Birth-Rate in Vietnam

The more country develops, the more inportant rising birth-rate becomes. Nowadays, Vietnam is one of the nations has high birth-rate and crowded population all over the world.According to the statistics in 2008, it shows that currently Vietnam has 86.5 million people, ranking 13th in the world and the density of 227 persons per square kilometre. The government has many efforts to reduce the birth-rate by many policies. But are they really effective? Moreover, how does this population boom affact to our country such as standard of living, education, unemployment…? These questions are anwsered in this our report. In addition, our group will give you some solutions to restrict this fact and its effects.

To understand this report obviously, we restate the definition of birth-rate: The ratio of total live births to total population in a specified community or area over a specified period of time. The birthrate is often expressed as the number of live births per 1,000 of the population per year.The General Department of Population reports that by October 2008, approximately 95,000 third babies were born in 43 provinces and cities and the figure is estimated to rise to 142,000 by the year’s end. This means the number of the third child increased by 13.8 percent against in 2007.By April 1, 2009, Vietnam had 85.789 million people, of which 49.5 percent were men and 50.5 percent women. Vietnam is the third most-populated country in Southeast Asia and 13th in the world, announced the General Statistics Office’s chief Nguyen Duc Hoa on August 13. According to the General Statistics Department, in the last ten years (1999-2009), Vietnam’s population increased by 9.47 million, at an annual population growth rate of 1.2 percent, compared to 1.7 percent in the 1989-1999 period.

This is the data of bith rate in Vietnam from 2003 to 2008. (Source: CIA World Factbook – December 18, 2008).

This birth-rate reflects the population in Vietnam which is indicated in the below table:

The table shows that the population in Vietnam has continuously increased over years, but the ratio of increasing population decreased.

Why does the birth-rate in Vietnam increase again? There are some reasons can explain for that fact. The Vietnamese government has issued policies to restrict bith-rate such as “one or two children” policy in 17/1/1997. And in reallity, these policies help our country reduce the birth-rate considerablely. From the avarage of birth-rate is 2,7% in the years before 1997, it was decreased into 1,6% in period 1997-2002 before increasing again in 2003. Although we got some achievements in deducing birth-rate, the population is still high. So, what are the reasons of this problem?  In my opinion, there are 3 basic reasons we can easily see.

First, as you know, the economy of Vietnam bases on the agriculture, so it involves a big labour force. Moreover, our country has more than 50% labour force operate in this field and most of them want to have many children to improve the productivity in producing agriculture. Because of their wrong thinking, it makes the population enhance.

Second, because of fogyish custom, most of couple in Vietnam likes a boy rather than a girl. The popular case is that many couples had two or three daughters (even more than), but they still try to seek a son. Another situation of fogyish custom is that Vietnamese believe that if they born in a good year (depend on their belief), their baby and family will be luckier and happier. For instance, the “race” was born in the “golden pig” (2006) has started on the destination. According to Mr. Nguyen Viet Tien – Director of Production Hospital Women Surgeons, 10 years of hospital indicators than in the previous year are increased by 15-20%. For example, in 2000 with about 10,000 live births in the hospital and 2006 this number had reached 18,000 live births in 2007 and is expected to grow to more than 20,000 live births. Hospitals have seen before because of the overload from late 2006 to examine pregnant women has increased suddenly and far too serious load of women to birth children. While conditions facilities, equipment, human resources without improving but there are too many live births that is the mean hospital try to have to bear the burden overwhelmed.

Finally, sex education in our country is not popular enough. Because of lacking education, they don’t know the disadvantages of having many children such as reducing conditions in studying, worse standard of living …  Besides, the trend of pregnancies and abortions is a symptom of teenagers’ ignorance of sexual matters. ”Sexual health care among adolescents today is not a cause for great optimism,” said Pham Song, chair man of the Vietnam Family Planning Association.

Coming back the question “why did the birth-rate increase again in 2003?”. There are many disputations about this problem. Most policticians supposed that art 1, provision 10 in Family Planning Law says that “Each couples, inviduals has the right to dicide the number of baby…” make citizen misunderstand. This article means that the husband and the wife have equal right to decide the number of baby (not depend on the husband). But people understand in a wrong way that they can decide the number of baby. So, that fact is considered as a big reason makes birth-rate go up again in 2003.

Because of high birth-rate in Vietnam, in my opinion, I suggest some solutions to solve that problem. First, we need to improve the population policy to make it fit the present situation such as applying high penalties to punish families, individuals break the law. For example: We must clearly define that each family just only have one or two children. But if their child died in war, they could have the third child. If a civil servant has the third child, they will be cut off all reward and lose some interest. Second, we need to improve citizen’s awareness about sex from the small age such as: teaching sex education in high school because teen pregnancy is one reason that makes the birthrate goes high. If teenagers have a good educate about sex, this problem absolutely can be solved.

In addition, we should show them the disadvantage of having too much children:

* The first disadvantage is financial problem. Too much children mean less money for take care their children. Children cannot go to school. So children future will not ensure.

* The second disadvantage is social problem.

The rise of social evils like: stealing, rape, drug…

High population is a reason of starvation.

Accommodation is one of the tough problems.

Health care is not ensuring. Our country is not have enough doctor

The birthrate must fit with rate of industry grow. We need to transfer from agriculture to industry gradually. Modernize agriculture is one step can’t be pass to decrease labour and increase productivity.




Student’s name : Hoàng Anh Quang

Student’s ID       : BA070125

Class                      : BA07IU5

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