The big problems of big city !!!

Nowadays, many people tend to prefer a life in the urban city because of many opportunities that it brings to them, such as: job, career, the entertainment, good education, and better standard of living, etc…However, the life in the urban city is also very stressful and busy. It makes people have to be hard-working and compete with each other a lot to survive in this city. Moreover, one of the biggest problems of the urban city is dense population because more and more people tend to go to the city to find jobs and make a living day by day. The overpopulation creates many worrying problems in our society nowadays.

. First of all, one of the problems that the society in the urban city has to face is unemployment. So many people want to seek a job in this extremely competitive city makes the supply of employment is surplus while the demand for employment cannot meet its supply. People become jobless and can’t afford their own living and their own family. As the result, the standard of living decrease dramatically which leads to the falling in consumers purchasing index and lower GDP, the economic growth of country is degraded. The shortage of the employment also creates a lot of bad consequences in terms of economic and social sides, including: robbing, opium addiction, and so on.

The second problem of dense population is the pollution, such as: air pollution, water pollution, etc…So many traffic release fumes into the air make it polluted and tons of garbage, litter that is released from the daily life haven’t been treated make the air and the water become polluted day by day. In addition, the pollution affects the health of people a lot, it can create some disease for people, such as: weak lung because inhaling too much fume and dusk, and some disease related to people’s respiratory system.

Some other problems of dense population are that: the degradation of infrastructure in society, exhausting resources, traffic jam, stressed lives, illiteracy, the poverty and so forth. All of the above problems resulted from dense population in the urban city.

Huynh Thanh Nguyen



31 responses to “The big problems of big city !!!

  1. good essay it was

  2. This is crappy.

  3. U didnt give a solution:(

  4. Wow……sometimes i feel sad about the city is live in♥♥♥♥

  5. Good article! We have the same views. This is good to raise awareness in ordinary (typically less educated) people to think differently.
    To someone who wants a solution for this problem, if you think logically, the solution is simple: birth rate vs death rate. The goal is to reduce population over a period of time and then keep it stable at an optimal level.
    It’s simple in theory but yet so hard to achieve because:
    1 traditionally people want to have many children
    2 government is earning more from tax through population growth
    3 large companies also earning more through population growth
    The main point is: government and companies will be losing money if population decreases, therefore they only pretend to care about these issues but not actually doing anything.
    What we as the people need to do is to educate ourselves and change our mindset. Have less children. And give them a better future!
    This is a long term progress but we have to start now!

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  7. I used that article for my homework . Thanks for this useful article.

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  9. I feel like it was made by a kid.

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  23. I think u should concentrate on ur spellings, sentence formation, ur matter is good but the way u deliver ur ideas needs improvement 😊

  24. Wrong perception;
    Reducing population growth is a not a worthmentioning solution i mean why r u guys always concerned with the number of children …they r the blossoms of heaven sorry but am a Muslim n donot agree with this. ..instead of population control we should focus on utilizing our resources that’s a better solution in my opinion

  25. It doesn’t tell us enough problems

  26. nice

  27. I think you have some problems, but it’s still helpful for me.

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