Viet Nam is a potential country which is developing so fast. Base on opening policies of government and the effort of creating and studying from surrounding developed countries. Our country have been attractive a big number of foreign investors coming to Viet Nam per year. Beside that everyone is approached with high techniques. The high buildings and techniques help the people working well and fast. However it is quite difficult for traditional workers and less than   untraditional workers to apply these available techniques in their job. Beside their main jobs, they have to take some soft teaching classes as well as technique applying classes to catch up with developing of Viet Nam’s society. The working force is now so plenty but the employers need more and more other skills and to work at foreign companies. Studying english is so extremely important beside knowledge therefore they are busy to take english courses after time working.

Nowadays, women are not small labor force outside their home. They play more and more key role in companies, this led to have more two income parent, they don’t have a lot of time to cook, thus they often have trend is that they choose instant and fast food by going to supermarket or Gia Dinh supermarket and so forth… instead of buying raw materials at market, and so on to cook the meal. Because they are busy with their jobs, so they don’t have enough time to teach and care children. To solve these problems, the fathers and mothers usually hire baby sitters or bring them into founder school to care them. When the children growth. They hire the tutors to teach for them. This is to the parent feel that they don’t worry about their children. However, from the reasons like lacking parent’s caring, their sons and daughters go into bad way, approach to sex so early, but don’t understand strongly, that is the reason why there are so many publics and students enter to hospital to break foetuses

The people now have the need to reduce stress so high. The leisure Centre is the place they choose to satisfy their need like Dam Sen, snake bars, ect…. When they have a long- term holiday they often come to travel place as some beach cities to relax.

The influence of cultures of western countries, they begin wearing sexy clothes. And when they have better life, they care more about their clothing styles. There are so many goods what are exported from other countries as well as are made internal country. They have more chosen than in the past. However the relationship between people to people is stranger.
The distribution of Viet Nam population between cities is not even. Hence, there are a big amount of people living at center cities, traffic systems don’t meet and cause traffic jam at hot time.

Industrialism age, poison gases are born from factories and vehicles, the people cut and burn forests no to be scientific ways. All of them make not to appear equilibrium of environment. Therefore, everyone is facing with terrible storms and the high temperature from sun

In summary, when our country is developing, people’s life is increasing so high, this require everyone to have more skills, flexible, intellectual. And they need to find out the best way to minimum the bad effect into environment.

Phạm Thi Huệ ( Baiu08245 )
First of all,thanks for reading my entry.Secondly, if i have any mistakes, please let me know it. Thank you so much .
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