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1. Please read all chapters that we have studied
2. Open book, but no internet search, dictionary or cellphone
3. There are 2 essays and 25 multiple choice questions in 90′

You should start reading from now, don’t wait until the day before exam, it will be too late.


Announcement – class schedule

1. Class is still on this Saturday, Jan 2rd (please read chapter 11: Stratification by gender and age)

2. No office hour tomorrow (this Thursday), Dec 31st

3. Saturday Jan 16th our class is off, the make up class with be on FRIDAY Jan 8th, and Saturday class Jan 9th is still on. After Jan 9th, the next class will be on Jan 23rd. There will be office hour on Jan 10th, but not on the 17th.

4. Those who have not signed up for home assignment blog entry, please speak to our instructor or me (Nga) asap!