The big problems of big city !!!

Nowadays, many people tend to prefer a life in the urban city because of many opportunities that it brings to them, such as: job, career, the entertainment, good education, and better standard of living, etc…However, the life in the urban city is also very stressful and busy. It makes people have to be hard-working and compete with each other a lot to survive in this city. Moreover, one of the biggest problems of the urban city is dense population because more and more people tend to go to the city to find jobs and make a living day by day. The overpopulation creates many worrying problems in our society nowadays.

. First of all, one of the problems that the society in the urban city has to face is unemployment. So many people want to seek a job in this extremely competitive city makes the supply of employment is surplus while the demand for employment cannot meet its supply. People become jobless and can’t afford their own living and their own family. As the result, the standard of living decrease dramatically which leads to the falling in consumers purchasing index and lower GDP, the economic growth of country is degraded. The shortage of the employment also creates a lot of bad consequences in terms of economic and social sides, including: robbing, opium addiction, and so on.

The second problem of dense population is the pollution, such as: air pollution, water pollution, etc…So many traffic release fumes into the air make it polluted and tons of garbage, litter that is released from the daily life haven’t been treated make the air and the water become polluted day by day. In addition, the pollution affects the health of people a lot, it can create some disease for people, such as: weak lung because inhaling too much fume and dusk, and some disease related to people’s respiratory system.

Some other problems of dense population are that: the degradation of infrastructure in society, exhausting resources, traffic jam, stressed lives, illiteracy, the poverty and so forth. All of the above problems resulted from dense population in the urban city.

Huynh Thanh Nguyen



Criminal at young age

Recently, the criminal has raised, the majority were minorities, who are going to school, that makes a pain and a big question for society.

In the pass, the crimes that minorities violated were stealing, aggression, quarrel. Nowadays, the cases are more serious, such as fighting with weapon, stealing big property, even raping, murdering, buying and selling cocaine etc.

There are many reasons causing the crime violation of people at young age, but according to experts’ appraisal, the less attention of family was the main reason.

There are so many parents indulge their children so much that them give their children so much money without control.  So many mothers were surprised when they saw their children at the court because they were too busy with their works so they didn’t pay attention to their children.

Families which are so poor and violence is also a cause of violation crime of young people. They were effect by the family, such as they saw their father quarreled and hit their mother, their souls were hurt and they tend to be more violent more than others, they also were pushed out of school and . These kids are easily to entice to criminal bands.

Besides, education in our schools is very poor, we are not pay attention and appreciate the importance of this. The subject of ethic is general, not clear and not realistic, and it’s just a sub subject, less appreciated in school. Pupils have not enough chance to participate in outdoor activity; all they know is just theories.

Another side of the reason of the increasing the criminal is that the development of economic and internet. Many pupils concern on chatting, surfing the internet more than going to school. They like playing violence games that no department can control this. And websites of sex are so many and easy to access, that’s why more and more young people have sex soon and more than ever before.

Everything begins with a lie; an examination shows that 22% pupils in primary lie to their parents, 50% in elementary, 64% in high school.

Statistic shows that the awareness of ethic in a part of pupils in school are decreasing, more and more pupils like using luxurious thing and forget the value of ethic because of the less attention of family.

To limit the number of criminal at young age, we have to encourage the education of knowledge for pupils not only in theory like math, history, English etc, but also in social knowledge, sex education, help them aware the cause and the consequence of social evil and help them find interesting in study, not be engaged by bad friends. Besides, we have to develop the law that concern with protection and raising children. Every family has to pay attention on children and treat them by love more than by material.


Name: Khưu Nhật Ánh

ID: BAIU08081

Brands for Who???

Nowadays, Vietnamese’s standard of life become higher and more modern. There are many expensive cars on the streets, many villas and advanced apartments are built and especially people dress very luxurious stuff. Of course, not all of Vietnamese have good conditions to chase the famous Brands but according to Brand names’ development in Vietnam, we have to accept that Vietnamese are getting familiar with Brands through each day. So the questions are: What kind of people use Brands, Why are Brands so expensive and How do people use Brands?

Firstly, Brands are for the rich. People who are cultured people have knowledge and high income such as businessman, singers, actors, models, or soccer players… They belong to upper class have strong influence and private lifestyles. Their incomes must be at least five thousands USD per month to allow them to buy Brand stuff. Everyday, we read some kind of news like: soccer player Cong Vinh buys a convertible car or singer Thanh Thao went to shopping in LV store in London etc. Singers like Thanh Thao, Dam Vinh Hung or Hong Nhung are willing to spend thousands dollar for what Brands they love. Man often like some Brands such as: belt, wallet, shoes, sun glasses and cars. In contrast, women love clothes, shoes, handbags or perfume. Some famous Brands had came to Vietnam are Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Calvin Klein, Burberry, D&C, Armani and Versace. For businessman, Porches, Rolls-Royce, BMW, Ferrari or Bentley are the most luxury cars they want for their collections. You have to be heard about Cuong “ dollar “ who has a lamborghini collection in his garage and also a private jet. These are just some typical samples of people who dare to pay 2000$ for a small handbag.

In a general understanding, brands are the product brand name, expensive and produced with a small amount, just to serve a certain class. It will be very wasteful if someone who bought brands but does not understand the intangible value of its brand and not understanding why it is expensive. Everybody supposes that brands are so expensive. It’s absolutely right. If you wear Clarks shoes, you will not feel paint even in the first time or uncomfortable in hot season. On a real Lacoste T-shirt, the teeth of hundreds of crocodile embroidery are as sharp as each other. Similarly, someone told a funny story that on each McDonald bread, you can count 173 sesame seeds. It means the accuracy of their level of perfection is hard to believe.

Brands are expensive totally because of it’s quality. Quality is the first factor that any manufacturers want to reach. For brand, quality represents it’s prestige. Durability of the products is better than a same normal one 5-7 times. Most of them are made of the best materials. Handbag, belt, wallet, shoes, leather jacket are real leather. Materials from Italy, UK are used to design fashionable clothes. Watches from Switzerland are the best and cosmetic or perfume of France is so amazing. Technology is also plays an important role in creating a quality product. Only a tiny wrong, the product will be cut in the machine immediately. So, when you see just a small bad detail on the product, do not buy it, that’s the fake one. If you are convinced to buy a Longines watch with the cheap price 135$ which is very perfect and beautiful at the outside. You were cheated, because it’s easy to buy the same one at Sai Gon square with just 20$ and the real Longines watch at Diamond plaza is cost not less than 1,200$.

Brand value of a product is intangible and it’s hard to formulate the price. No one can answer that how much does Dolce&Gabbana, Versace or Burberry cost. You also can not say why a Rolls-Royce is more expensive than a Toyota although they have the same functionality and using value. The “more-expensive” is the brand value. It can be known as including costs need to build the Brand name. Did you know that, Volkswagen had to spend billions USD to introduce it to people. There are many budgets that producer have to withdrawn to build a brand image, just for one goal- the whole world know about their products. And all the fees are included in the product’s price. That’s why, brands are expensive.

People have many reason to use brand products: to more confident, to prove themselves, for love or because they need stylist clothes and things for communication or performance. Those who use brands most are artists, super stars. Public performance makes they have to impress everyone in a different and creative way, or just to satisfy their interested in brands. One typical sample is Mr. Dam, he never considers how much money to spend for a costume, as long as he likes it. Each time Dam Vinh Hung performs on the stage, the total cost of the costume he’s wearing is about 10,000- 20,000 dollars. He usually went shopping when he had the chance to travel or perform abroad and every time coming back he also carried 6 or 7 suitcases.

Need to look elegant and charming in front of partners, businessman spend money on brands not less than artists. They use brands a visiting – card to introduce themselves, it helps them to communicate with customers, to impress partners their rich and powerful, to build them the best rank, to show that they have the abilities to work and make high profit, and reach to the better standard of life.

Last but not least, even though you love brands or own brands, you have to keep in mind that: value of one luxurious thing does not express the real value of a person. You are charming because of what you’ve got inside.

Trần mai phương


deadline: Jan 17th 2010

Social issues

Last night, I just saw paper which said about criminal in My hometown. I am very surprised! If criminal happen in Ho Chi Minh city . It is normal, because  there is a big city where people come to build career. My hometown is small and from ancient to now. It is quiet and safety for not only habitants but also tourist

The newspaper said that criminal  began to go poor or small province where they can live and protect them. Because police in HCM are finding them. Hiding in small town, they continue stealing and ready kill people who protect them to robby. Habitants in Thanh Thai street still remember a robber which happened two years ago. Robber killed young man who stopped robber when robber got box of goal. It was dangerous! For fifteen minutes,  police to come place. However, the robber went out. And police found very difficult. As a result, robber death penalty. And this made our life did not feel comfortable. Everybody scared. People began to forget it.  Another robber came hometown and stealing happen.

Many robbers come our life we should question why do many robbers live our life? They like stealing or another reasons. Of course, two question have two answers. Firstly, Question one, how do you think about our life? It is not good. Economics in Viet Nam and other countries decrease, people become unemployment. They can not find other works while standard of living is worst and worst. Difficult follow difficult, they still accept. Secondly, some one does not want to work but like a lot of money. They become robbers. Each of person has each of ways become robbers which is damaged of society.

We are still students, we do not help more for society. However, knowledge which we have from school or social teams, can help our keep away bad things of society. Having good life, for ourselves and if we have free time, we should carry out propaganda and education people who do not have this problem or people used to meet problem to come back society. It is very wonderful and helpful!



Study abroad, should or should not?

Nowadays lots of students tend to attend schools or universities outside their home countries. Study abroad not only becomes most of students’ dreams but also become a trend in the young. Facing that trend we are required to answer a question: “Study abroad, should or should not?”
On the spot, many people will say “yes”. But I think this isn’t 100% correct answer. Why?

To be specific, I point out four advantages of study abroad:
First of all, study abroad gives us better chance to improve our second language skills. Nothing is better than to learn foreign language with native people who will correct you whenever you make mistakes in speaking and writing. Furthermore, you will have to speak in English everyday, every week, every month, even every year so your speaking skill must be improved rapidly. Then no more shyness when you talk with foreign people.

Second, Foreign countries provide you better condition for your study and your life. You will have chance to access new technology, modern facilities which are very useful for your study.

Third, you will be more mature and confident to overcome the difficulties. Simply, because you will have to learn how to take care of yourself even if you are with a host family. You have to do what you haven’t done in your own country such as: cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, financial arrangement, and so on. When you live lonely, no one take care of you when you’re sick so you have to do it yourself. You may think of the above as a disadvantage, but many international students go home and proud that they have become very self sufficient.

Next, you will have a more bright future since international experience benefits you to get a high salary job.
Finally, you will have chance to know other cultures first hand such as its language, food, appearances, and personal habits. You will also have opportunity to make more friends around the world.
No matter what you got from study abroad, experience is the most important you gain. This is the proof for your willingness to challenge.
Those above are some advantages, how’s about the disadvantages?
First, studying abroad does not mean you will learn English magically. Many people think that they just need to live in another country and then they can learn the foreign language easily. This is not completely true. There are people who live in foreign countries for many years without knowing the language well. You still need to pay attention and study foreign language.

Then, studying abroad is hard. Some students have to face with homesickness, culture shocks, discriminations, etc. Those changes often influence your mind and prevent you from concentrating on study. You need to have enough mental strength to accept, that will take some time to adjust to a new way of living.

Third, studying abroad is expensive. You have to pay not only for the tuition fee but also for the cost of living .You will think about working part-time to earn money but most countries don’t allow international students to work. You will have to prepare your financial ability before you arrive in the country or have someone from home support you.

Last but not least, the fact is that study abroad is leading to a national problem. What I mention here is “brain drain” which happens to most of socialist countries. Most of you who will read my entry are preparing for study abroad sooner or later. But how many of you will dare to promise to come back Vietnam after you are graduated. Just some, I think. Because you may think that your family has to give out a large sum of money for you to go oversea, so you have to compensate for that by staying in foreign country, finding a high salary job there and earning lots of money to send back. Most people will do so, I’m sure about that. Everyone put themselves and their families on the first line, so where is your country? This is what I have still wondered. That government encourage student to study oversea is not to work for other country but to help our country. Vietnam needs our talent. Being a Vietnamese you should know what are your role and your responsibility.
As a whole, study abroad isn’t bad, as long as you know how to utilize it wisely. Let come back to the first question and answer it.

Nguyễn Hoàng Lâm



Viet Nam is a potential country which is developing so fast. Base on opening policies of government and the effort of creating and studying from surrounding developed countries. Our country have been attractive a big number of foreign investors coming to Viet Nam per year. Beside that everyone is approached with high techniques. The high buildings and techniques help the people working well and fast. However it is quite difficult for traditional workers and less than   untraditional workers to apply these available techniques in their job. Beside their main jobs, they have to take some soft teaching classes as well as technique applying classes to catch up with developing of Viet Nam’s society. The working force is now so plenty but the employers need more and more other skills and to work at foreign companies. Studying english is so extremely important beside knowledge therefore they are busy to take english courses after time working.

Nowadays, women are not small labor force outside their home. They play more and more key role in companies, this led to have more two income parent, they don’t have a lot of time to cook, thus they often have trend is that they choose instant and fast food by going to supermarket or Gia Dinh supermarket and so forth… instead of buying raw materials at market, and so on to cook the meal. Because they are busy with their jobs, so they don’t have enough time to teach and care children. To solve these problems, the fathers and mothers usually hire baby sitters or bring them into founder school to care them. When the children growth. They hire the tutors to teach for them. This is to the parent feel that they don’t worry about their children. However, from the reasons like lacking parent’s caring, their sons and daughters go into bad way, approach to sex so early, but don’t understand strongly, that is the reason why there are so many publics and students enter to hospital to break foetuses

The people now have the need to reduce stress so high. The leisure Centre is the place they choose to satisfy their need like Dam Sen, snake bars, ect…. When they have a long- term holiday they often come to travel place as some beach cities to relax.

The influence of cultures of western countries, they begin wearing sexy clothes. And when they have better life, they care more about their clothing styles. There are so many goods what are exported from other countries as well as are made internal country. They have more chosen than in the past. However the relationship between people to people is stranger.
The distribution of Viet Nam population between cities is not even. Hence, there are a big amount of people living at center cities, traffic systems don’t meet and cause traffic jam at hot time.

Industrialism age, poison gases are born from factories and vehicles, the people cut and burn forests no to be scientific ways. All of them make not to appear equilibrium of environment. Therefore, everyone is facing with terrible storms and the high temperature from sun

In summary, when our country is developing, people’s life is increasing so high, this require everyone to have more skills, flexible, intellectual. And they need to find out the best way to minimum the bad effect into environment.

Phạm Thi Huệ ( Baiu08245 )
First of all,thanks for reading my entry.Secondly, if i have any mistakes, please let me know it. Thank you so much .
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Saving the whales and dolphins

You maybe shock for all those pictures. But this is just a part of what human have done for animal. Hunting for fur,meat,horn…and for everything that we can take. But today,i will just mention about whales and dolphins,2 kinds of the most hunted animal in the world.

Whales are the biggest animal in the world. Especially,the Blue whale has the same length as 3 busses,the same weight as 25 elephants and its mouth can held about 100 people. They’re even bigger than dinorsaurs. With a impressive dimension like that,the Whales seem not to have any enemies. But time after time,now,the human become the biggest danger for them.

According to the Atlantic Whale Foundation,there are 1,500-2,000 pilot whales are slaughtered in the Faroes every single year. 665 products in Japanese markets were identified to contain at least 15 different species of whale and dolphin.Seven out  of the 13 great whale species are still endangered or vulnerable after decades of protection. Around 300 whales are still taken from the Antarctic waters by the Japanese for ‘research’  they also sell the flesh from these “scientifically gathered” whales to fund their marine research programmes…

And how are Whales killed? Explosive harpoons are used, that puncture the skin and then explode inside the body, blowing the whales insides to pieces seconds after impact. The whales can then take minutes or several hours of suffering before it dies often by bleeding to death. Even then they may have to be shot many times before they finally die.

Killing dolphin is not less crual. In one method, called Drive Hunts, fishermen frighten and corral the dolphins into a bay using loud noise, by banging on long pipes held in the water. The dolphins are then trapped in bays (or coves) using large nets, preventing their escape. They are then killed using spears and knives. Dall’s porpoises are killed using hand-thrown harpoons attached to ropes – this is the biggest cetacean slaughter in the world.

The countries which hunted these animals most are Japan,New Zealand,Iceland…Whales and Dolphine are hunted for meat and grease. Some supermarkets in Japan offer dolphin meat for sale,even though this meat is often heavily contaminated with mercury and other toxins. In order to increase consumption, the Japanese government has even distributed whale and dolphin meat to canteens in schools and hospitals . Fishermen also catch dolphins to sell to aquaria and dolphinaria in Japan and elsewhere for public display and interaction programmes such as swimming with dolphins.

Most of those countries always take the science reason to cover what they’ve done for whale and dolphine.  But what kind of science research that have to hunt for thousands  of whale and dolphin each year ?  There’s country like Norway,the goverment allow hunting whale for comercial purpose. Beside,Japan seem to take a same walk like Norway when they want to push up the quantity of whale hunting.

The whale and dolphin will become extinct soon if the human don’t stop what they’re doing. We will never have a chance to see those animal again. And if we eat all of these animal,what will we eat next ? Maybe whole of the Earth.


Lê Thu Ngọc Huyền


First of all,thanks for reading my entry.Secondly,if i have any mistakes,please let me know it.Last but not least,if you want to give a hand to protect whale and dolphin,you can visit or or more webs. ^^

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