Recent research shows that the impact of the social networking is more strongly than we could imagine. It has changed the way we speak, the way we interact and the way we think. Although there are many benefits to social networking online, it also include dangers that you should aware to protect yourself.

This is not the first time you heard the word” Social networking”, but perhaps you are not quite sure what it means. Social networking is web-based service, with a large community. Although social networking is possible in person, especially in the workplace, universities, and high schools, it is most popular online with websites. In these sites, people can create an account after accept some conditions from the web service. By using the account, the users can access to their website and use the website as their own places to share common interest in hobbies, culture, knowledge and make new friends. From the idea that people want to make the connection with their friends by using the Internet, in 1995, an earlt Social Network was borned, Classmates. This was created to connect the students in school, or class, so the early users of this site ware only the students or teenagers. In 1997, “” was released. The users of this sites can edit their profile, send a message and be friends with strange people from the site. Lately, many Social Networks have developed and released,  Cyworld (2001), Friendster (2002), Skyblog (2002). Myspace, Orkut, Yahoo 360, and Facebook were the popular Networking Sites until now. Myspace and Facebook have more than 300 million of users nowadays (from the

Social Networking is a good connection that help connect people together. In fact, it  affects every individual in our social. People use Social Networks with different ways, someone want to use for keeping in touch with their friends, other one use the sites for studying,finding the information, or maybe use it to find friends from the Internet. Whatever they use Social Networking in their own way, it will affects to themselves, especially, cultures, living style, and their thinking.

Social networking have changed the traditional friend relationship. Today when we make new friends, we are more likely to ask “What is your Facebook?” or “Do you have a blog?” instead of  asking to know the phone number. Living in a modern life, everybody is very busy with their jobs. Time is a problem to them, so they use social network to keep in touch with their friends and family. The structure of Networking sites allow users can make new friends, and update information from their friends whenever they get some news such as entries, status, and so on.

People who are the users of Social Networks can study much from their own sites. Social Networking can educate the teenagers.  They use social networks to share their feeling, knowledge and their friend will read it and evaluate it. The interesting thing about these sites is that you can develop an online friendship with some one in other country around the world. Not only will you make new friends, but you just might learn a thing or two about new cultures or new languages and learning is always a good thing

People living in extreme corners of the world are seen to be getting married, friends from far-off places are able to keep in touch with each other and lovers from two parts of the world stay connected with each other’s emotional needs. These help us make new friends, stay in touch with the old ones and let us know more about the persons we care

Data theft and viruses is some dangers asociated with the social network. Moreover, teenagers are really the problems for using Social Networking; some bad people can use social noetwork for their bad behavior. Flirting with strangers online could have serious consequences. Because some people lie about who they really are, you never really know who you’re dealing with. Therefore, be wary if a new online friends want to meet you in person. Meet in the public place if you are decided to accept the invitation

Myspace and Facebook have become be very popular with young users; and now, those Networking Sites are continuing to develop, they get much users than any other social sites got before.These sites are trying to find the best way to make their websites easily to use and safely. By developing the applications for the Social Networks, we will protect the user from predators or criminals. The software can determine whether the users are criminals or not by scan their entries, and analyze all the information of the users that they are doubt.

Social networking sites actually appears to reduce loneliness and improve well-being. As for social networking sites being a poor alternative to real-world socializing, surveys reported at a conference in 2006 indicate that Facebook users mostly use it to maintain relationships with people they meet offline.
Social networks are now developing very steady, the users of Social networks are up to millions, and it will get up more. So we need to develop Social network in the positive way.

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  3. Grant Wadyabere

    Social networking! Thanks to easement in interaction, it keeps us from the feeling of incommunicadoness. However social networking is not without its drawbacks. The issue of to a greater or lesser extent blatantly depends on your level of bravado to confront reality. Spying, thiefing, grapevine and networking after all is not for free. Who benefits?

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