The term charity has become so familiar with us; we often hear someone, some non-profit organization or some government agency asking us to do charity to helping other people who have a miserable circumstance. We do charity because we sympathize; somehow we want to share their burden as much as we can, some case do charity just for advertisement, just for fun, or just to avoiding a bad image of stingy people. However, we should note that everything has two sides, charity has no exception.

We must admit that no matter how much the society has developed, whenever or wherever, there was always have a gap between the rich and poor people. So, when the gap too large, the disaster occurs, or something that make the life of someone become so hard, so difficult to overcome, a charity happened. Ironically, people who need charity take a majority population. Indeed, a charity is necessary, it somehow helps maintain the balance of dividing resources among people, it help miserable people to overcome those hard time, move on to live, to believe that they aren’t alone anymore.

On the other hand, some may take advantage of charity; they may use this term to benefit themselves instead of the poor people. It makes a charity people no longer believe in the effectiveness of any charity program and the suffering people who really need charity feel insult, being hurt by those selfish action. Gradually, the term charity has lost it pure benevolence purpose from the beginning.

Often, we just couldn’t help but we buying the things that we don’t need, we offer our blood, give money to those charity programs or any case we encounter everyday with the thoughts that somehow it may helping others people, and we think we had did the right thing. However, have we ever know or just think that what would those miserable people think about our action? Does it come from a benevolence purpose or something else? Did they feel happy or they feel their self-respectful has being hurt, feel more pitiful? Did those action has effect, to help them overcome hard time, and continue live on by their own, or they continue to depend on those charity program?

One more thing, many people may disagree with me, in my opinion, life is nothing but a real game. A game, has its own rule, has its own challenge for those who playing it. A problem, difficult time we encounter everyday is just a part of life game, to finish it, we must go on steps by steps, from easy to hard, based on our ability, and a problem will show off to challenge us. A charity, in a view of gamer, is nothing but a cheating. It just happened to help them get through those difficult challenges and give them nothing else to learn. Someday, these challenge may occurs again and again to make sure that the gamer has finish it themselves.

In general, everything has advantage and disadvantage, nothing perfect, charity is no exception. Even though it brings the contemporary benefit for those people who get in a tough time, the problem still there, it just gives them a fish, not teach them how to fish properly.

Name: Nguyễn Ngọc Thạch

ID: BAUN08072


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