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Birth-Rate in Vietnam

The more country develops, the more inportant rising birth-rate becomes. Nowadays, Vietnam is one of the nations has high birth-rate and crowded population all over the world.According to the statistics in 2008, it shows that currently Vietnam has 86.5 million people, ranking 13th in the world and the density of 227 persons per square kilometre. The government has many efforts to reduce the birth-rate by many policies. But are they really effective? Moreover, how does this population boom affact to our country such as standard of living, education, unemployment…? These questions are anwsered in this our report. In addition, our group will give you some solutions to restrict this fact and its effects.

To understand this report obviously, we restate the definition of birth-rate: The ratio of total live births to total population in a specified community or area over a specified period of time. The birthrate is often expressed as the number of live births per 1,000 of the population per year.The General Department of Population reports that by October 2008, approximately 95,000 third babies were born in 43 provinces and cities and the figure is estimated to rise to 142,000 by the year’s end. This means the number of the third child increased by 13.8 percent against in 2007.By April 1, 2009, Vietnam had 85.789 million people, of which 49.5 percent were men and 50.5 percent women. Vietnam is the third most-populated country in Southeast Asia and 13th in the world, announced the General Statistics Office’s chief Nguyen Duc Hoa on August 13. According to the General Statistics Department, in the last ten years (1999-2009), Vietnam’s population increased by 9.47 million, at an annual population growth rate of 1.2 percent, compared to 1.7 percent in the 1989-1999 period.

This is the data of bith rate in Vietnam from 2003 to 2008. (Source: CIA World Factbook – December 18, 2008).

This birth-rate reflects the population in Vietnam which is indicated in the below table:

The table shows that the population in Vietnam has continuously increased over years, but the ratio of increasing population decreased.

Why does the birth-rate in Vietnam increase again? There are some reasons can explain for that fact. The Vietnamese government has issued policies to restrict bith-rate such as “one or two children” policy in 17/1/1997. And in reallity, these policies help our country reduce the birth-rate considerablely. From the avarage of birth-rate is 2,7% in the years before 1997, it was decreased into 1,6% in period 1997-2002 before increasing again in 2003. Although we got some achievements in deducing birth-rate, the population is still high. So, what are the reasons of this problem?  In my opinion, there are 3 basic reasons we can easily see.

First, as you know, the economy of Vietnam bases on the agriculture, so it involves a big labour force. Moreover, our country has more than 50% labour force operate in this field and most of them want to have many children to improve the productivity in producing agriculture. Because of their wrong thinking, it makes the population enhance.

Second, because of fogyish custom, most of couple in Vietnam likes a boy rather than a girl. The popular case is that many couples had two or three daughters (even more than), but they still try to seek a son. Another situation of fogyish custom is that Vietnamese believe that if they born in a good year (depend on their belief), their baby and family will be luckier and happier. For instance, the “race” was born in the “golden pig” (2006) has started on the destination. According to Mr. Nguyen Viet Tien – Director of Production Hospital Women Surgeons, 10 years of hospital indicators than in the previous year are increased by 15-20%. For example, in 2000 with about 10,000 live births in the hospital and 2006 this number had reached 18,000 live births in 2007 and is expected to grow to more than 20,000 live births. Hospitals have seen before because of the overload from late 2006 to examine pregnant women has increased suddenly and far too serious load of women to birth children. While conditions facilities, equipment, human resources without improving but there are too many live births that is the mean hospital try to have to bear the burden overwhelmed.

Finally, sex education in our country is not popular enough. Because of lacking education, they don’t know the disadvantages of having many children such as reducing conditions in studying, worse standard of living …  Besides, the trend of pregnancies and abortions is a symptom of teenagers’ ignorance of sexual matters. ”Sexual health care among adolescents today is not a cause for great optimism,” said Pham Song, chair man of the Vietnam Family Planning Association.

Coming back the question “why did the birth-rate increase again in 2003?”. There are many disputations about this problem. Most policticians supposed that art 1, provision 10 in Family Planning Law says that “Each couples, inviduals has the right to dicide the number of baby…” make citizen misunderstand. This article means that the husband and the wife have equal right to decide the number of baby (not depend on the husband). But people understand in a wrong way that they can decide the number of baby. So, that fact is considered as a big reason makes birth-rate go up again in 2003.

Because of high birth-rate in Vietnam, in my opinion, I suggest some solutions to solve that problem. First, we need to improve the population policy to make it fit the present situation such as applying high penalties to punish families, individuals break the law. For example: We must clearly define that each family just only have one or two children. But if their child died in war, they could have the third child. If a civil servant has the third child, they will be cut off all reward and lose some interest. Second, we need to improve citizen’s awareness about sex from the small age such as: teaching sex education in high school because teen pregnancy is one reason that makes the birthrate goes high. If teenagers have a good educate about sex, this problem absolutely can be solved.

In addition, we should show them the disadvantage of having too much children:

* The first disadvantage is financial problem. Too much children mean less money for take care their children. Children cannot go to school. So children future will not ensure.

* The second disadvantage is social problem.

The rise of social evils like: stealing, rape, drug…

High population is a reason of starvation.

Accommodation is one of the tough problems.

Health care is not ensuring. Our country is not have enough doctor

The birthrate must fit with rate of industry grow. We need to transfer from agriculture to industry gradually. Modernize agriculture is one step can’t be pass to decrease labour and increase productivity.




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Viet Nam is a potential country which is developing so fast. Base on opening policies of government and the effort of creating and studying from surrounding developed countries. Our country have been attractive a big number of foreign investors coming to Viet Nam per year. Beside that everyone is approached with high techniques. The high buildings and techniques help the people working well and fast. However it is quite difficult for traditional workers and less than   untraditional workers to apply these available techniques in their job. Beside their main jobs, they have to take some soft teaching classes as well as technique applying classes to catch up with developing of Viet Nam’s society. The working force is now so plenty but the employers need more and more other skills and to work at foreign companies. Studying english is so extremely important beside knowledge therefore they are busy to take english courses after time working.

Nowadays, women are not small labor force outside their home. They play more and more key role in companies, this led to have more two income parent, they don’t have a lot of time to cook, thus they often have trend is that they choose instant and fast food by going to supermarket or Gia Dinh supermarket and so forth… instead of buying raw materials at market, and so on to cook the meal. Because they are busy with their jobs, so they don’t have enough time to teach and care children. To solve these problems, the fathers and mothers usually hire baby sitters or bring them into founder school to care them. When the children growth. They hire the tutors to teach for them. This is to the parent feel that they don’t worry about their children. However, from the reasons like lacking parent’s caring, their sons and daughters go into bad way, approach to sex so early, but don’t understand strongly, that is the reason why there are so many publics and students enter to hospital to break foetuses

The people now have the need to reduce stress so high. The leisure Centre is the place they choose to satisfy their need like Dam Sen, snake bars, ect…. When they have a long- term holiday they often come to travel place as some beach cities to relax.

The influence of cultures of western countries, they begin wearing sexy clothes. And when they have better life, they care more about their clothing styles. There are so many goods what are exported from other countries as well as are made internal country. They have more chosen than in the past. However the relationship between people to people is stranger.
The distribution of Viet Nam population between cities is not even. Hence, there are a big amount of people living at center cities, traffic systems don’t meet and cause traffic jam at hot time.

Industrialism age, poison gases are born from factories and vehicles, the people cut and burn forests no to be scientific ways. All of them make not to appear equilibrium of environment. Therefore, everyone is facing with terrible storms and the high temperature from sun

In summary, when our country is developing, people’s life is increasing so high, this require everyone to have more skills, flexible, intellectual. And they need to find out the best way to minimum the bad effect into environment.

Phạm Thi Huệ ( Baiu08245 )
First of all,thanks for reading my entry.Secondly, if i have any mistakes, please let me know it. Thank you so much .
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Saving the whales and dolphins

You maybe shock for all those pictures. But this is just a part of what human have done for animal. Hunting for fur,meat,horn…and for everything that we can take. But today,i will just mention about whales and dolphins,2 kinds of the most hunted animal in the world.

Whales are the biggest animal in the world. Especially,the Blue whale has the same length as 3 busses,the same weight as 25 elephants and its mouth can held about 100 people. They’re even bigger than dinorsaurs. With a impressive dimension like that,the Whales seem not to have any enemies. But time after time,now,the human become the biggest danger for them.

According to the Atlantic Whale Foundation,there are 1,500-2,000 pilot whales are slaughtered in the Faroes every single year. 665 products in Japanese markets were identified to contain at least 15 different species of whale and dolphin.Seven out  of the 13 great whale species are still endangered or vulnerable after decades of protection. Around 300 whales are still taken from the Antarctic waters by the Japanese for ‘research’  they also sell the flesh from these “scientifically gathered” whales to fund their marine research programmes…

And how are Whales killed? Explosive harpoons are used, that puncture the skin and then explode inside the body, blowing the whales insides to pieces seconds after impact. The whales can then take minutes or several hours of suffering before it dies often by bleeding to death. Even then they may have to be shot many times before they finally die.

Killing dolphin is not less crual. In one method, called Drive Hunts, fishermen frighten and corral the dolphins into a bay using loud noise, by banging on long pipes held in the water. The dolphins are then trapped in bays (or coves) using large nets, preventing their escape. They are then killed using spears and knives. Dall’s porpoises are killed using hand-thrown harpoons attached to ropes – this is the biggest cetacean slaughter in the world.

The countries which hunted these animals most are Japan,New Zealand,Iceland…Whales and Dolphine are hunted for meat and grease. Some supermarkets in Japan offer dolphin meat for sale,even though this meat is often heavily contaminated with mercury and other toxins. In order to increase consumption, the Japanese government has even distributed whale and dolphin meat to canteens in schools and hospitals . Fishermen also catch dolphins to sell to aquaria and dolphinaria in Japan and elsewhere for public display and interaction programmes such as swimming with dolphins.

Most of those countries always take the science reason to cover what they’ve done for whale and dolphine.  But what kind of science research that have to hunt for thousands  of whale and dolphin each year ?  There’s country like Norway,the goverment allow hunting whale for comercial purpose. Beside,Japan seem to take a same walk like Norway when they want to push up the quantity of whale hunting.

The whale and dolphin will become extinct soon if the human don’t stop what they’re doing. We will never have a chance to see those animal again. And if we eat all of these animal,what will we eat next ? Maybe whole of the Earth.


Lê Thu Ngọc Huyền


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Traffic jam – Government’s responsibility or Citizens’ awareness ?

According to statistics of Ministry of Communications and Public works, traffic jam in HCMC will be more serious in the next three year. Due to the increasing number of transportation registration and the behindhand in enforcing Government’s solution, the development of socioeconomic will be also affected. It is not good for Vietnam in general and for HCMC in special. No one wants to live along with the obstructing traffic which is more frequently day after day. But leaving that big issue, now we discuss which reason lead us to this inconvenient situation.

In recent day, public opinion regularly criticizes the tardy progress of the roadwork which is setup more and more on the street. In some cases, the roadwork is almost expanded over the street; traffic is at a standstill, and people hustle in the crowd on the pavement, try to pass through this way to go home every tired evening. Gradually, roadwork becomes a nightmare of the citizen. Some people who want to avoid this state choose to go home sooner or later, but it still cannot solve this problem much.

In addition to the unreasonable restructuring of one-way street causes lots of difficulties for some transportation, especially cars and lorries. There have about 40.000 cars circulating in HCMC today (based on figure of Road Traffic Department) and the number is a little bit higher in the future when urban people’s demand and living standard are upper. However, in this condition, without any realizable solution, we don’t have place to move in near future.

Traffic jam in big cities is always a tough problem that makes Government sometimes get stuck in some traffic solution. The reason of the jam is not only on account of the traffic but also the population growth and the increasing immigrant rate from other country into big cities.

Thus, the question for the Government is how to deal with it?

The fact that the local administration made every effort to reduce this situation, but it still wasn’t resolved completely. Nevertheless, the remarkable achievement could be named is the  traffic light control. The red-light is set at the same time in almost the big crossroads. It helps decreasing the amount of transportation circulating through the crossroads by compelling to stop all of them in about 1 minute. When the vehicle of two lines completely stops, the green-light, which is turned on, will let the circulation easier. Besides that, the Government corrected the policy that can help urban people avoid traffic jam in rush hours, like arranging the school-time of children sooner or later than the working-time of their parents, or changing the checkout time of the different factories, putting tax on cars when entering in city, limiting the transportation administration, encouraging people using public transportation, etc.

But there is no sign that traffic jam is less serious than yesterday. It occurs not only in rush hours but also in several times during the day.

So, what is the problem?

All the reasons above are just external effects, do you think that the main reason lies in every person?

Rule is made to implement, not to break down.

However, many people were against the rule just because of their private profit. Typically, the transgressing roadway for parking and trading are familiar state in HCMC. The disorder of it lowers the civilization of the big country which is attached special importance to tourism, like Vietnam. Although the traffic inspectors came to serve strong warning on this issue, or even imposed heavy fine many times, there is no change in this situation. It can be described by one word: “consciousness”. If people heighten their own awareness of driving on the street, the jam might not be the unsolved matter. The citizens tend to lay the blame on the Government which didn’t propose any feasible solution for the traffic problem, but we don’t notice that the solution is practical or not, all depend on us. If we totally respect the traffic regulations, such as not being on phone while driving, or exceeding the red-light, or encroaching upon the other side of the car-line, etc, will the circulation be smoother and more swiftly?

The answer is contained in everyone.

It has been a long time since our parents leisurely rode together on bicycles throughout the city street. The young generation nowadays never knows the feeling of riding under the shade of the trees after school-time every evening. The traffic jam seems to destroy all inspiration of the living artist that lies in everybody. A coin has two aspects, also like the traffic solution should be enforced from two sides: Government and citizens. The Government has to tighten management task and ensure that all of the officers are the pioneers who firstly apply the new policy. Then the citizens should be respected the regulations which is in the Government’s policy as well as respecting themselves. A firm foundation in management will lead the country to be successful in lines and policies of renovation of Vietnam, especially in traffic.

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Lê Nguyễn Ngọc Trâm


Imitative life

Whenever I walk on the street, I can easily catch many young people with rather similar styles. They wear the same style of short or T-shirt, dye the same color on their hairs, talk softly, smile charmingly, et cetera. What are all that for when you are a duplicate of somebody else?

To be considered as special people, there are many Vietnamese teenagers admitting to live differently from what they really are. They seem to have many faces and they use each of them for a fixed situation or subject. Changing clothes, behaviors and so on are habits just like natural reflexes to them. Why do they have to copy someone’s image? Why do they keep making things difficult for themselves?

There are many trends imported into Vietnam nowadays such as emo, unisex, metrosexual. Teens just follow as usual without getting the precise meanings of those trends. Emo means that you are very emotionally sensitive…but it is used generally to describe any behavior that is above the norm of emotional sensitivity.

The word generally denotes a feeling of sadness, rather than joy: if you are overly happy, you aren’t necessarily “emo”. But if you are very, very sad and often indulge in self-pity, hating yourself, depressive behavior, then you are “emo”.

Teens think differently: they use a knife to slit their hands, then take some pictures and post them on their blogs or facebooks to show off.

Unisex implies that there is no division between the sexes. The term “unisex” is popularized in clothing and hairstyles and offers a style suitable for either male or female.

Teens nowadays wear showy terrible clothes and they call that unisex…There has been a common trend recently that is self taken pictures. Teens take their pictures everyday, everywhere with pursed lips, wide-opened eyes or even half-length and nude photographs… It just makes them be hard criticized by other people.

The reason for imitation is that Vietnamese teenagers lack self-confidence. Teenagers have their own idol which is a target to achieve. When they can not get to that image, they try to imitate it. They want to affirm themselves, to take advantage of other’s sentiments then finally turn into a real actor playing in the real life. Teens push themselves into many unwilling situations which seem to be harmless without thinking that they will pay the dear cost! They have to say lie, hide their nature and try to catch other’s feelings. It is sad that teens are at once integrating and “dissolving” every passing day.

“Metrosexual” trend from Korea with young men who enjoy beautifying is also developed now. Although they are 100% men, they like going to spa, beauty salon. They apply lipstick on their lips and powder on their face, nourish their hairs just like young ladies.

Young men are dressed up to the nines with only one thought: “Because ladies like Korean men, we will dress just like them so that ladies will fall into us absolutely!”. There are many trends young fellows follow, that makes young ladies can not tell the difference of gender whenever they see them. What I want to emphasize is that men, who are considered as strong individuals, are also affected deeply by those temporary movements! They live an imitative life – an unreal world that ruins every single person.

Using language of teenager, showing like a gentle young lady, a cool man or a rich person and so on to show off or to be admired are all symptoms of Imitative Disease.

Vietnamese teenagers nowadays attach much importance to advice of their friends. Teens will get worry, sad or even angry if their friends speak scornfully of them. This explains why teens want to prove themselves, to be admired by others. Teens imitate their idol’s image then eventually do not realize who they really are. By some means or other, their nature will be revealed and teens will be remoted from society.

If you are just a copy or, even be worse, a draft, you will finally be thrown into a wastebasket of contemptuousness, lonesome and so on terrible things.

Be strong and self-confident; never be seduced to a sumptuous and imitative life. That is all I want to share with you, guys, who used to be, tend to be or now is an imitative one.


Name: Huỳnh Kim Bảo Chi

Student ID: BAWE09276

Profound causes of the HIV/AIDS

HIV/AIDS is an extremely dangerous infectious disease. It has been driving thousands of people to the verge of death. There are many reasons for making AIDS to become SOS.

The first reason is the loose life of the young generation today. The majority of them are teenagers. They follow their friends to illegal places regardless of their family condition because they are curious, they want to try drugs to show themselves. As a result, they are hooked on drugs, they can’t escape from them. And this leads the addicted to social evil to have money to buy drugs. For example, today, there are many robbers, thieves or even murderers who are at the young ages. To have money to buy drugs, they are willing to kill anyone without thinking about the consequences.

Secondly, the irresponsible attitude of parents is one of the main reasons supporting many teenagers to do the wrong things. Many parents don’t care about their children. They just think simply that if they provide everything which their children need, their children will have a good life. They give children a lot of money without thinking about their children’s spending. They always do their business all the time, they have housekeepers take care of their children. For a long time, without looking after their children, which leads to a big distance among members of their family, their children will have a lack of love, share with them. As a consequence, their children will be loose and over control. There are many cases that children become depressed, they only know how to eat, study, and sleep. They don’t want to talk with anybody and live quietly behind their room’s doors. On the other hand, there are many children who behave cruelly, they act without emotion because they don’t how to love and to be loved.

Last but not least, many deaths also caused by the views of the society. People always look down on the HIV/AIDS patients. Very few people open their hearts to welcome the HIV/AIDS even their families. For instance, many families which have the HIV/AIDS consider them to be disgracefulness. They separate the HIV/AIDS patients from the normal people’s world. They build a small house at the corner of their house’s garden for the HIV/AIDS or clock the HIV/AIDS in a small room in their house. This causes many HIV/AIDS patients feel depressed and finally they kill themselves or they will come back their old way because they don’t find out the sympathy of the society.

To overall, the Government has been carrying out many programs to encourage the society to care more about the HIV/AIDS patients. The Government has been holding many training sessions to teach the HIV/AIDS patients useful skills serving their life after they aren’t addicted. They will have a good future. They will set up a new life for themselves and especially, they will become the normal people.


Name: Trần Thị Ngọc Thu

ID: BAAU09315

Keeping a Diary , Should or Not?

Instead of discussing about serious topic , I decided to come back to a simple issue which everybody used to face : Diary and related troublesome problems.

As everyone knew, a diary is considered as a personal space where secrets and innermost feelings are exposed without any mind-barriers.

In the past, a notebook was used to record any activities or events happened chronologically. Later, along with the development of human civilization, diaries took on a new form. The writer could be anyone from any field – a student, a worker, a doctor … Some people treat it like a hobby but others conceive anxieties toward the possibility of leaking their private information. However, no one can deny benefits which should not be passed up from diarizing. These are some suggestions helps.

Firstly, Rethinking of our attitude toward a subject. After that, an adjustment in view will help us in the future.

Secondly, Improving writing skill. This is a good method for practicing ,isn’t it?

Thirdly, Keeping invaluable memories. One day, you might sit back, read again unforgettable lines  and understand that past is an important part of life. In deed, a diary can also become your own personal book which describes experiences in detail.

Finally, Mitigating stress. At a pressure, stressful state will obviously manifest in each person, so why don’t you deliver all mental worries to your diary instead of enduring them? Isn’t it an effective therapeutic to relieve your mind?

Trust and secret always easily triggers controversial problems. Let imagine if someone find out your diaries and read them, you would feel extremely violated and immediately consider him/her as your enemy.

In western countries, rarely had people read other ‘s diary since it would be a matter if you invade someone else privacy. One typical example is the relationship between teenagers and parents, it is very hard to build trust with your children. Despite the fact that you have raised them since they were born, you are only trustworthy as long as you do not intervene deeply into their personal life. The truth hurts. Sometimes, there are thoughts and feelings that simply diary should be the best friend to express. As important as the role of a diary is , so mostly parent will respect children willingness.

On the other hand, oriental culture is a bit different. Majority of parents are not as sensitive, hardly had they put themselves into their children situation and answer questions such as: What would you feel if your children read your diary? Or how will you react in that case? They do not fully understand that their children will absolutely confide in problems to them when something wrong happens. Diary is more like a silent friend that kids will talk to, let out their irritation without bothering family or friends. No sooner had they come across their son/daughter ‘s diary than ninety percents of them read it. Now you know why people say, “What you don’t know cannot hurt you.” In this case, if parent accidentally see some  negative comments , almost  all of them will confront their child right away to explain. Honestly, that would be the most stupid act because it only makes the boy/girl feel betrayed and creates a rift  between you which will be hard to restore. However, in their opinion, they can give themselves rights to know and judge whatever their kids thought or did since they are more mature. Consequently , An argument is unavoidable and the last thing can be realized  is these teenagers will never tell their parent anything about personal life ever again. More exactly, There will be a world hidden behind the front, fake one they built on purpose.

It is said that the more curious you are, the more damages will you take. It is necessary to have a diary to pour out thoughts that cannot share to anyone. That is the time when emotions, weird thoughts or even anger control, so never just look  at one side  and consider it is true. You had better search clearly before go to any conclusion. This does not mean I support snoop or similar acts, the best way is still ignoring or wiping out of your mind  the intend  of reading somebody ‘s diary. Nevertheless, it seems like pages are always irresistibly charmed by theirs own way, so if you had already sneaked , be wise with your attitude toward the “victim” afterward.

In case you found out that the diarist is getting serious troubles or bad mood , you should deliberate carefully before decide to get involved in or not. If you want to help, you have to choose convenient time to talk to him/her without mentioning about things in the diary. Try to open a dialog in a sympathetic way, make that person bring out the story himself/herself.

While somebody gives up diarizing  because afraid of snoopers, others change the performance likes replacing the original diary book by PDA or laptop which have secured with password. Another method is online diary writing , which means you have to sign up an account of a service on the internet. Sharing with friends is a prominent point of this way, you will be able to show other people limited entries.  Therefore, by using  technology , we would effectively prevent breaking in from outside. A discreet place for hiding  is also a good way. But sooner or later, every secret will come out at a time.

Although there are some complicated problems , writing diary is still the best way to keep precious memories since it will tell you a whole story instead of pieces of pictures. Another point is to help you to appreciate time and opportunities. By that way, you can review activities and learn from your own mistakes to accomplish your goal. Let ‘s diarize if you have never tried it  and let ‘s start over if you left for some reasons. I assure you that many years afterward you will not regret doing this.

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