In Vietnam, we have a lot of customs which have remained from generation to generation. Among these custom, there are three important things: buying yellow chrysanthemums in the Lunar New Year, tao mo and cung gio.Tao  mo is the custom that all family members visit their ancestor’graves on the last day of every lunar year. Then they clean and decorate the graves as carefully as people do for their house. People do this regularly because people want their ancestors to be able to welcome the New Year. Cung gio is the anniversary of ancestors’death. During that day, descendants and relatives gather in order to prepare a feast to worship the dead person. This is the good occasion for descendants and relatives to express their gratitude to their ancestors. Vietnamese believe that the soul of dead people can have an effect on their life. Whether they can receive luck or not, which depends on the way express their gratitude to their ancestors. Therefore , tao mo and cung gio are very important for Vietnamese every year.                      

Every year in the Lunar New Year, Vietnamese people enjoy the pleasure of showcasing colorful flowers. Yellow chrysanthemums show a distinctive beauty in both color and fragrance.The vivid yellow and gentle fragrance drives many families to decorate their house with chrysanthesum, which they arrange in vases or have in pots at the front door to welcome the new year. The chrysanthemum is also symbolic of a composed and unpretentious lifestyle. It is favored on Tet holidays to wish for a harmonious and happy family. The bright yellow of clusters of chrysanthemums represents confidence and hope for a new year. A chrysanthemum vase put in the house seems to bring a cozy feeling to the family.

Vuong Thi Van Anh



  1. The writing is not good enough. Revision is strongly recommended.

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