Omegle ( is a kind of web that allows you to chat with another person whom you know nothing about him or her, in other word, a stranger, just like its slogan: Talk to strangers!

Now you must have wondered what a web like this can do for you. The answer is very simple. It was made with only one purpose, or two, or three, whatever, not that I care, to make use of the conversations between people through out the world to relieve the stress that they have built up for a long time because of their jobs, their school or whatever happened in their daily life; or to find themselves a soul-mate, or even batter, a lover. To the people who are still lonely (including me) in this cruel and unfair world, where they have done their best but still haven’t got anyone who can cure their soul, yet those who do nothing and still get what they want. Isn’t it unfair? Since when our world has become a crazy world filled with stupid and good-for-nothing people like this? When will the scientists find the answer for this damn society? When will… just kidding!! It was not a bad joke, was it? Okay, let’s get back to the topic! We have gone so far. Anyways, you also have to be careful, because you don’t always get the result that you like when using this web. It may become a counteraction. There is a time when a son and his mother chatted with each other, which neither of them, naturally, know absolutely nothing about that fact. So, in the end, when they find out about it, you must have imagined how awkward it became, right? Just look at the picture below!

When I looked at this picture, I was rolling on the floor laughing (ROFL). Oh my god! What a damn funny coincidence (lol)!! Anyways, just be careful so that you won’t get in the same situation like them (actually, please do so because I like to see how it will look like_ me thinking while whistling).

So, this can, indeed, also count as a stress-relieving method, can’t it. While living in this society, where everyday may become boring because it has been repeated again, again, again, and again, we need some moment like this, right? And because of that, let’s use this website. Together, we will… Opps, I did it again. Sorry, I mean that we should use this website to make our life more enjoyable and to make all of our stress disappear. Ah, this may look like an ad, but it’s actually not one. So, just use it, everyone. You will eventually become fond of it like me. Okay, I will bid you guys goodbye here. Adiós everyone. See you again!!

Name: Lê Khắc Bình

ID: BAIU08086


2 responses to “OMEGLE

  1. relieve stress? how? I still dont get it. but then again, I am addicted!

  2. I painstakingly learned about the ubersexual, and this is the next trend from metrosexual. With these creams and manly activities. The ubersexual is the most manly of them all. Having a cigar and fine wine is very fitting in my classy way of life, similar to the ubermensch which is where the word ‘ubersexual’ came from.

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