth for us to eat, use for warmth and all the other great wonders that they are for. It is wrong to slaughter tham and not use all of the resource available from the animal. It used to be done in a way that was less inhumane.. but oh well.. most people dont care enough about anything to try and stop it.. what are 50 people on one website gonna do

  27. Carlie Chew

    This makes me sick. This world is not ours to do whatever we want. These creatures were here before us and are much more deserving of this earth. Take a look around and appreciate this beautiful planet and all of it’s creatures.

  28. The grammar, or lack there of, on this page is what makes me sick. It’s horrifying to think I share the world with such ignorant beasts (you guys). I wish I were a slaughtered rhino.

  29. karina tangohau

    this is sooooo sad 😦 😦

  30. crazy people 😦 😦 😦

  31. why do they do it its is horried i would kill the people doing see how they would like how rude of them

  32. that is so mean!!! save the whales and all the other animals!

  33. The man is the bigest beast in the world ….This is not human ,some day the man deserve punishment t for this masakar …Terible ! This must stop!

  34. you know what you ediots i hope that one day one of those whales kill you because just so u know they are 3 times stronger than you.

  35. this is awful men should stop whales and dolphins are my two favorite animals we should let plenty of generations see these amazing creatures shame on you hunters!!!!!!!!

  36. If i have possible then i do my best for saving whale.

  37. The pictures i have just seen are horrific ! join my campain to stop whale hunting

  38. i do eat meat and wear leather so i won’t a hyprocrite..i vehemently believall endangered species need absolute protection and preservation. Alot of other countries don’t have our food supply and with exponentially higher population. for them it’s a matter of survival not morals, but the manner of those mammals death is unnessary blackhearted sadism.

  39. I am from New Zealand and we DO NOT hunt dolphins and whales (just saying) . We are one of the countries trying to fight for this to stop, so please get your facts right….I do not agree with the killing of whales and dolphins and especially in the way in which they do it. It needs to stop otherwise we will end up killing off these beautiful creatures.

  40. I feel sorry for those people killing animals because Im sure they will not find any freedom. Not now, not when they die and not in their next life !

  41. saying all this isn’t helping, if you want to stop the killing do something don’t type it on the internet

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