Social issues

Last night, I just saw paper which said about criminal in My hometown. I am very surprised! If criminal happen in Ho Chi Minh city . It is normal, because  there is a big city where people come to build career. My hometown is small and from ancient to now. It is quiet and safety for not only habitants but also tourist

The newspaper said that criminal  began to go poor or small province where they can live and protect them. Because police in HCM are finding them. Hiding in small town, they continue stealing and ready kill people who protect them to robby. Habitants in Thanh Thai street still remember a robber which happened two years ago. Robber killed young man who stopped robber when robber got box of goal. It was dangerous! For fifteen minutes,  police to come place. However, the robber went out. And police found very difficult. As a result, robber death penalty. And this made our life did not feel comfortable. Everybody scared. People began to forget it.  Another robber came hometown and stealing happen.

Many robbers come our life we should question why do many robbers live our life? They like stealing or another reasons. Of course, two question have two answers. Firstly, Question one, how do you think about our life? It is not good. Economics in Viet Nam and other countries decrease, people become unemployment. They can not find other works while standard of living is worst and worst. Difficult follow difficult, they still accept. Secondly, some one does not want to work but like a lot of money. They become robbers. Each of person has each of ways become robbers which is damaged of society.

We are still students, we do not help more for society. However, knowledge which we have from school or social teams, can help our keep away bad things of society. Having good life, for ourselves and if we have free time, we should carry out propaganda and education people who do not have this problem or people used to meet problem to come back society. It is very wonderful and helpful!




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