Criminal at young age

Recently, the criminal has raised, the majority were minorities, who are going to school, that makes a pain and a big question for society.

In the pass, the crimes that minorities violated were stealing, aggression, quarrel. Nowadays, the cases are more serious, such as fighting with weapon, stealing big property, even raping, murdering, buying and selling cocaine etc.

There are many reasons causing the crime violation of people at young age, but according to experts’ appraisal, the less attention of family was the main reason.

There are so many parents indulge their children so much that them give their children so much money without control.  So many mothers were surprised when they saw their children at the court because they were too busy with their works so they didn’t pay attention to their children.

Families which are so poor and violence is also a cause of violation crime of young people. They were effect by the family, such as they saw their father quarreled and hit their mother, their souls were hurt and they tend to be more violent more than others, they also were pushed out of school and . These kids are easily to entice to criminal bands.

Besides, education in our schools is very poor, we are not pay attention and appreciate the importance of this. The subject of ethic is general, not clear and not realistic, and it’s just a sub subject, less appreciated in school. Pupils have not enough chance to participate in outdoor activity; all they know is just theories.

Another side of the reason of the increasing the criminal is that the development of economic and internet. Many pupils concern on chatting, surfing the internet more than going to school. They like playing violence games that no department can control this. And websites of sex are so many and easy to access, that’s why more and more young people have sex soon and more than ever before.

Everything begins with a lie; an examination shows that 22% pupils in primary lie to their parents, 50% in elementary, 64% in high school.

Statistic shows that the awareness of ethic in a part of pupils in school are decreasing, more and more pupils like using luxurious thing and forget the value of ethic because of the less attention of family.

To limit the number of criminal at young age, we have to encourage the education of knowledge for pupils not only in theory like math, history, English etc, but also in social knowledge, sex education, help them aware the cause and the consequence of social evil and help them find interesting in study, not be engaged by bad friends. Besides, we have to develop the law that concern with protection and raising children. Every family has to pay attention on children and treat them by love more than by material.


Name: Khưu Nhật Ánh

ID: BAIU08081


One response to “Criminal at young age

  1. Grant Wadyabere

    What is a crime? Who determine crime? Who is a criminal? Different individuals from different countries will differently answer these different questions. Why? We have different living standards, ages, norms, values, beliefs, laws, social makeups among aother variables. So what is legal in country A is illegal in country B and C. Drawing lines from this fact a criminal in country A is not a criminal in other countries. Criminals are not made, But a criminal is a good person born in wrong country, or society. Young boys or girls may enjoy certain things which are not allowed in their particular society, so they are criminals? However we have the generally accepted standards of behaving in this world, we must follow them. By so doing, extraordinary people are criminals! Oooooh eish… So i have come to a conclusion that the golden rule is golden and also people may act in any way they please as long as they refrain from oppressing rights of others….

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